Release Notes

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Raceday Scoring Release Notes – RunSignup

4/27/2023 – RaceDay Scoring v3.3.34

Feature Updates

Added Custom Section Header in Report Builder.

You will now be able to add a custom header to any Report Section in a Report. You can add variable fields like Race Name, Race Location, Race Date, Timer name/URL as well as any text you like.

We also support custom HTML in the field if you have some specific formatting or colors that you prefer.

In the future we will make this available to use in Report Templates if you want to have a standard custom header for all reports you create.

Added Built-in Predicted Time/Pace Reports

You can now mark a Scored Event as a Prediction Run. This will allow you to select a Custom Question/Field that is tracking the predicted time or pace for each participant. After doing this, you will have the ability to create a new report that includes a Prediction Time/Pace Section, which will rank participants based on how close they were to their predicted time or pace.

You also have the ability to say that all Predicted Time/Pace sections created for this Scored Event should be broken out by gender. This will make it so that when you add this kind of Report Section for this Scored Event, it will generate a section that is automatically filtered to only show the genders that you have selected. So if you select Male and Female, when you add a Predicted Time/Pace Report Section, two will drop into the Report (one filtered to only show males, and another filtered to only show females).

Added Time Formatting when using Filters.

Added time formatting to filtering when a time field is selected. Now you will be more easily able to create a filter that is something like “All participants who ran faster than 19:30.000”. Prior to this change you would have to figure out how many milliseconds are in the time you are filtering on.

Added more default dates.

Now whenever a date field shows up in the app it will default to the default race date.

Added Pace (Not Rounded) field to Report Builder.

The default Pace values are rounded up to the nearest second. We use the not rounded version when calculating predicted pace reports, so we have made this field generally available if you prefer to show Paces that are more precise.

Added RFID Direct Stream Support

We have added an RFID Direct Stream option, which will allow you to create a Stream that will connect directly to a single RFID reader by using it’s IP Address and Port.

Added a way to define Aggregate Team “Must Have Gender/Age” settings so that you can require some amount of members per Gender AND some number of those must be over some age.

This will allow you to do a scoring setup such as:

Score through 8 total members. 4 must be male, 1 of those 4 males must be over 40 years old, 4 must be female, and 1 of those 4 females must be over 40 years old.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug causing City/State to not automatically populate when entering in a zipcode.

Fixed a bug causing Relay Summary Reports for Races with multiple Segments to not sort non-finishers properly.

Fixed a bug when exporting Reports that include the Team & Members column to CSV, TXT, and PDF that would cause HTML formatting to show in the export.

Fixed user interface issue where the cloud backup/restore buttons could be hidden if the Race name was very long.

Better handling of network errors that occur when connectivity is insufficient.

Corrected issue with IPICO Gunshot Marker processing.

Fixed a bug causing a crash when saving “Must Have X” per Gender settings at the Team Type level under certain situations.

4/18/2023 – RaceDay Scoring v3.3.33

Feature Updates

Implemented improved RunSignup Login functionality (Oauth2).

This login will be saved for up to a month, so you will no longer need to periodically log in to RunSignup.

You also will now be able to remotely revoke access from your RunSignup profile if necessary via the “Oauth2 Authorizations” link.

The login will now ask that you use RunSignup to authenticate, which will open up a browser window where you will need to login to RunSignup and click a button to authorize RaceDay Scoring.

Added Minimum Age by Gender Settings to Aggregate Team Scoring Rules.

You can now say that you must have some number of participants on a Team that are of a certain gender and over a certain age to count towards their Team Score using this feature.

It is possible to use the min age settings by themselves to say all participants of that gender must be over a certain age by leaving the gender count field blank.

Added a column to Aggregate Team Detail Report Sections that will indicate which members of each Team contributed to the Team Score.

This makes it easier to tell how the Team Score is calculated.

3/30/2023 – RaceDay Scoring v3.3.31

Feature Updates

Improved the warnings when saving scored events and the selected registration event distances do not match.

In addition the selection of the “Use this as the default scored event” will now correctly change the list of selected registration events for the given scored event.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed announcer screen ability to change columns selected and for default setup Gender/Age column to work with no changes.

Removed the ability for auto-saves to automatically update when changes occur to related settings because it was causing issues with Splits columns clearing data in RunSignup Results. Now you must go into Auto-Save Settings and save them whenever you make a change to a Report in order for changes to be applied.

Corrected database issue

3/8/2023 – RaceDay Scoring v3.3.30

Feature Updates

Changed Total Time for lap races field so that it shows as empty instead of null for those who do not have any times recorded.

Added “Splits – Times Only” Field

You can now include this field if you do not want to show paces along with times for all of your splits.

Added Boston Qualifier Report Section Type

You can now create a Report with a Boston Qualifier section in it, which will show you who has qualified in this Race for the Boston Marathon, based on the times posted at

In addition, we will show a summary of how many participants in this Scored Event have qualified, with a percentage of finishers that were Boston Qualifiers.

You can only use this report section on a Scored Event that is exactly 26.2 miles, and when you decide to add the section you will need to select which year of the Boston Marathon you would like to run the report for, and what class you are running the report on. The class selection is typically used for paralympic categories.

There is a setting that will allow you to only show Boston Qualifiers, otherwise all participants will show in the report.

Any participants without birthdays or genders in the database will show a message in the field indicating what they are missing.

Once you have a Boston Qualifier Report, you will be able to use Export > BAA Submission to produce a CSV that should be acceptable for submission to BAA.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed a bug with the auto-import functionality when creating bib/chip cross-reference files

Fixed an issue causing you to not be able to access Corral Member Assignment Rules directly after creating a new Corral.

Fixed an issue causing Timing Location Occurrence Time of Day Fields used in Data Actions to not be imported properly.

Improved performance for events with many Aggregate Team Detail Results.

3/2/2023 – RaceDay Scoring v3.3.29

Bugs Fixed

Fixed a bug with printing.

Fixed a problem causing “Custom Field X is using Invalid Segment ID” errors.

Fixed a problem causing a “Top Finisher X Jumping Rules is not a map” error when importing a Race export.

2/23/2023 – RaceDay Scoring v3.3.28

Feature Updates

Added Total Time (ms) as a field that can be sorted on.

It is now possible to use the Total Time field in the Sort functionality in reports. The Total Time field is used to hold the Total Time completed in Lap Races.

Added Time Back Fields

Time back from gender winner: The difference between this participant’s time and the fastest participant of the same gender’s time. Labeled as “Time Back”.

Time back from overall winner: The difference between this participant’s time and fastest participant for the overall listing of the report section. Labeled as “Overall Time Back”.

Time back from last finisher: The difference between this participant’s time and the participant one spot ahead of this participant’s time. Labeled as “Time Back from Previous”.

All 3 fields are available based on both chip and clock time, and only work for standard (non Lap) results at this time.

Made Timer Contact Email the default Race Contact Email when creating a Race on RunSignup through RaceDay Scoring.

Updated underlying components throughout the application to ensure compatibility and stability.

Added support for p, P, and B records for Summit Timers.

These kinds of records are from Impulse or Photocell recording devices.

Added Channel Filter for Summit Timer Streams.

You can now specify which channel this Stream will pull reads in from. This will allow you to say that you only want to use reads from a specified channel for a given Stream. It will also allow you to set up multiple Streams referencing the same file, but have the reads split to different Streams based on the channel they were recorded on. If no channel is set, reads from all channels will be processed.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing Participant search terms to stick after changing races.

Fixed an issue causing Membership Setting ID is not valid after renewing the scoring file for a RunSignup Race that has Memberships enabled.

Fixed an issue causing some settings to save on Timing Locations when cancel button is used.

2/8/2023 – RaceDay Scoring v3.3.27

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing RunSignup Custom Question Responses to not sync under certain circumstances.

Fixed an issue causing a crash when importing a Race that included a Report that uses the new “Last Completed Segment” column.

Fixed an issue with Progress Reports not displaying correctly if the Scored Event name included a “+” character.

2/2/2023 – RaceDay Scoring v3.3.26

Feature Updates

Added RSU Participant Data Reset Function

This is only necessary under specific scenarios where you need to clear and reimport all participant data from RunSignup. The one scenario that this is useful for would be if the RunSignup registration has updated their Super/Sub Event Settings since the first time you synced participants. When this happens, the old sub event records will be retained in your RDS database, potentially causing issues with scoring or confusion. This is found by using the gear icon in the top right with a race loaded.

Added a View Report button to the Report Builder.

This will allow you to quickly save and view a report to more quickly see the changes you have made.

Added an Edit Report button on the Report View.

Now you can edit a report right from the Report View.

Added a Refresh button on the Report View.

This will allow you to update the Report you’re currently viewing if a race is in progress.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing the Show Award Winners Only filter to not show on Lap Age Group Reports.

Fixed an issue causing “Scoring entity ID is not valid” errors when exporting/importing race files.

Fixed an issue causing “Scored Event ID is not valid” errors when exporting/importing race files.

Fixed an issue causing Data Actions to be duplicated when restoring a cloud backup.

1/19/2023 – RaceDay Scoring v3.3.25

Feature Updates

Auto-Save Timer Info Fields now will pull from RunSignup Timer Account Info.

The Questions Contact Email, Results Timer Name, Results Timer URL, and Questions Contact URL will now be prefilled with the data that you have set up on your Timer Dashboard under Settings > Timer Info. You can change these values as you like if you want something different for a particular race.

Added a Number of Segments Completed Field to Reports.

This will show a count of how many segments each participant has completed so far.

Added a Race Progress Field to Reports.

This will show whether a Participant is a finisher or still in progress as a field in your report.

Added Last Completed Segment Field to Reports.

This will show the name of the last completed segment for each finisher as a column in reports. This could be nice information to add for long events like Ultramarathons where you want to see the last checkpoint each athlete was seen at, without having to scroll over to see all the split data.

Added “Age Place Only” and “Age Group Desc.” Fields to Reports.

These can be used if you ever need to break out the placement fields from the label fields for the existing “Age Place” field. This will include Top Finisher Categories as well as Age Groups.

Added a pop up message when trying to renew the scoring file for a Race at RunSignup that has not yet renewed it’s registration page yet.

In order to renew a scoring file, you first must renew the registration page.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed issue causing Paces reported in Minutes per KM to not show properly at RunSignup.

Fixed an issue causing a crash when setting up invalid band jumping rules.

Corrected a database upgrade bug that affected users who had upgraded from a version before 3.1.32 to any version after 3.2.2, without installing any version in between.

The gap between versions would have been between November 11th 2021 through March 24th 2022, and could cause app crashes periodically when looking at Raw/Scored Reads. After installing this update, recalculating Raw Reads will fix any of these app crashes.

1/11/2023 – RaceDay Scoring v3.3.24

Feature Updates

Updates to RaceDay Hub Announcer Window

  • Added the ability to customize what fields are shown, and in what order.
  • Added a Custom Splash Message field on the Participant Record that will display in the Announcer “Message” field when they are read.
  • Added Gender/Age combo field.
  • Added Team Name and Grade fields.
  • Added State and Country fields.
  • Changed default fields in the display to [Bib, Name, City, Gender/Age, Age Group, Event, Message, Location].

Added the name of the currently selected Scored Event to the Team Type list.

Made Chip and Chip 2 fields available in Report Builder.

Updated Separate Report Section by Gender feature so that it will update existing default reports if changes are made after initial setup.

Added the ability to update teams in the participant import without needing to provide Team Type.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue with IPICO Gun Trigger processing.

Fixed a potential issue causing runaway “uncaught exception in the filterer” notifications.

12/23/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.3.23

Feature Updates

Updated Top Finisher Category Duplicate function to clear Short Description as well as Description.

