The Future of RaceDay Scoring

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Next Update

Show Count of, and link to  different Raw Read Types
For example:
– How many Bib Numbers being filtered?
– How many times are outside of your time filter ranges?
– How many Unknown Bib or Chips were read?
– How many reads do not have an occurrence defined in your Segment Setup?
This would give you quick insights into how many reads are being ignored and why.

Support Custom Top Finisher Categories
We will be offering a way to define Custom Top Finisher Categories when setting up Top Finishers – letting you define a custom filter for a Top Finisher Band. This would allow you to set up a “Clydesdale” band for a Scored Event which can double dip (or not) with the Overall and Masters Top Finisher Bands, for instance.

In Development

Improvements to RunSignup Results Integration
We have a few cleanup items that we want to take care of that will improve the RunSignup Results posting.

Improve incremental results publishing.
Right now results that have already been posted to RunSignup are not updated unless you republish everything. We’re adding a way to update existing results without having to republish completely.

Change how RunSignup Divisions are posted
Right now RSU Division placements can get out of sync pretty easily with RaceDay Scoring. We are updating how we post these to avoid this in the future.

Automate RunSignup Results Setup
We are going to make it easier to set up RSU results for your Races by including the setup earlier on in the Scored Event Setup so you do not need to go into Reports to enable an Auto-Save.

Support for Aggregate Teams
Right now, we only support Relay Teams where participants compete together over the total distance by running parts of the total distance.
This feature will add support for Team Scoring where you are scoring based on the total aggregate times or places of Team Members competing over the entire distance of the course, like Corporate Team races for example.

GRU (Generic Result Upload) support
Once we have Top Finisher Settings being applied to the Age Group Place fields, we will add support for GRU data exports

Timer Dashboard Enhancements
We are in the process of adding more to the Timer Dashboard, which will be your way of managing all of your RaceDay Scoring instances in the field. Some examples of things to come will be:
– Uploading/Restoring Race Exports to the Cloud
– Viewing live statistics for currently ongoing races being scored with RaceDay Scoring
– Adding Race Notes
– Resource Management


Direct to Printer Export
Right now you have to print to a PDF file then print that out in Windows. We will be adding a way to send any Report directly to a printer.

Participant Level/Corral Level Start Times
Right now we support start times at the Event Level. We will be adding the ability to set start times at the Participant Level, as well as adding the ability to group Participants together into Corrals which can be assigned Start Times.

Better unknown participant handling
Right now we have a basic method of handling unknown participants. We will be adding a more automated process of setting up for automated handling of unknown participants

Pull Tag Scoring
We support a basic manual entry system, but will be adding a more in-depth system for pull tag scoring where you can collect places on one machine and times on another, then merge them together

Cross Country Scoring
Once we have Aggregate Teams supported we will be adding Cross Country Scoring methods

RaceDay Hub Enhancements
We will be adding much more to the RaceDay Hub Kiosks including more customization options, better layout/functionality for use in large format displays, and additional screens, like live Team Scores

Show participant counts by Event
On the Dashboard we will display a count of the total number of registrants by Event for your Race

Streaming GPS Data from RaceJoy
If the event has RaceJoy enabled, the GPS data from tracked phones can be streamed in to support additional timing locations for verification or reporting.

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