The Future of RaceDay Scoring

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Next Update

Corral Support
Right now we support start times at the Event Level. We will be adding the ability to create custom Corrals that you can assign participants to using a variety of filters, then set start times for those Corrals instead of setting at the Scored Event level.

In Development

More Aggregate Team Scoring Options
Right now, we only support Aggregate Team Scoring by overall place. Soon you will be able to score by Age Group Place, Total Time, number of finishers, or Age Grading.

Reporting Engine Updates
We are re-working some of our Report Builder’s core functionality to let the user apply their own custom sorts as well as more advanced filtering options like allowing OR conditions when filtering participant data

RaceDay Hub Enhancements
We will be adding much more to the RaceDay Hub Kiosks including more customization options, better layout/functionality for use in large format displays, and additional screens, like live Team Scores

Timer Dashboard Enhancements
We are in the process of adding more to the Timer Dashboard, which will be your way of managing all of your RaceDay Scoring instances in the field. Some examples of things to come will be:
– Uploading/Restoring Race Exports to the Cloud
– Viewing live statistics for currently ongoing races being scored with RaceDay Scoring
– Adding Race Notes
– Resource Management


Better unknown participant handling
Right now we have a basic method of handling unknown participants. We will be adding a more automated process of setting up for automated handling of unknown participants

Pull Tag Scoring
We support a basic manual entry system, but will be adding a more in-depth system for pull tag scoring where you can collect places on one machine and times on another, then merge them together

Cross Country Scoring
Once we have Aggregate Teams supported we will be adding Cross Country Scoring methods

GRU (Generic Result Upload) support
Once we have Top Finisher Settings being applied to the Age Group Place fields, we will add support for GRU data exports

Streaming GPS Data from RaceJoy
If the event has RaceJoy enabled, the GPS data from tracked phones can be streamed in to support additional timing locations for verification or reporting.

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