Updated “Separate Report Sections by Gender” feature to allow you to select which Genders should have separate report sections created.

Prior to having this, the system would create separate sections for Male, Female, and Non-Binary whenever a Report is created for this Scored Event. Now you can choose which of these three options you would like to be automatically created. By default, just Male and Female are selected.

Added the ability to create a Pre Race Report Section when All Scored Events are selected.

This will combine registrations from all events into a single Report Section and will be sorted alphabetically.

Added Currently Selected Event to Age Groups, Participants, and Teams views.

This should make it more clear that these views are Event specific, and that the counts apply to the currently selected Event.

Added warning message when backing up to the cloud if there is an issue with the Race that could prevent it from being imported.

Sometimes there is an issue with a Race configuration that can cause it to not be able to be loaded onto another computer. Now you will get a warning with details about what is wrong with the setup so you can correct the issue and back it up again.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing FinishLynx files to not properly reference the start time of the event if the name of the Race contained quotation marks or commas.

12/15/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.3.22

Feature Updates

Added “Duplicate” and “Copy to Other Events” functions to Top Finisher Categories.

You can now duplicate single bands within an Event when setting up Top Finisher Categories if you need to quickly copy the same settings to another band, as well as copy all bands from the currently selected Event to other Scored Events. When copying to other Events, you are given the option to select some or all Events.

Added note to error about RunSignup account being locked due to too many failed attempts that will direct you to our support team.

Added explanation tooltip to Registration Events selection in Scored Events.

This note reminds you that in order to combine Registration Events together, they must be the exact same distance, and instructs you how to update that if necessary.

Added the ability to delete Unknown Raw Reads.

Changed “Age Place” column to always use the Short Description from Top Finisher Categories.

Prior to this change, we would always use the Long Description in the Top Finisher labels for this column.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed a bug causing laps to not be calculated correctly for Lap Races when mid lap reads are processed before start/finish reads are.

Fixed a bug causing the participant level setting to accept Pre-Gun Reads to not work.

Fixed a bug saving Streams when editing an existing File Stream and making it a Direct Stream in some circumstances.

Changed ignored reason priority to always mark an unknown read as unknown even if it would have been filtered for other reasons.

12/01/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.3.21

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue in Lap Races that caused reads that are being ignored due to them being “Within Gap Factor” to display as being ignored due to “Occurrence Not Defined”

Fixed an issue with Progress Reports showing incorrectly.

Updated import/export to automatically correct races with duplicate reports/report sections.

Fixed an issue causing bib numbers to not be cleared in RaceDay Scoring if you are using a bib/chip cross-reference and the bib was cleared at RunSignup or in the CheckIn App.

Fixed an issue causing comparison operators (==, <, >, etc…) to not work for open ended fields.

11/22/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.3.20

Bugs Fixed

Fixed a bug causing the Event selection to be disabled when adding Participants via Quick Mode.

Fixed an issue causing an error when submitting results o RunSignup that include Custom Fields with column headers that exceed 64 characters.

We will now automatically trim to 64 characters and let the user know that which column headers we have trimmed.

Removed unneeded error from notifications when setting up RaceDay Hub.

11/18/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.3.19

Bugs Fixed

Fixed default report regeneration.

11/17/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.3.18

Feature Updates

Updated Progress Report to remove participants that did not start, have been dropped, or have been disqualified from the “Out of” counts.

We have changed the counts so that they will automatically be adjusted for participants that you don’t actually expect to finish. Prior to this change, it would look like you still had some on course if you had participants that were dropped, for instance.

Added Connection Indicator to Announcer Kiosk Display, and added the ability to auto reconnect.

This will now give you the ability to view the connection status of the Announcer Kiosk Display to your RaceDay Hub Server. If at any time connection is lost, the indicator will go red and the system will automatically try to reconnect once the server is back up, or connection to it has been restored.

Added warning to the Folder Path field in the File Stream setup.

We have added a warning to this area when selecting a folder that files will be placed into, reminding the user to never include any files in the folder besides actual timing files. Including other files in the folder you are pointing to can cause system instability.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed a bug causing newly added participants in RaceDay Scoring to fail when syncing to RunSignup.

Fixed an issue causing Bulk Updates using Registration ID to fail.

Fixed “Native filterer error while updating devices.” error.

Fixed a bug causing Corral assignments that were made from a Member Assignment Rule were not causing their Corral Assignment to not be updated at RunSignup.

11/10/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.3.17

Feature Updates

Added the ability to mark a Location as an Announcer.

This setting removes the need to set up a Segment that uses this location in order for reads collected on it to show up in the RaceDay Hub Announcer Kiosk.

Prior to this change, you would have to have a Segment set up for each Event that you expect to have passings for at your announcer location. Now all you need to do is set up one announcer location, mark it as an announcer, and all reads for all events will show up on the RaceDay Hub Announcer Kiosk.

Added an option to include empty Age Group bands in Age Group Report Sections.

Locked the switching of Registration Events for Participants that are a Sub Event Participant.

These Participants are “copies” of the Super Event Participant. It’s not possible to change only one of the sub-event Participants Registration Events without affecting the others, so we now prevent you from changing the Sub-Event Participant’s Event. If you need to change the event for all, you can do so by changing the Super Event Participant’s Event.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing Age Groups that were added one by one to not have their award winners number saved properly, causing those bands to not be included when using the option to show award winners only in Age Group Reports.

Fixed an issue when using the “Contains” operator on an open ended field in a filter.

Fixed an issue causing TFRRS Publish Settings to not show for Reports including more than one TFRRS Report Section.

Fixed an issue causing Auto-Save buttons to not show for reports that include a single Team Summary Report Section.

Fixed an issue causing the Live Results link to not show for Reports with multiple Report Sections.

Fixed an issue when changing the event of a Participant that is a part of a Super Event causing duplicate participants to show in RaceDay Scoring.

11/3/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.3.16

Feature Updates

Updated Score, Team Score, and Team Place labels to show as “UNA” for unattached runners.

Added support for including unattached runners in TFRRS Reports.

Updated Ignored Raw Reason Codes to show reads that occur after an accepted occurrence as “Occurrence Not Defined” if the system is not expecting any more occurrences on any Segment for this Location.

We will now only ever use “Better Read Selected” for start reads for participants that have a later valid start read.

All finish/split reads after the one selected will be marked as “Occurrence not defined”, unless they are collecting multiple occurrences, in which case they will be marked as “Within Gap Factor” if they are too close to the previously recorded time.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing unsaved changes to Corral to get cleared when the next sync occurs.

Fixed an issue causing Corrals deleted at RunSignup to not be removed from RaceDay Scoring.

Fixed a bug causing a label to not show in the Lap Summary Filtering area.

Fixed an issue causing segment updates to not apply to RunSignup Results Splits.

Fixed an issue causing a Websocket client disconnection error whenever a kiosk was disconnected from RaceDay Hub.

10/27/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.3.15

Feature Updates

Added the ability to send Cumulative times and places instead of Segment times and places when setting up RunSignup Auto-Saves to include Split data.

Typically, Segment times/places will be used for Triathlons where you want to report the individual segment times, and Cumulative times/places will be used for running races where you want to show the total time it took to get to the end of that segment from the very beginning of the Race.

Added DQ’d runners to export.

Added support for sending properly formatted “Yes/No” responses in results to RunSignup.

Prior to this change they would upload as “1” or null.

Added a new Ignored Raw Read Reason code for times that are ignored because they are within the Gap Factor from the previous read at that location.

Added the ability to access File Auto-Saves for Age Group Reports

This opens up the ability to create HTML Scroll Auto-Saves for Age Group Reports.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed issue for Races using the “All” genders option for Age Groups when importing/exporting the Race.

Fixed an issue with importing/exporting Races that have a Report that was set up using the “All” Scored Events option.

Fixed test reads being generated in the wrong timezone.

Improved import error warnings.

10/20/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.3.14

Feature Updates

Added Qualifiers to Aggregate Team Scoring Setup.

You can now configure a new Team Qualifier option when setting up Team Scoring. These settings allow you to say how many teams and individuals should be marked as qualifiers. By default, individuals are marked as qualifiers if they are not a part of a team that has qualified.

There is another setting to base the individual qualifiers on finish position, which will make it so that individuals must finish within the first X finishers overall, where X is the number you have set in the Individual Qualifiers field. Without this setting enabled, the system will select the first X available, regardless of their finish position.

Note: Enabling these settings does not automatically add the Team Qualifier columns – it must be added manually.

Added Close Finish List Report Sections.

You can now create Close Finish Report Sections for all Scored Event Types besides Relay Team and Lap Events.

This will allow you to set a time value that is considered a close finish, and the report will show pairs of participants within whatever time you have set based on their clock time. We include the time of day of their finish reads by default to assist with checking your camera system to verify finishing order.

This will use either chip time or clock time based on what was being used to score participants in the Scored Event setup at the time the report was created.

Note: The report will not update if a Scored Event changes between chip/clock time scoring – you will need to delete and re-add the close report report if you change the chip/clock time setting after this report has been created.

Made Report Section Headers “Sticky” in Scrolling HTML Files.

Headers will now stick to the top of the page when scrolling through reports. This works for multi-section reports as well.

Added Ability to set Font Size when creating HTML Scroll Files and Auto-Saves.

**Made HTML Scroll Speed consistent regardless of how many rows are in the report. **

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing finishers to not show in reports after importing a race until you saved Scored Events.

Fixed an issue causing an error when importing lap races.

10/12/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.3.13

Feature Updates

Num. Winners will automatically populate when adding individual Age Groups.

It will default to 3, but will follow from values that have been set if you had used “Create Ranges” to set up other Age Groups for that Event.

Updated Corral Assignment Syncing to allow for RSU changes to override RDS changes.

Previously we would not allow a change to a Corral made at RunSignup to override a change made in RaceDay Scoring. This was to prevent RSU from constantly reverting changes made to Corral in RaceDay Scoring when we used to not be able to update RunSignup’s Corral Assignments.

Now we are syncing like other data points, where the last change made always wins, regardless of whether it’s made on RunSignup or in RaceDay Scoring.

Added the ability to set up a RunSignup Partner Token so that Races you create in RaceDay Scoring and upload to RunSignup can automatically be associated with your RunSignup Partner Account.

This is set in the App Settings (gear in upper right) below the serial number entry, and will be applied by default to all new Races you publish to RunSignup. It can be edited when publishing if you for some reason need to make one Race not associated with your Partnership.

Added a check to prevent using the same Result Set for multiple Reports or Auto-Saves within the same Race.

This can cause issues, and should never be necessary to do, so we now prevent it.

Added the ability to map all participants in an import that are missing an Event to a specified Event in RaceDay Scoring.

You can now import spreadsheets that do not have an event included at all, and we will allow you to say that all participants should be placed into a specified Event. Alternatively, you can also decide on a case by case basis which participants should go into which Event as well.

Added the ability to run Data Actions on Teams

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an error – Native Filterer error while updating entities

10/06/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.3.12

Feature Updates

Updated Top Finisher Category Links in Reports to use Top Finisher Category Label.

Prior to this change, the labels for custom top finisher categories would not use the custom label, and would instead just say “Top Male” or “Top Female”.

Added the ability to filter “All” Scored Event Team Rosters Report Sections by Registration Event.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed issue causing status flags to not be properly controlled by read data if a Timing Location name had been changed and Scored Events had not been saved after that change.

Fixed an issue causing an infinite loop of Team Sync Failures.

Removed the ability to filter “All” Scored Event Team Rosters Report Sections by Scored Event.

This would cause reports to not work properly, so we removed this ability and enabled the ability to filter by Registration Event as noted above.

