The Future of RaceDay Scoring

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Next Major Release

Cross Country Scoring
Once we have Aggregate Teams supported we will be adding Cross Country Scoring methods

Trigger Event Switch from Reads
For the Cross Country Release we will be improving our Data Actions system to support automatically switching the Event for Participants who pass a specified Timing Location during a specified period of time. Useful for designating Events based on their time of day of their finish read, and for check mats to catch Participants running on an incorrect course and automatically switch them.

In Development

Reporting Engine Updates
We are re-working some of our Report Builder’s core functionality to let the user apply their own custom sorts as well as more advanced filtering options like allowing OR conditions when filtering participant data.
– To start, this will give us the ability to include pre registration lists, like all participants sorted by last name, first name, then grouped by those whose last names start with A, then those whose last names start with B, etc…
– In addition, we will be able to support Reports like an Age Graded results report that is sorted by the Age Grade Percentage instead of their Clock/Chip time.

Backup to Cloud
– Uploading/Restoring Race Exports to the Cloud
– Support versioning system to let Timers pull in more recent updates to the Scoring setup for the Race they have loaded currently.


RaceDay Hub Enhancements
– Redevelop RaceDay Results App from the ground up so that it can be used with RaceDay Hub completely ofline as well as RunSignup Results.
– Design better bib lookup kiosk for results display for quick results lookups on site with distraction of full results list to browse through.

Timer Analytics
– Viewing live statistics for currently ongoing races being scored with RaceDay Scoring
– Adding Race Notes
– Resource Management

Series Scoring
Once we have our planned Reporting Updates complete, you will be able to sort any Report Section on any field, including those that are the summation of other fields, giving you the ability to combine multiple times for a single Participant within a Race to do simple Series Scoring within a single Race file.

Lap Race Scoring
We have supported multi-segment Races where each Race has a set finish distance since launch, but we do not yet support Races where the winner is determined by the total number of laps or distance completed, then sorted by fastest time.

Pull Tag Scoring
We support a basic manual entry system, but will be adding a more in-depth system for pull tag scoring where you can collect places on one machine and times on another, then merge them together

Better unknown participant handling
Right now we have a basic method of handling unknown participants. We will be adding a more automated process of setting up for automated handling of unknown participants

GRU (Generic Result Upload) support
Once we have Top Finisher Settings being applied to the Age Group Place fields, we will add support for GRU data exports

Streaming GPS Data from RaceJoy
If the event has RaceJoy enabled, the GPS data from tracked phones can be streamed in to support additional timing locations for verification or reporting.

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