9/28/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.3.11

Feature Updates

Added the ability to fully sync Corrals with RunSignup

Prior to this change, we could only pull down Corral information from RunSignup. We were not able to add or edit any Corral information. Now with this change we are fully syncing the Corral structure and assignments with RunSignup, so if you add a Corral in RaceDay Scoring it will show up in RunSignup, and vice versa.

Please note that Corrals added to RunSignup after a Race has been set up in RaceDay Scoring will not show up until you go to Participant Sync and click Save Sync Settings to force a refresh of the Race settings.

Added the ability to create Team Rosters Report for All Scored Events

Now when adding a Report Section you will be able to select the Team Rosters Report after using the “All” Scored Event selection option. This will create a Report that shows team rosters broken out by Team, but includes participants from all Scored Events within each Team section.

Added new Ignore Raw Read Reason Code: “Prior to Assigned Start Time”

Reads in this state used to be ignored due to them being “Filtered by Time”. This should help when troubleshooting ignored Raw Reads, especially if you accidentally set your start times incorrectly.

Made a change to the TFRRS Report and Upload to also send Participants that have not started.

Made Team Names Clickable Throughout the App.

Added RunSignup Login/Logout Buttons to Green Race Toolbar.

Optimized Scored Event Setup for Lap Races and Races with lots of Registration Events.

We saw performance issues with Races that have many Scored Events set up for Lap Scoring, as well as Races that have a lot of Registration Events. We will now show checkboxes for all available Registration Events only if there are less than 10 Registration Events in the Race. If there are more than that, we will display the selection as a multi-select (similar to what is used when associating a Stream to a Timing Location).

Added the ability to include Custom Questions in Report Templates.

We discovered that using a Report Template with a Custom Question in it causes issues after creating a Report for another Race using that template. We now support this, and allow you to map a new question in the Race that you are using the Report Template for.

Added the currently selected Scored Event to the Segments Setup View.

This should make it more clear what Segments you are currently looking at/editing.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed issue causing Custom Question Reponses for “Yes/No” Type Questions to show as blank when included as a column in a Report.

Fixed an issue when transferring participants if also changing some other part of that participant’s information at the same time.

Fixed an issue for XC races that were previously scored with Race Director that were renewed and scored with RaceDay Scoring this year, that would cause an error with Divisions when publishing results.

Made a change to the Raw Reads display so that times are correctly adjusted for timezone when viewing the race on a computer in a different timezone than the one it was scored in.

9/15/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.3.10

Feature Updates

Updated Duration Input to auto-advance after entering two characters in the hours position.

Now you won’t have to press the tab key after entering in two digits into the duration fields, but it does restrict you from entering anything more than 2 digits. If you need to enter in an hour value over 99 hours into a duration input (we think this is very rare), you can copy and paste the value into the hours field.

Reports with invalid configurations can now be edited and fixed.

Sometimes Reports can become unusable if something that they are relying on in the setup has been deleted. For instance, if you have team reports that rely on a team type that you’ve since deleted, that Report will no longer work properly.

Before this update, if you tried to edit or delete the Report that was not working, it would open up the Report Builder with no data in it – as if you were creating a new Report entirely. Now, when you are in this state, you will be able to edit the bad report and update the Team Type that it’s using to fix it up instead of having to delete all reports and rebuild them manually.

9/8/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.3.9

Feature Updates

Added MileSplit Report Section Type and Export Function.

You can now create MileSplit Exports from Reports that have MileSplit Report Sections added to them. So if you need to generate a MileSplit Export, first you need to create a Report that includes MileSplit Report Sections for each Event you have in your Race, then export that Report using the new MIleSplit Export Option.

It’s important to not change the order of the Report Sections that are generated for each Scored Event when you add them to the Report. They must be grouped together by Scored Event in order to meet MileSplit’s required formatting.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed issue causing log files to grow too large.

Fixed an issue causing Corral Changes to not automatically update existing read selection status.

Fixed an issue causing times in the Lap Details views to be displayed in an incorrect time zone when not in EST.

Fixed an issue causing multiple instances of the same Segment to show up when opening up a Segment Panel for Lap Events.

Added more specific error messages when reports fail to rebuild automatically.

Usually this is due to some part of the setup that this report relied on no longer being present – like a deleted Team Type, for instance.

9/2/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.3.8 Hotfix

Bugs Fixed

Fixed issue causing some systems to crash when installing the 3.3.7 update.

Those who currently have this error will need to download the installer from your RunSignup Timer Dashboard > Software page.

Fixed issue causing an error that would show for Race Result streaming.

8/31/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.3.7

Feature Updates

Added Raw Read Announcer Kiosk

On the main app landing page there’s a new button to set up an Announcer Kiosk. This uses the RaceDay Hub to send a stream of all raw read data to an announcer feed that includes participant info like name, timing location of the read, event, age group, city, bib/chip and time of day of the read. We also show a message for users whose birthdays are within +/- 7 days.

This will create a new window that you can display on a separate monitor or any kind of display that you can connect to your computer. It also can be set up on a separate computer that is connected to the same local network as your main scoring computer.

Through the settings menu you can control the text size and which Timing Locations should be included in the announcer feed (by default it’s all).

This leaderboard is much faster than the previous implementation, as we do not have to wait for the raw reads to be processed into Scored Reads. This means that the data will display in these leaderboards in less than 5ms from the time that the Connector sees them, instead of around 5 seconds.

Added the ability to import a spreadsheet of participants with Team names without having to provide a Team Type or set any up in advance.

It’s typical for XC races to start from a simple spreadsheet without any Team Type info. This new feature allows you to create a single Team Type that all teams will be associated with during the import. This should reduce the amount of back and forth you have to do when setting up simple Team scoring Races where there’s only one Team Type.

Added the ability to process changes to Teams by importing a CSV that includes the Reg Group ID.

This works similar to the Participant Import, where if you include an ID it will process the import as an update instead of an add. This could be useful if you ever need to make bulk changes to teams.

Updated “No Event for Bib” Ignored Raw Read Reason Message

This message shows when the Event associated with the bib that is associated with the read encountered is not found in the list of valid events for the given Timing Location/Occurrence count. The system looks through all Segments for the Event and if it can’t find any Segments that use this Timing Location/Occurrence combination for the given Event, it will ignore the read for this reason.

We have updated this message to be more descriptive – “Location is Not in any Segment in this Scored Event.”, hopefully pointing timers to the right place to fix the problem, which is either in Segment Setup or Scored Event. It typically means that the Segment Setup isn’t correct, or the wrong Location was used on the Scored Event.

Added Quick Report Links to Multi-Section Reports

In a previous update we added quick links to Age Group sections from the top of an Age Group Report. We have applied this same functionality to work the same way for any Report that has multiple sections within it.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing changes being made to participant data to be lost if reads come in while you are editing.

Made changes to prevent unnecessary RunSignup Participant updates to fire when reads cause a change in the Participant Status.

This should reduce the amount of data used while scoring, and improve performance in locations with poor internet reception.

Fixed an issue with Report Templates that would cause you to not be able to add new columns to a Report that was created from a Template.

Fixed an issue causing the setting to allow pre gun times for a Participant to be reset at the next sync.

Fixed an issue that would allow you to save a Custom Computed Field without anything selected, causing errors.

Fixed an issue that would allow you to try to publish results to RunSignup for Local Races that do not have a RunSignup Race to publish to.

8/18/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.3.6

Feature Updates

Added FinishLynx Report Section and Auto-Save option

You can now create a Report that includes a FinishLynx Report Section when you select “All” Events that will give you the ability to set up a FinishLynx Auto-Save. This Auto-Save will export .evt, .ppl, and .sch files automatically as a race is ongoing, so that you can update your FinishLynx software with up to date participant information.

Added HTML Scroll Report Export

This is available for any Report under the Export menu > HTML Scroll. You can set a scroll speed, and the report will automatically return to the top once it has scrolled through all rows.

This is compatible with the File Auto-Save system, so you could create a scrolling HTML file, then auto-save to it to use as a Race is ongoing to present on a leaderboard or large monitor display system either connected to your scoring computer, or on another computer using Dropbox/Google Drive to host the file.

Added Time Entry Field Helper Text to Time of Day Fields and Duration Fields.

We have added a label telling the user that the formatting is in HH:MM:SS.sss format for both time of day and duration entry fields.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed a bug causing check-ins made via Data Check Reports to not save.

8/11/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.3.5

Feature Updates

Updated USAT Export to include Participants missing state or zip codes.

This would cause some international participants to not show in exports if they did not have a state or zip code provided. This will allow these participants to be included in the export data.

Updated Race List sort functionality so that it is retained when closing the app and starting it again.

Updated Results and Participant Sync to always stay synchronized with eachother.

Syncing of Participant data and Result data will now always run on the same interval – every 30 seconds. This change was made to reduce issues where we could cause RunSignup Results to lock up due to syncs happening to participant records and result records for a participant at the same time.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue that could cause the app to crash after clearing chip cross reference.

Fixed an issue causing Actual Start Times and Corral Start Times to not be cleared when renewing a Race.

Fixed an issue causing reads from Backup Streams to be selected even if a time was available on a Main Stream.

Fixed an issue with Custom Computed Fields causing race exports/backups to not be able to be imported on another computer.

Fixed an issue with multi-segment aggregate team scored events which would cause teams to not properly show as incomplete.

Fixed an issue causing Corral assignment imports to not work properly when Corral names were numbers.

8/4/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.3.4

Feature Updates

Added the ability to save Data Check Reports.

You can now create and save Data Check Reports to reference later. These reports will stick around when exporting/importing a Race.

Added more options for filtering the Race List.

Prior to this change you could only update the filter to not show passed Races. Now you can show all, just those in the future, just those that have passed, or just those within X number of days.

These settings persist when you exit the app now, so you can keep the same filtering applied whenever you start the app up.

Added PC Timer/Mobile Timing App File Stream

This is a new File Stream format that you can use to import backup timing files created by PC Timer or the Mobile Timing App.

Added the ability to type TAB into the field delimiter area when setting up a custom File Stream.

Added the ability to accept Pre-Gun Chip Start Times for a specific Participant.

Prior to this update, you could only set this on the Scored Event level. Now if you had someone with an early chip start time that you want to use (normally these would be ignored if they happened before the start time of day), then you can go to their participant record and change this setting so that the system will take their early chip start time into consideration.

Added Scored Event Name to Entire Race Segment Labels.

This will help in identifying which entire race segment you are using when adding to reports or setting up custom computed fields. Now they will show as “5k Entire Race Segment”, for instance. This will be applied after saving Scored Events after getting the update.

Updated Participant Quick Mode Entry to allow including Custom Questions.

Prior to this update, you could not include RunSignup Questions when limiting what fields are displayed when using Quick Mode.

Updated duration inputs for Gap Factor and Time Custom Question Responses to make it easier to enter the correct format.

We now show the colons and decimal so that you will no longer mistake hours for minutes, for example.

Added Age Group Shortcut Links at the top of the Age Group Report.

Now you can easily navigate to a specific age band or top finisher category when viewing the Age Group Report. This is applied to both HTML exports and the Report view in the app.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing Auto-Save “Plus” buttons to be displayed to the side of the icon instead of beneath.

Fixed a bug causing chip codes to not be saved if you are adding a participant and include the chip code as you are adding them.

7/20/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.3.3

Feature Updates

Updated Result Set Selection when Publishing Results to RunSignup.

If you are adding an Auto-save and no results exist for that Event on RunSignup yet, we will default the Auto-save to create a new Result Set.

If there is a single Result Set available, we will automatically select that Result Set in the dropdown, and will let you know via a pop up message that it has been selected and will overwrite any existing results in it.

If there are multiple Result Sets for the Event at RunSignup, you will be prompted to select which Result Set to use manually from the dropdown, or you can select to create a new Result Set.

Added the ability to import a Cloud Backup within a Race.

You can now import a Cloud Backup while working on a Race without having to exit the Race, delete it, and import from a new backup. You have the option to import just the setup or the entire race. The setup only option will not overwrite existing reads, while the full import will replace the reads with any from the backup you are importing.

Added more fields to the Data Check Report.

The following fields have been added as field options to display on the data check report:

Clock Start Time of Day Chip Start Time of Day Finish Time of Day, Chip time, Clock time, Scored Event, Age Grade.

We have also updated the default column set that is included in the Data Check Report:

Name, Gender, Age, Scored Event, Bib, Clock Start Time of Day, Chip Start Time of Day, Finish Time of Day, Chip Time, Clock Time.

This will help you be able to quickly identify participants who have missed a start read, but were read at the finish, for instance.

Updated Data Check Report to show all Super/Sub Event Participants.

We used to filter the results so we would not show duplicate participants, but now we will show all instances of each Participant so you can take action on any “version” of Participants who are in multiple Scored Events via a Super/Sub Event setup on RunSignup.

Updated Corrals to Prevent Setting Syncing Confusion.

Currently, RunSignup does not allow adding, editing, or deleting of Corrals remotely. This means that we can only get updates from RunSignup about Corrals, and not push changes back to RunSignup.

We have made some changes that prevent you from editing RunSignup Corral information, which would be overwritten the next time the sync was saved anyway, and have prevented the deletion of RunSignup Corrals, as they would repopulate the next time the sync was saved as well. This should help avoid confusion if you happen to save sync settings and see your changes to RunSignup Corrals disappear in your Corral setup.

Added Unattached Runner support for Cross Country events.

This is a Report Section level setting found in the Filters & Sorts area. By default, runners without a team association will now be included in Team Finisher List Report Sections, but they will not have a score or Team listed. They will not affect the scores of the other participants in the list. If you do not want to include unattached runners, you can update the setting found in the Report under the Filters & Sorts section.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing exports/imports to fail after adjusting Scored Events and/or Segments.

Fixed an issue causing reads to not map to participants after changing a bib number that was used by a team to an individual participant.

Fixed an issue causing RunSignup to not properly display column order when Splits and Divisions are included in Result Sets.

Fixed an issue that would cause custom fields published to RunSignup to display twice.

Fixed an issue with how RSU will display Splits Time of Day fields.

Fixed an issue impacting Lap Races that have multiple Lap options and include Non-Timed Starts in the setup.

Fixed an issue impacting Lap Races that have a maximum of one Lap, and are set to finish immediately, that will some Participants to not have their DNF flag lifted as it should be.

7/7/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.3.2

Feature Updates

Change “Splits Time of Day” Field so that it can be published to native RunSignup Splits.

We publish this field in military time format so that it can be used in conjunction with RunSignup Video Results for Races that have multiple start times per Event.

Changed Report Search so that search terms do not go away after loading or editing a Report.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing exports/imports to fail after adjusting Scored Events and/or Segments.

Fixed an issue that would allow you to try to add a Scored Read without having a Stream attached to the Location that you are adding the read for.

Fixed an issue causing Custom Questions/Fields that are in “Time” format to display in RunSignup Results in milliseconds instead of standard time format.

Fixed a bug causing the Resolve Unknown Reads view to not properly display the bib number of the read from the cross-reference file.

Fixed an issue causing some time of day timestamps to show in the wrong time zone.

Fixed an issue with USAT Export causing Segments to not display in the correct order.

Note: We use the Segment Order in the setup and select the first 5 Segments to place into the 5 available Segment Time “slots” that USAT accepts.

Fixed an issue causing USAT Exports to not include USAT Membership IDs if the Race had USAT Memberships set up to be Event specific instead of just at the Race level.

6/30/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.3.1

Updated database to improve stability and prevent missing/invalid ID errors.

This version includes a major update to the database to fix some issues we have been seeing for a long time that would cause you to have to save Scored Events or rebuild Reports to fix them.

Please note that this installation may take longer than normal to update as we upgrade your local database of Races.

Additionally, any computers that update to this version will not be able to revert back to an older version of scoring after the database upgrade is complete. We do backup databases between updates so it’s possible to recover if necessary – contact for instructions on reverting if needed.

Races created on older versions of scoring will be compatible with this version, but races created or loaded on this new version of scoring will not be compatible with older versions of scoring. Keep this in mind if you have many computers sharing backups – it is critical that you have all of your computers on either this updated 3.3.1 version or all on 3.2.X versions.

Finally, because of some changes to the way Auto-Saves are configured, any Auto-Saves created on older versions of the software need to be saved before unpausing them. Before saving the custom fields and splits will not populate at RunSignup – all you need to do is to save them and it will correct itself.

Feature Updates

Add functionality to look up existing result sets when deciding if you would like to publish a new one or overwrite an existing one.

You can now select existing Result Sets at RunSignup if you would like to reuse them instead of adding a new one when setting up a new auto-save.

Added support for sending new Custom Fields to Existing Result Set.

You can now include newly added columns in a report to an existing RunSignup Auto-save instead of having to delete it.

Added pop up when making changes to Reports and Segments to remind users that they must save any existing auto-saves in order to apply the recent changes to RunSignup Results.

All you need to do to update the auto-save is to click “Auto-Save” on a Report, then click save settings. There is no need to click the pencil icon to update the individual auto-save streams.

Additional columns in Reports now default to send to RunSignup as Arbitrary Text.

When setting up the Auto-Save you will now see all of the additional columns without having to open up the “Advanced Settings” area, and they will default to send as Arbitrary Text. You can always change what format they will send if you like.

Added support for sending “Splits Time of Day” and “Splits w/ Place” fields to RunSignup Results.

Updated Auto-Save setup on Reports with multiple sections.

We now show the auto-save settings for all sections that will be uploaded up front instead of only having one settings area that gets duplicated to the other auto-save settings panels after the setup is complete. This was confusing, as users would not understand that multiple result sets were going to be created.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing imports to fail in a specific scenario.

Fixed an issue causing Corral changes made by a Data Action to not display correctly when viewing the Corral Members list.

6/22/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.2.19

Feature Updates

Added an option in the Segment Setup to Hide a Segment from Report Columns.

This will make it so that any Segments that have this setting enabled will not be included in any of the “Splits” type columns that include all Segments. In addition, these Segments will not be pushed to RunSignup Results. This is useful if you need to create a Segment for an announcer that you don’t want to include in reports, or if you have other Segments that you use for checkpoints that you don’t want to show in results. This is also useful for any Rest Segments that you have that you may not want to include in results.

You can always add individual Segment fields for Segments even if they are hidden from the “Splits” columns.

Added an option when setting up Custom Computed Fields to automatically create a “display” version of a calculated time.

Now you don’t have to manually create a new field based on the one you just made that just has a “ms2time” transformation applied in order to display a custom computed field in a standard time format.

Made minor adjustment to Team Type selection dialog to better accommodate long Team Type Names.

Added the ability to manually mark Data Issues as Resolved.

Bugs Fixed

Updated Race list with better paging, and will automatically switch to page one if updating filters.

Fixed an issue with Segment specific adjustments that would cause an adjustment to one Segment to apply to others.

Fixed an issue that would show a warning for reports including more than one section when it should not.

Fixed an issue causing Data Issues to not resolve when the thing that caused them had been fixed.

6/15/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.2.18

Feature Updates

USAT Export Option for Reports

We have added a USAT Export option from the Export dropdown on a Report. This will produce a spreadsheet that is in the format the USAT expects. You must have separate filtered Reports for each USAT Category, as we require you to tell the system the type of participants within the Report you’re exporting.

The categories are: Age Group, Open, Elite, Clydesdale/Athena, Para, and Relay.

Added Scored Event Option to Filter Reads Before Start Reads

This setting with ignore all times for a Participant until they record a chip start time. Once they record a chip start, we will ignore all reads prior to it, and accept any reads after it.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue when creating Custom Computed Fields based on other Custom Computed Fields that would make some previously created fields not available in the existing field dropdown

Fixed an issue causing Splits fields to not respect the Timing Precision set on the Dashboard

Now if you display times out through the millisecond, the time values in the “Splits” field will also show out through the millisecond, for instance.

Fixed an issue causing “Splits w/ Place” field to not populate Split Places for Relay Team Reports

Made a change to prevent inaccurate warning for reports containing multiple sections.

Fixed an issue causing a failure to import with an improperly formatted bib/chip cross-reference file

Fixed an issue that could cause database corruption if you deleted a Race, then closed RaceDay Scoring before a Race had time to finish deleting it

Fixed an issue causing Reports to not include Corral filters correctly after export/import

6/10/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.2.17 Hotfix

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue when setting up Top Finisher Categories using the “By Rule” Band Jumping option.

Fixed an issue causing Backups to Cloud not working within a Race if that Race had not been backed up in the past.

6/8/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.2.16

Feature Updates

Report Template Import/Export Support

You can now import and export report template packages between computers. This is helpful if you have a set of templates that you typically use that you want to move over to another computer.

Added the Ability to Renew a Scoring Setup.

There is a new option in the Race List to renew a Race. This allows you to keep all of your scoring setup but pull down all the new event year registration information from RunSignup.

Items like Timing Locations, Streams, Segments, Reports, Age Groups, Top Finishers, Reports, etc… will all be copied to the new year. Reads will be removed, and Participants replaced with the new Participant data.

We do require you to map any variable fields that could change year over year. Specifically, things like Corrals, Team Types, Custom Questions are things that typically can change when a Race renews, so you must map what is used in the old setup with what is in the new year version of the Race. This is critical if you use RunSignup Custom Question Responses to drive Top Finisher Categories or Report Filters.

Added the Ability to Name Race Backups When Creating a Cloud Backup of a Race.

Now you have the option to include a name when you create a Cloud Backup. This will make it easier to identify different versions of a setup.

Added the Ability to Create a Cloud Backup With a Race Loaded.

In the green toolbar near the Force Sync button, you can now quickly create a Cloud Backup. You no longer need to exit a Race to back it up to the Cloud.

Added Entire Race Gun/Corral Start Time of Day Field to Custom Computer Field Builder.

You can now use the Entire Race Gun/Corral Start Time of Day Field when building calculated fields. This could be used as a way to build a “Chip Difference” field to show how long after the actual start time a participant crossed the start line.

Changed IPICO default Stream Settings to show ActiveTiming Streams.

Since ActiveTiming users use IPICO hardware, it made sense to allow those who set their default system to IPICO to be able to add an ActiveTiming Stream.

Added RDS Participant ID to Participant View/Edit

Bugs Fixed

Fixed issue with import setup only races under certain circumstances

Fixed an issue causing Super Event Participants’ Results Panel in View/Edit Participants to not wrap Sub Event Names in the Event Selection area.

Fixed issue causing Team Name search to not work properly in reports

Fixed an issue causing the shutdown prompt to show beneath other full-screen dialogs.

5/25/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.2.15

Feature Updates

Added the ability to customize Aggregate Team Detail Report Filters to only show those that scored.

This is found in Team Detail Report Sections when building Reports under the “Filters & Sorts” section.

This will hide all participant’s who weren’t used towards counting the group’s aggregate placement. Participants who were not originally scored, but were used as Tie-Breakers, will not be included in the shown list.

Added the ability to import adjustments to specific segments.

This is found under Participants > Actions.

This will allow you import Segment adjustment times for a specified participant. Prior to this change you could only import adjustments to the “Entire Race Segment” field. You will need to create a spreadsheet with a column for a reference to the participant (RunSignup Registration ID or RDGO Participant ID), and each Segment that needs to be adjusted. The name of the headers besides the ID will need to match the Segment name in RDS exactly.

Added “Aggregate Custom Field” options when creating Custom Computed Fields.

This is found under Scoring > Computed Fields > Add/Edit Custom Fields.

This will allow you to build custom computed fields that are based on the average, minimum, or maximum of any number of other fields. This can be used to produce a single field that holds the minimum time over three different segments, for instance.

You could create a millisecond version of this field to sort by, then create a readable time to display, then create a report that sorts by and displays this custom field if you needed to score a race based on the min. time over some selection of segments.

Bugs Fixed

Change Participant Export so that Sub-Event Participants have their event name replaced with their Sub-Event name instead of their Super-Event name.

So instead of “Bundle” it would show “5k”, “10k” for each sub-event version of the super-event participant.

Fixed An Issue when entering Time formatted Custom Fields.

Fixed An Issue with manual Marker Reads.

Removed unneeded database version log message from notifications.

5/12/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.2.14 Hotfix

Bugs Fixed

Corrected an issue causing the in app updater to stall at 100%

v3.2.12 introduced a bug with the updater that would cause the app to stall at 100% when installing an update. It’s entirely safe to force close the app once it has reached 100%, and the update will be installed properly.

This fix will apply the next time an update is available, so you will still have to force close after installing this update.

For now, if you notice that the installer is stuck at 100% you can use CTRL + ALT + DELETE and force close the app without fear of harming anything.

5/11/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.2.13

Feature Updates

Added warning when saving MyLaps Readlite File Streams and Chronotrack File Streams if you do not have the date override set.

These two systems do not include date in the passing data, and our default is to use the current system date when bringing reads it. This can cause problems if you are ever collecting reads not on the actual race date, so we are now forcing you to select a date override when saving. Generally you would want to use the “Set to Race Date” feature so that all incoming reads will use the date of the Race.

Note: If you are scoring a multi-day event with one of these stream types, set the date override to the first day, as we have found that these systems will export data over 24 hours by counting up the hours further (25 hours) instead of resetting to 1 hour times on the next day.

Added Gender Labels to Top Finisher Category Names in Reports.

Now if you have a Top Finisher Category called “Overall”, we will show the gender label in the “Age Place” column. For example Male and Female “Overall” winners will now show like this: “1: M Overall” or “1: F Overall”, whereas before this change both would show as “1: Overall”.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing times to not display in RSU Announcer Links.

RSU will now display the time of day that the read occurred at the location for these links.

Fixed an issue causing reports with individual Segment Place fields to not run.

Fixed an issue causing Data Actions to not fire on Super Event Participants.

5/5/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.2.12

Feature Updates

Added Option to Create a Cloud Backup when Exiting the App or Switching Races.

For any Races that have had Cloud Backups created for them, we will now present the option to create a Cloud Backup when you exit the software or switch races. This will be helpful on site so that Timers in the field will remember to back things up once they’ve finished scoring the Race.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue when importing Setup Only Export files.

Added better error messaging when report is in a bad state and needs to be re-saved.

Fixed an issue causing segments in the Splits column to not be displayed in the order you have set up in the Segment setup.

Fixed an issue that allowed users to create multiple Streams with the same Hardware Name, which could cause reads to not be selected properly.

Fixed a few issues with Ambiguous Read Pair selection.

Fixed an issue when importing adjustment times with a CSV.

Removed Incompatible Sort Fields

Some sort fields that are not necessary have been removed like Segment Places and Team Aggregate fields. To sort by the fastest Segment, just select the Segment Time field instead of using Place, and it will give you the same result.

4/28/2022 RaceDay Scoring v3.2.10

Feature Updates

Added Data Check Function to Data Actions

This is the first version of a new function in RaceDay Scoring that will allow you to search for Participants who meet some conditions (for instance, all of those who missed their start read but have a finish read, or all of those who have an age grade over 90), then manually apply a change to them, with the option to select all, or pick and chose which ones you would like to update.

When you search for Participants, it will present a table of all participants who match the filtering you have set up, and there will be a checkbox in each row. You can then apply any changes you like to the Participants in the Data to Change section by using the “Update Selected Rows” button.

You could make any change you like to them. For instance, you could disqualify all those who missed their chip start but have a finish read, or you could update a Custom Field that you have set up that you use to indicate suspicious participants that have an Age Grade value over 90.

We will be adding more features and options to this function in the future, including things like preset Data Check Reports for common use cases, the ability to save and reference Data Check Reports later (right now the search fields and settings go away after you close the report), and the ability to include additional fields to display like chip read times of day for each Participant.

Note: In order to use this function on an existing Race, you should save the Scored Events page before using, as some new fields will not be available until you save Scored Events after the update is applied.

Updated the Participants > Actions > Fix Unknown Reads Feature To Only Show One Instance Per Participant.

We used to show every instance of an unknown in this area – now we will only show one so it’s much easier to manage resolving unknown reads.

Made a change to how restrictive we are with Auto-Saves when Participant Sync is disabled.

We used to restrict all auto-save types if Participant Sync was disabled and you had pending items in the Sync Queue. Now we only restrict RunSignup Auto-Saves, meaning that you no longer need to have Participant Sync enabled to use RaceDay Hub Kiosk Auto-Saves.

Added Option to Delete Associated RunSignup Results When Deleting All Reports.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing errors when using RunSignup Announcer Links with Relay Teams.

Fixed an issue when adding local Relay Team Types that could cause you to not be able to build Reports combining Team Types.

Fixed an issue causing Report Section Type description tooltips to not show when hovering over the button to add them to a Report.

4/22/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.2.9 Hotfix

A bug was introduced in v3.2.8 that causes an issue when manually adding Raw Reads and recalculating. If you plan on manually adding Raw Reads and are currently on v3.2.8 we highly recommend you apply this hotfix.

4/20/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.2.8

Feature Updates

Removed Age Place column for Default Age Group Reports

Since the Place column and Age Place column would be the same for Age Group Report Sections, we removed this.

Updated terminology from Team Classification to Team Type throughout the app.

We were inconsistent by using Team Type and Team Classification to describe the same thing in a few spots. We have changed this to always refer to them as Team Types throughout the app.

Show bib number from crossreference when encountering unknown chip read.

Now it will be easier to figure out unknown reads when using a chip cross reference. Before you would have to look up the chip code in the crossreference to figure out the bib number it was related to, now we show the bib number in the Raw Reads view.

Updated Timing Location Max. Occur. Count Label for Lap Race Timing Locations.

All Timing Locations marked as a Lap Timing Location allow for unlimited occurrences. We have updated the label on the Timing Locations List to show this.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing the Team Type Count to not display in the Team Types List.

Fixed an issue causing custom fields that are Radio or Dropdown type to not be selectable when setting up a Data Action to change their selection.

Fixed an issue causing Raw Reads to not show as locked in some circumstances.

Fixed an issue with importing Age Groups.

4/14/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.2.7

Feature Updates

“Under the hood” improvements to Division results publishing to RunSignup.

We have made improvements to the way Divisions are handled on RunSignup so that we can identify the source of Divisions that are created. This will allow us to avoid issues for those who are dual scoring with Race Director. Prior to this update, it was very easy to accidently delete Divisions at RunSignup that were created by Race Director. Now RDS will only ever update or delete Divisions that RDS created.

These changes will also help avoid any issues of duplicate Divisions showing at RunSignup.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing the spacebar time insert of the manual add Scored Reads function to not work properly.

Fixed an issue causing Locked Raw Reads to not have their locked status retained when exporting/importing Race files.

Fixed a minor issue with the Oldest/Youngest Male/Female Report displaying a field that was not necessary in the Sorts & Filters panel.

Fixed a crash that would happen if you added a chip and bib number to the Raw Reads lookup.

4/7/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.2.6

Feature Updates

Added Support for Customizing Column Data in Report Section Templates.

Prior to this change, any edits made to individual columns in Report Section Templates (like the name of the column or the justification of the data within that column) would not be included in the Template. Now those changes will be saved with the Template and applied when setting up new Report Sections using that Template.

Added New Report Section Types for Age Graded Report and Oldest/Youngest Male/Female.

There are now two more available Report Section Types to select from when building Reports. The Age-Graded Report is sorted by the highest Age Grade score and includes the Age Grade column. The Oldest/Youngest Report shows the oldest and youngest male and female finishers.

Added Rest Segments for Non-Lap Events.

You can now mark a Non-Lap Event Segment as a Rest Segment. This will subtract the time spent in this Segment from the “Entire Race” Segment Time for that Event, effectively skipping it from results. It will also subtract the time spent in this Segment from any subsequent Segment’s Cumulative Times.

Added a “Locked” Column in the Raw Reads View.

Raw Reads that have been added or forced to be scored through the Ambiguous Times selection screen will be locked. You can now see this data in the Raw Reads view as an additional column

Changed Raw Read Delete Functionality.

We have changed the Raw Read Delete functionality so that you can select multiple reads at once and delete them. You can use Shift + Click to select a range of reads. This can be used in combination with the Raw Read Filters, so it would be simple to filter to a specific bib number, then use Shift + Click to select a range of reads for a specific Participant.

We also have changed the X’s to delete Raw Reads individually to checkboxes so that you are less likely to accidentally delete Raw Reads in one click. Now deleting a single read is two clicks instead of one click, but because it is a dangerous action we think it is better to make it a little harder to accidentally do.

Added the ability to use Participant Status in Participant Filters.

For instance, you can now create a filtered Report Section that only shows those who are Disqualified.

Added an option in the Age Group Report Section > Filters & Sorts area to apply the “Number of Places to Show Per Age Group” to Top Finisher Categories as well.

This can be useful if you are utilizing Top Finisher Categories for Clydesdale/Athena winners as a way to separate them from everyone else in the Scored Event by setting the “Award Winners” value to something high enough to capture all finishers who have the associated Custom Question Response.

Prior to this change, with this setup, you would have Age Groups that show X deep, but it will list all of your Custom Top Finisher Category qualifiers. For awards lists, this could be cumbersome. Now you can set the value here to 3 and check the box to apply to Top Finishers and all categories will be limited to 3 (even though the Award Winners value may be something like 999).

Added Max Occurrence Count to Timing Locations List.

We now show the max occurrences being used for each Timing Location in the Timing Location List. This will make it easier to review your setup and make sure that you have your Occurrence Counts set correctly at a glance.

Added Support for USAT One-Day Membership Numbers.

Prior to this change, we would only show USAT Annual Membership Numbers.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing Default Reports to not generate in some scenarios.

Fixed an issue with Data Actions not using the correct Time Zone under certain conditions

Fixed an issue that would clear One-Day USAT Membership License Numbers when making any change to a record that has a One-Day Membership License Number.

Fixed an issue causing corrupted Race Exports when importing and exporting Races with variable columns (like a specific Segment time) in Reports multiple times.

This would cause a loss of Reports or a crash when importing.

Fixed an issue causing Team Reports to not work properly after exporting/importing a Race.

3/30/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.2.4

Feature Updates

Added the option to include Date of Birth in the Full Screen Recent Reads View.

You can configure the Full Screen Recent Reads view to include a variety of other columns. You can now add Date of Birth when doing so. This will also include a birthday message for anyone whose birthday is today, yesterday, or tomorrow (perfect for announcers!).

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing imports of older Race Exports to fail.

3/23/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.2.2

Feature Updates

Added Option to Import Original Race When Cloud Backups are Present.

Prior to this change, it would not be possible to “Start Fresh” if any Cloud Backups existed for a Race..

Changed “Does Not Qualify” Functionality.

Now if you mark someone as DNQ it will make them ineligible for awards categories and gender placements. They will still show in Overall Reports, but their Age and Gender Place fields will show “DNQ” instead of their placement, and they will not show in Age Group Report Sections.

Added Count of Raw Reads to Raw Reads View.

This count will update based on the filtering applied, so it can be used as a way to get counts of reads by Participant at a specific Location, for instance.

Made Gender Field a Dropdown instead of an open-ended Text Field.

Now it will be easier to set up Participant Filters by Gender as you won’t have to second guess yourself over whether you should enter “M” or “Male” or “male”, for instance. Now the Gender Field will have it’s options presented as a dropdown.

Added the Ability to Import/Export Age Group Configurations.

In the Copy Age Groups area you can now export and import Age Group configurations. This will allow you to export your preferred set of Age Groups and import them into another Race setup.

Changed how we handle Manually Added Raw Reads so that they are not removed when selecting “Clear” > “Delete” from the Dashboard Raw Reads Panel. They will only be removed when selecting “Clear” > “Delete All”.

This will allow you to clear raw reads that came from your chip systems, but retain those you added manually by using the “Delete” option when clearing.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing manually added Raw and Scored Reads to not be selected for scoring until you recalculated Raw Reads.

Fixed an issue causing Results at RunSignup to not sort correctly when using the Splits by Place field.

Fixed an issue causing Results at RunSignup to not show the correct Overall Pace depending on the position of the Pace field in comparison to Segment Pace Fields.

Under the hood changes to RunSignup Results Publishing to Prevent RunSignup Result Deadlocks.

3/17/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.2.1

Feature Updates

Added Report Section Sort Override.

This is a major update that will allow you to change the sort order of a Report Section to be based on any field available to you. For instance, you can now sort a Report Section based on the Time of Day that someone finishes a particular Segment, or you could sort a Report Section by the highest Age Grade score. You can add any number of secondary sorts to determine how to sort if there is a tie in positions, and you can determine whether the sort should be ascending or descending when selecting a column to sort by.

This feature is found in the Report Builder > Report Section > Filters & Sorts Panel.

Note: If sorting by a clock/chip time, you will need to select the (ms) version of this time. If you select a standard time format, the sort will not be correct.

Added Random Report Section Sort.

You can now select to sort a Report Section randomly with this option. This can be useful if you need to produce a random drawing. If you need to keep the random ordering the same over time, we recommend running the report then printing it out or exporting it, as the order will change over time when scoring changes happen, so if you want to keep a consistent random order you should export the report and use that as your reference point.

Added Cloud Backup Functionality.

This is another major update that will allow you to backup your scoring configurations to the cloud from your Race List, and restore the scoring setup from a cloud backup when importing that same Race from RunSignup on another computer. This will make it so that you no longer have to export/import zip files to get your scoring configurations loaded onto other computers.

The cloud backup feature is found on the Race List, and cloud backups are accessible on another computer by using the “Import a Race Already on RunSignup” button, then selecting which cloud backup you would like to restore from. We will show the last 25 backups, along with information about who created the backup and when it was created. If you already have a version of the Race loaded on another computer, you would need to delete that Race, then use the import from RunSignup function to import the newer version.

Changed Position of Pop Out Messages.

We have moved the notifications to make sure that they do not cover parts of the screen like “X” icons and action buttons so that you can continue to work while waiting for the notifications to go away. Keep in mind that notifications will not stop you from interacting with the application.

Removed Connection Made/Lost Pop Out Messages.

We now will show these messages in the Notifications panel instead.

Removed Missing Start Time Pop Out Notification for Scored Events that are scored by Chip Time.

We found that some Timers do not set the Actual Start Time for Chip Scored Events, and would constantly get the pop up warning them to make sure to set their start time. Since a user in this state would never set up a start time intentionally, we have removed the message for this type of setup.

Added the Ability to Filter by Checked In.

This will allow you to create a Report Section that only includes those who have (or have not) checked in.

Added the “Is Null/Is Not Null” Operator to Report Filters.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing Participant Filtering by Corral/Age/Bib or other numeric fields to not work properly.

Fixed an issue that would cause duplicate Scored Reads after transferring a Participant to a different Event.

3/9/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.1.52

Feature Updates

Added Event/Corral Start Time of Day to Participant Results View.

Now you can see the assigned Event/Corral Start Time of Day alongside the Scored Read Times associated with that Participant. This should help with troubleshooting how times have been calculated for a Participant.

Replace Device Name with Stream Name in Raw Reads View for Stream Types that Do Not Have Their Own Device Names.

If you use a Stream Type that creates device names like “rsu-device-1”, we will now replace that with the name of the Stream in the Raw Reads view, as that would be more helpful in troubleshooting where reads came from.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an Issue Causing the Race Search to Not Clear Search Results After Navigating Back to The Race List After Searching For a Race and Loading It.

This would make it difficult to reset the Race Search Field. Now it will clear itself after loading a Race so when you return it will not show filtered results in the Race List.

Fixed an Issue with Reads By Location > Actions > View Reads

This function allows you to quickly access the Raw Reads View filtered by Timing Location when looking at the Scored Reads by Location View, but the Timing Location was not correctly being set from the link. This is now fixed.

3/3/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.1.51

Feature Updates

Added Setting the Lap Setup allowing you to Combine Consecutive Laps.

This new feature is found in Segments > Set Up Laps. You can now enable this setting that will combine any consecutive laps into a single version of that Lap. This is helpful if multiple laps tend to be triggered in a row, and you just want to collapse them all into one using the start of the first lap and end of the last lap as the combined lap start and end reads.

Added Start and Finish Time of Day Fields to Lap Details View.

This allows you to better investigate how the system is calculating Lap Times from one place, by showing the time of day that was used for the start and end of each Lap for each Participant. This is accessible by clicking the Lap Details button in a Report or in the Participant Edit view.

Added the Ability to Require X Per Gender Aggregate Team Scoring.

When setting up Aggregate Team Scoring, you can now require that Teams have at least some amount of finishers per gender. We will ensure that those included in the must have gender counts are included for Team Score calculations.

Added Ability to Check for Null Values in Data Actions/Corrals/Top Finisher Participant Filter Areas.

You can now use “Is Null” and “Is Not Null” Operators when creating Participant Filters. This can be helpful if you want to create a Data Action that will run if someone is missing a time for a certain Segment, for instance. Prior to this change, you were not able to check to see if someone was missing a value.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue Permission Denied Errors.

We found that we were still trying to update the RunSignup Event Distances if they did not match Scored Event distances. This error would show if you had Timer access but not Race Director access, as you are not able to access and update data from the Race Wizard with Timer access. After this change we will now never try to update RunSignup Event distances, as we no longer rely on that distance to calculate paces anyway.

Fixed an issue causing Team Scores to not populate in Team Finisher List Report.

RunSignup Team Results would not populate, and Team Results Reports sometimes would not show properly in RaceDay Scoring.

2/24/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.1.49

Feature Updates

Added Replay Function for all File Streams.

This feature tells the system to completely flush all reads from this Stream and re-reference the entire file structure. This is helpful if a change happens in an existing file that we would not normally pick up because we have already processed that line. Normally we only pick up additional rows added to a file, not changes to existing rows.

Lap Races

Added a Feature to Set a Minimum Number of Laps To Be Considered a Finisher.

Now you can use either a time or lap count to determine whether or not a Lap Race participant should be considered a finisher.

Revamped Scored Event Setup Interface.

We have changed the setup for Lap Races to be more clear by organizing the various features we have into four main areas.

  1. Lap Scoring Features (Features that change how to select Laps for scoring.)
  2. Cutoff Laps (Features to decide when to make the system stop considering new laps for participants. Default is “Never”.)
  3. Finisher Determination (Features to decide at what point a participant should be considered a finisher. Default is “Immediately”.)
  4. Report Settings (Features that change the default report that is generated when you save Scored Events for the first time.)

Added Distance Options to Cutoff Laps and Determine Finishers Based on a Set Distance.

This will allow you to say that Participants should no longer have Laps considered once their total distance has reached some level. It also allows you to say that Participants should be a Finisher untill they reach some defined distance.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing Lap Results for non-finishers not sorting by their current progress.

2/16/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.1.47

Feature Updates

Changed the Lap Details – Expanded Column so it will now only show a column for each full Lap completed. Prior to this change it would also show columns for Segments that did not complete a Lap.

Added a check on the Participant Sync view to alert you when navigating away from the page with unsaved changes.

Added checks to a few places to prevent publishing results to RunSignup if you have Participants that are not synced to RunSignup.

This will help make sure that Participant’s results are linked to registrations properly, and will help with performance for large Races that did not use RunSignup for registration and are just publishing results to it.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing RunSignup Results Auto-Saves to fail when including data from a local Custom Field .

Fixed an issue causing raw reads from Streams that do not have date included in the passing format to come in on the next day if no date override is set.

Fixed an issue with the Stream selection dropdown when manually recording a Raw Read if you have a Stream that is being used in more than one Timing Location.

Added more error logging for unknown Permission Denied errors returned by RunSignup.

2/11/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.1.46 Hotfix

Fixed Aggregate Team Scoring by Age Grade.

2/11/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.1.45 Hotfix

Fixed an issue causing Rest Segments included in a Lap to not have their time deducted from the total time.

2/10/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.1.44

Feature Updates

Added the Ability to Swap Relay Team Bib Numbers

You can now swap Relay Team Bib Numbers in the Teams view via the Actions menu. This will work whether you have team bib numbers assigned or individual bib numbers assigned that are all the same. This will only work if you have Relay Team scoring set up to have Team members share the same bib number.

Changed Pre-Gun Read Handling

With this change we will now reference individual Participant or Team Start Times when determining whether a Pre-Gun read should be used or ignored.

Now we will always filter out reads at an intermediate or finish Timing Locations that are prior to the Participant or Team’s start time (chip, Corral, or Event).

If you enable the “Allow Pre-Gun/Corral Times” this will now decide whether reads at Start Locations should accept Pre-Gun times. This could be helpful if you had a handful of Participants who had reads just prior to the Gun Time and you want those considered for their Chip times.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing tooltips to show beneath toolbars that scroll with the page, like Age Groups and Scored Reads at a Location.

Fixed an issue causing the Report Section Drag and Drop functionality to no longer work.

Fixed an issue causing manually added Scored Reads to not have the correct timezone.

2/2/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.1.43

Feature Updates

Improved Raw Read Search Functionality

You can now search by First Name, Last Name, and Team Name (Relay or Aggregate). Additionally, the Bib field will now search through both the Bib column and the Read Bib column, which is helpful if you have a mixture of data from readers and backup systems and are using a Chip system that relies on Chip codes.

Prior to this update, the Bib search would only be able to bring up results for either the reads from Chip systems or the backup/manual reads based on whether or not you were searching with the Cross-reference (there used to be a checkbox above the Bib search field to control this). Now the bib search will bring up bib number matches for both types of reads at once.

When manually adding Raw Reads on a Race that has Chip Auto-Assignment set up, corresponding Chips will now show up in the form as you are typing in the Bib number of the Raw Read that you are adding.

This will help you be sure that you have a corresponding Chip set up in your Auto-Assignment policy to cover the Bib you are adding a Raw Read for. This will also help if you need to search Raw Reads by Chip.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing a line to show over results in some Report Exports.

Fixed an issue causing the Stream selection in the Raw Reads View filtering area to not work properly.

Fixed an issue causing the number of participants to show per Age Group in the Age Group Report to not work.

Fixed an issue causing the RaceDay Hub local kiosk buttons to not work.

1/26/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.1.42

Feature Updates

Added Scored Event Filter to Recent Reads View

You can now filter the Recent Reads View by Scored Event, so you can narrow down the recent reads to only see those that are of a specified Scored Event.

Added support for Report Column Set Templates with Lap Race Events.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing Data Actions to not work properly after Exporting/Importing a Race that had an Event Change action being used.

Fixed an issue with the time input field acting up under certain scenarios, not allowing you to enter in the time that you need to.

Fixed an issue when using a Report Column Set Template that includes columns that vary by Scored Event, like Segment columns, Custom Questions, etc.

You are now forced to select new columns to include for any columns that are missing from the original Scored Event. We automatically try to map similar column names in the new Event, so Segments like “Bike Chip Time” should automatically be selected in the new Event if a column that matches that name also existed in the template.

1/21/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.1.41 Hotfix

Feature Updates

If using the Lap Races feature to Score With Fastest Times, that column will now automatically be set up to send to RunSignup in new Auto-Saves.

Prior to this change, you would have to remember to include it as a custom field in the advanced options of the Auto-Save setup.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing imports to fail if a Report included a Top X Fastest Times column.

1/20/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.1.40

Feature Updates

Added Option to Limit Num. Laps Allowed for Duration-Based Lap Events.

You can now use this feature to force the system to stop collecting lap times for Participants after they have completed a defined number of Laps.

Added Option to Score With Fastest Lap Times for Duration-Based Lap Events.

This feature allows you to base Lap scoring on the fastest Lap Times per Participant. Instead of adding up the time and distance of all completed Laps, with this option the system will only count the fastest X Laps towards the totals where X is the number of Laps to consider. Participants are then ranked by their Fastest X Lap Times instead of their overall totals.

Added the ability to enable Non-Binary RunSignup Registration setting when creating a Race at RunSignup.

Implemented new Non-Binary changes made to RunSignup API so that X gender is maintained in the Participant Sync.

Made a change to prevent empty Age Groups from being displayed in PDF, CSV, and TXT Report Exports.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing Non-Binary Divisions to be created at RunSignup erroneously.

1/13/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.1.39

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing the Lap Detail – Extended column to not correctly display paces in Miles per Hour.

Fixed a few issues with Lap Races that use the Every other Lap option.

1/5/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.1.38

Feature Updates

Added Start Time, Custom Questions, and Last Completed Segment to Recent Reads View.

You can now add these columns to the Full Screen Recent Reads Panel, which can be useful for those setting up a separate computer to be used by an announcer, or as a way to keep track of recent reads over some set of Timing Locations.

Bugs Fixed

Made a change to how we post results to RunSignup in order to prevent a deadlock on RunSignup results processing.

Corrected a potential issue when changing Age Group setup while posting results to RunSignup.

Corrected an issue that would allow you to create Timing Locations with the exact same name, which would cause an error when importing this Race later on.

Fixed an issue causing certain Permission Denied error messages to not show the full details of what area the logged in User did not have proper access to.

Fixed a bug with the option to disregard every other Lap.

12/16/2021 – RaceDay Scoring v3.1.37

Feature Updates

Added First Version of Non-Binary Scoring Support

We have implemented the first version of Non-Binary Scoring. We think this is a step in the right direction to better support Non-Binary Participants, but we expect to add more levels of customization in the future.

We have added a new Gender option for “Non-Binary” that will be shortened to “X” in some fields.

All participants coming down from RunSignup without a gender selected (which is RunSignup’s current way of handling Non-Binary registrations) will show in RaceDay Scoring as Non-Binary. We, unfortunately, do not currently have a way of knowing the difference between someone who specifically has selected Non-Binary and someone whose gender was left off their registration for other reasons, like they had forgotten to include it in a paper entry that was manually added to RunSignup directly. What this means is that you may wind up with Participants mislabeled as Non-Binary if their Gender was not included for some other reason. Until RunSignup makes a change to their system to keep track of who has selected Non-Binary and store it on their records, we will be working under this caveat.

RaceDay Scoring will let you clear someone’s Gender selection if you do not want them to show in Non-Binary categories (for instance, if their gender was left off of their registration form.)

Participants who are added manually or from a CSV that has nothing set for their gender will not be set to Non-Binary. This will allow you to update records to blank out their gender if needed by using the import updates function. When importing a CSV you also have the option of setting Gender to “X”.

You can now create Age Groups and Top Finisher Categories that include Non-Binary athletes, and those Age Groups will be published to RunSignup Results. The default Gender Place field will also now include “X” as an option. In addition, you can filter on this new Gender option in all of the standard locations like Report Section Participant Data Filters, Corral Auto-Assignment Rules, etc…

Moved Swap Bibs Functionality to Participants > Actions Dropdown

Having the Bib Swap on the individual Participant Record was causing problems with our duplicate bib prevention system. We have resolved this by moving this functionality out to the Participant list > Actions dropdown and improved how it handles situations with duplicate bibs by letting the user know which participant it has swapped bibs with if it did encounter a duplicate.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue with performance while posting Divisions to RunSignup Results.

12/9/2021 – RaceDay Scoring HotFix v3.1.36

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing participants to not have times and not show in Reports until saving Scored Events after reads were collected.

Fixed an issue causing a crash if you were to change the sort order of Timing Locations, then add a new Segment.

12/8/2021 – RaceDay Scoring v3.1.35

Important Notice, Please Read!

We have found an issue going back one or two updates that can cause Participants to show as non-finishers without times even though they have reads selected for them that should qualify as finishing times.

Simply saving the Scored Events page will fix this for now, and we will have a real fix out for it as soon as we can. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.

Feature Updates

Added Ability to Re-Order Segments

You can now drag and drop Segments to change the order that they display in reports and dropdowns throughout the app. Be aware that changes to order will not update existing results at RunSigup if the Auto-Save was set up prior to the change. You will need to delete and re set up an Auto-Save if you want changes made to Segment order reflected in RunSignup results.

In addition, Segment Panels are now collapsed by default to clean up the interface especially when working on multi-segment Races like Triathlons.

Added Segment Setting Previews in Segment Panel Headers

You will now be given a preview of the Segment Distance, Timing Locations and Occurrences on those Locations used for the Start and End Points of that Segment. For instance, a Bike Leg Segment may show (20 Miles) (Bike In/Out | Occ. 1) -> (Bike In/Out | Occ. 2) in a typical Triathlon configuration.

This feature, along with the Segment Panels being collapsed by default, should assist with reviewing Segment setups going forward, as all essential information is available in an overhead view.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing the Scored Reads view to crash if using Gunshot Markers.

Fixed an issue when sending Results to RunSignup when using “Either” Gender Age Groups.

Fixed an issue causing a crash when adding a team from the Participant Edit View.

12/2/2021 – RaceDay Scoring v3.1.34

Feature Updates

Added a Total In Progress count to the header of the Race Stats Panel so that you can quickly see a count of those in progress across all events even if the Panel is collapsed.

Added Scored Event and Segment Name to Timing Location Scored Reads View.

We now show the Scored Event of the Participant that the read is associated with, as well as the Segment Name that this read completes.

Added The Ability to Filter by Registration Event

You can set up Participant Filters based on Registration Event. This is helpful if you need to split out Reports based on the Registration Event a Participant has selected if you are combining multiple Registration Events into a single Scored Event. You can use it on Top Finisher Categories, Corral Assignment Rules, and Report Section Filters.

Added Fastest/Slowest/Average Lap Times

You can now add these fields to Lap Result Reports, and view them in a summary table when clicking the Lap Details button from Lap Summary Reports as well as from the Lap Details Button on the Participant View.

Added Lap Details – Expanded Column

You can now add a “Lap Details – Expanded” column to reports. This requires you to set up on the Scored Event how many laps to show through in your Reports, and will take place of the “Lap Details” column if you enable it before saving the Scored Event for the first time. This will allow you to see each Lap time and pace as additional rows in the Lap Summary Report. You can edit the Report column if you would like to hide pace from showing.

Updated Add Scored Read Function to Add Raw Reads Instead

We had a lot of issues with our previous system of adding Scored Reads directly, so we have changed how that function works so that it actually inserts Raw Reads. This will fix issues that we have seen where DNF flags were not lifted after adding a Scored Read, then recalculating Raw Reads. Now that they are actually inserted as Raw Reads and processed into Scored Reads, this will no longer be a problem.

Added Timing Location Name to Stream Selection when adding Raw Reads

It was hard to remember which reader you should add a Raw Read for prior to this change. Now we show the Timing Location that a Stream is used on when you select which Stream you will be recording a Raw Read for.

Updated Time Entry Fields to Ensure Proper Formatting

For time only entry fields, like adjustments and some of the new Duration-Based Lap Time settings, we used to have an open ended field, requiring you to enter in the colons and decimals in the right spot. We have updated this field so that it always has the colons and decimals in place so you don’t have to type them in, you can tab between hours, minutes, and seconds, and you cannot remove delimiters from the field.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing teams to allow non-finishers to count towards their “Min to Score” values. This would cause individuals to have scores when their team is actually incomplete.

Updated TFRRS Upload to no longer include special characters

We no longer send things like “<5” or parenthesis when posting results to TFRRS.

11/22/2021 – RaceDay Scoring v3.1.33

Feature Updates

Retain Team Association when transferring Participants to another Event.

We found that when transferring someone’s Event we would lose their association with their team on RunSignup. We have made changes to the RunSignup API and RaceDay Scoring to allow this to be retained when transferring.

Added more details to the permission denied error.

We now let you know which part of the sync was failing specifically, in case you only have partial access and are missing access to some part of the dashboard.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing Top Finisher Categories by Rule to cause an error and not work properly.

11/11/2021 – RaceDay Scoring v3.1.32

Feature Updates

Added more default Entire Race Segment Fields to Scored Event Setup.

We now allow you to control the Entire Race Segment Distance, Pace type and unit, and Finish Occurrence from the Scored Events setup screen.

Now you can configure all of your Entire Race Segment settings from the Scored Events page, making it much more straightforward for simple single Segment Race setups.

It will also be easier to understand how to configure Races that finish on a different occurrence since the field is available in the Scored Event setup, like a two-lap 10k finishing on occurrence 2.

Added DNS/DQ/DNF status flags to RunSignup Results pushes.

Now we will indicate non-finishers in RunSignup Results by including their status flag in their time fields and in their placement fields for some status.

Note that RunSignup does not accept “DROP” as a valid status, so we send “DNF” instead.

Those in RDS that just have their DNF flag set (in progress) will continue to show at RunSignup with a fake placement so that we are able to show them in order by the number of segments completed.

Added support for Duration-Based Lap Races

You can now set up Duration-Based Lap Event Scoring, which will allow you to time events that are time-based instead of distance-based. For instance, a 12 hour run where the goal is to see who can complete the most total distance in the shortest amount of time. Athletes will be ranked by who has done the most total distance, then by who has done that distance the fastest if multiple have completed the same distance.

To set up, first, you must configure a Timing Location to be used as a Duration-Based Lap Event Timing Location.

Then you must configure a Scored Event to be a Duration-Based Lap Event and select which Lap Locations should be used.

There are a variety of new Scored Event settings for Duration-Based Lap Events described below.

Default Lap Distance

Instead of setting a distance for the entire Event, you define the distance for your default Lap. It is possible to create multiple Lap Options if needed in the Segments > Set Up Laps area.

Create Default Lap

This is on by default but should be disabled if you are needing to add more than one Lap Option. For instance, if you have a Long Lap/Short Lap Event where participants can run any combination of different Lap Distances to add up to their Total Distance and time.

Advanced Laps Setup

Laps are a new concept in RaceDay Scoring. For most Duration-Based Lap Events using the above setting to create a Default, Lap is all you need to do. If you need more Lap Options, you would need to disable the setting to Create a Default Lap and finish your Laps setup in the Segments area.

Laps are made up of Segments that start and finish on the same Timing Location. Default Laps are a single Segment that starts and finishes on the same Timing Location.

Segments for Duration-Based Lap Events can now be configured to be a “Lap Segment”. This means t

You can create more advanced Lap configurations by creating multiple Segments for a Lap Event, then creating a Lap from those Segments, as long as the entire Lap starts and finishes at the same Timing Location.

For instance, you may have a short and long lap Race where participants can complete a short lap that starts and finishes in the same spot, and a long lap that starts and finishes in the same spot, but they must pass a checkpoint in the middle.

For that situation, you would disable the Create Default Lap Option and instead create three Segments. The first would be the entire short lap, and the other two would be used to create your Long Lap. The Long Lap Segments would be something like “Start/Finish to Checkpoint”, and “Checkpoint to Start/Finish”.

Next, you would click “Set up Laps” in the Segments area and add the two Segments together to create your Long Lap Option. Because the Long Lap starts and finishes in the same Location (Start/Finish) you are good to go.

Disregard Every Other Lap

Useful if you have a rest period every other lap. Enable this setting to ignore every other lap in the total distance/time.

Maximum Duration

This setting will tell the system to ignore all times for Participants once their Total Time is above some time. So you may set this to 12 hours to make sure that no one has a total time that is greater than that for a 12-hour event. You may want to consider some wiggle room if your laps are pretty long by making this longer than the advertised event length to allow participants to complete a final lap or consider using the next setting.

Use Last Lap After Duration

This setting tells the system to collect one more lap after a Participant has reached the Maximum Duration. So you could set this to be enabled with the Maximum Duration set to 12 hours, and once a Participant has hit 12 hours, the system would accept one more lap from them.

Minimum Finisher Duration

This is an important setting – it will determine when participants should be considered a “Finisher” by unsetting the DNF flag on the participant record. You may want to set this very low, so that once Participants complete a single lap they are considered a finisher, or you could set it to be sometimes a bit less than your Maximum Duration so that Participants are considered finishers only once they’ve completed say 11.5 hours for a 12-hour event.

The reason this is important is if you are using RunSignup Results Notifications. Once a Participant is considered a finisher, they will receive a finisher notification. So, if you are using RunSignup Finisher Notifications, consider setting this time to be fairly close to the Maximum Duration. If you set this very low and have Finisher Notifications enabled, all Participants will receive a single finisher notification as soon as they hit the time you have set, which may not be a great experience.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing duplicate chip assignments with Races that have multiple participants with the same bib.

Fixed an issue causing slowdowns when printing.

Fixed an issue causing the sync to become disabled after saving sync settings just after uploading a local Race to RunSignup.

Fixed an issue causing Reports to no longer show Auto-Save buttons.

11/3/2021 – RaceDay Scoring v3.1.29

Feature Updates

Added the ability to sort Timing Locations by dragging and dropping them up or down in the list.

This sort will apply to a variety of areas including dropdowns and the placement of Timing Location Read Panels on the Dashboard.

Added a warning when trying to set up a Segment that is using more occurrences than the Location it is using is set up to collect.

We now no longer will allow you to save the Segment Setup page if one of the Segments is using an Occurrence that is over the maximum Occurrence count set in the Timing Location setup.

Added a warning when trying to save Scored Events that have no Registration Event selected.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue with Race Imports after deleting a Location that was being used for Corrals.

We now prevent deleting any Timing Locations being used as a Corral Start Point to prevent this import error.

Fixed an issue with head to head (NCAA) Team Scoring rules not scoring correctly.

10/21/2021 – RaceDay Scoring v3.1.27

Feature Updates

Non-Finishers will now be included in Exports.

Be sure to show non-finishers in the Report before exporting.

When publishing a Race that you created in RaceDay Scoring to RunSignup, we now automatically associate the Race with the RunSignup Timer Account that you are using.

Bugs Fixed

Added duplicate Segment name check when setting them up to prevent issues uploading Split Results when Segment names are exactly the same.

We now prevent having two Segments with exactly the same name.

Fixed an issue causing Splits to show at RunSignup when they were not included in the Report that was being Auto-Saved.

Corrected an issue when scoring some Team Types with XC rules and other Team Types without XC rules.

Fixed an issue causing the Participant Sync process to not run after switching between Races.

10/6/2021 – RaceDay Scoring v3.1.26

Feature Updates

Added RSU Links Dropdown to Race Toolbar.

This feature allows you quickly access helpful RunSignup Links from the green toolbar by clicking the name of the Race and selecting which page you would like to go to.

Added Event and Corral Start Time of Day in the “Set Start Times” Panel for easier reference.

Added Automatic Team Type Scoring Rules Assignment.

Prior to this update, if you created a Team Type after you have already set up Scored Event Team Scoring Rules, you would need to save the Scored Event Team Scoring Rules again in order to apply them to the new Team Types. We now will automatically apply the Scored Event Team Scoring Rules to Team Types as long as the Team Type is connected to Scored Events that have the same Scored Event Team Scoring Rules.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue with Progress Reports.

Fixed an issue causing Corral Start Times to not show in the Dashboard Running Clocks.

Fixed an issue causing results with negative times to not post to RunSignup.

RunSignup does not allow posting negative times. Before this update, we would not include the entire result if one time in that result was negative (even if it was a split time). Now we will still post the result, but send blanks instead of negative times. This will help in situations where you may have a negative time in a split causing a Participant with a valid finish time to not show in results at RunSignup.

9/29/2021 – RaceDay Scoring v3.1.25

Feature Updates

Added “Show Award Winners Only” option to Age Group Report Filtering.

Prior to this update, the Award Winner counts in the Age Group setup would only control their display in results at RunSignup. Now you have the option to enable this setting in the Filtering section of the Age Group Report so that you can limit your Age Group Report to only show those who qualify for Awards.

Added Smart Non-Finisher Settings for Reports.

The system now keeps track of whether you are setting up a Scored Event with multiple segments or a single segment, and will automatically set up new reports and update existing ones so that Races that have multiple segments will show non-finishers by default to aid in viewing in-progress results. If a Scored Event only has a single segment, we now will not show non-finishers by default.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue with Location Time Filters not displaying in the correct Time Zone on the Dashboard Timing Location Read Count panels.

Fixed an issue with Relay Team Reports not showing non-finisher Teams in the correct order.

9/22/2021 – RaceDay Scoring v3.1.24

Feature Updates

Added the ability to associate a new Participant with an existing Team while typing in their entry.

Prior to this update you would have to enter the Participant info, save, then go back into the new record and add the team info in. Now you can associate the new Participant in the same step as the add. You cannot create a new Team while adding a new Participant, however – that will need to be done in the Teams list.

Added more details for sync and publishing errors reported by RunSignup.

Added support for sending DNF/DNS/DQ Participants in the TFRRS integration.

Added support for Reports containing one or more Cross Country Finish List Report Sections under Reports > Export.

This option is available to any Reports containing one or more “Team Finisher List” Report Sections without any other Report Section Types added to it.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue with generating test reads in the Timing Location Settings.

Fixed an issue with deleted Participant records showing in Reports.

9/16/2021 – RaceDay Scoring v3.1.23 Hotfix

Fixed a bug causing Gap Factors for races not using overlapping start/finish time ranges to not ignore times below the Gap Factor.

9/15/2021 – RaceDay Scoring v3.1.22

Feature Updates

Changed Default Column Alignment for Splits to be Center.

We have changed this default, but you can always adjust the column display in the report builder by using the pencil icon on a column.

Updated Table Styling.

Reports will now show with alternating grey and white rows, and will not try to wrap data within cells. This will make it so that more data can be shown vertically on a report as each row will be “shorter”.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue with certain FinishLynx read file formats.

Fixed an issue with the “IN” operator not working with Top Finisher Categories.

This operator allows you to filter by multiple options – for instance both “Clydesdale” and “Athena” Response Options to a RunSignup Question could be selected when using this operator, and participants who have selected either of those Response Options would be included in the category or report you’re filtering.

Fixed an issue with non-finishers not showing in the correct order at RunSignup.

We have made a change to ensure that participants in a non-finisher state that are sent to RunSignup are still displayed in order by the number of splits completed then the fastest time. In order to make sure this always works, we had to send a fake placement to RunSignup for non-finishers to force the sort order to work the way we need it to.

Fixed an issue causing sync errors if you remove the last member of a Team.

9/9/2021 – RaceDay Scoring v3.1.21 Hotfix

Fixed an issue causing TFRRS logins to fail.

9/8/2021 – RaceDay Scoring v3.1.20

Feature Updates

Made a change to only retry sync errors for Participants with invalid Registration IDs.

Prior to this update, you could get into a cycle where you could not clear errors. This change should make it so that these cyclical sync errors will no longer occur.

Added Team Rosters Report Section.

We have added a Team Rosters Report Section that you can add to Reports. This will list out all Teams with Member Details for Aggregate and Cross Country Scored Events. For XC, it will show the Year, and for Aggregate, it will show Age by default.

Added Option to Print a Separate Page Per Section when Printing Reports.

For example, in the new Team Rosters Report it would print a page per team, and in the Age Group Report it would print a page per Age Group.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue when the computer goes into sleep or hibernate mode while the application is running.

9/1/2021 – RaceDay Scoring v3.1.19

Feature Updates

Added a Warning When Entering a Participant That Would Cause a Duplicate Bib.

We now check to see while entering Participant information if the bib number entered is already being used by another Participant and warn you about it. You can chose to proceed with the duplicate bib, or cancel out.

Note: This duplicate bib number prevention currently only works when entering data on your main scoring computer. If you are using a RaceDay Hub Participant Kiosk to do data entry remotely, you will not get this prompt at this time.

Added Checking to Stream Deletion and Removal to Prevent Deleting or Removing Streams from Races that already have Reads.

This was causing issues when exporting and importing Race files. If you need to delete or disassociate a Stream that has reads from a Race completely, just clear the reads first then you can proceed.

Updated Reports to no longer show DNF in the Placement field.

We had reports that Participants in progress don’t like to be labelled with DNF. We now have updated our Reports to just show “-” in the placement field for Participants who haven’t finished yet instead.

Added Support For a Few More Trident Marker Read Formats.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing Section Place fields to not show the proper Race Status label.

Fixed and issue when importing/exporting Races with FinishLynx Streams.

8/25/2021 – RaceDay Scoring v3.1.18

Feature Updates

Added the ability to Export Raw Read Data.

You can now export Raw Reads from the Raw Read view. The Export will use the filtering set when run, so if you need to only export Raw Reads from one Location or another that is possible.

Removed Event End Date/Time Fields from Race Creation Form.

These are not required and are rarely useful for Timing an event so we have removed them from the setup form.

Added buttons in the Help area to schedule a training session.

You can now book a Basic or Advanced training session directly from the Help menu.

Automatically Apply IP Address when setting up Local RaceDay Hub Window.

You no longer have to enter in the IP Address of the machine that you are on when setting up a Local RaceDay Hub Window.

Updated MyLaps Direct Streaming to support new protocol.

Timing & Scoring v2.9 implemented a new protocol for their TCP/IP output which could cause the Stream Connection to be unstable. We have adjusted our side to better support their new configuration.

Removed Pop Up Message when publishing results with negative split values.

We have converted this to a Notification message but will no longer trigger a popup for it.

Added Duplicate Bib Warning When Manually Entering Participant Data.

Bugs Fixed

Corrected Marker Read Display Issue in Scored Reads View.

8/13/2021 RaceDay Scoring v3.1.17 Hot Fix

Bug Fix

Fixed an issue causing the app to crash when clicking the Ignored Reason Count on the Dashboard.

8/12/2021 – RaceDay Scoring v3.1.16

Feature Updates

Added Relay Team Team Gender Place Field. We have added a default field for Relay Team Reports that shows each Relay Team’s placement within their Team Gender – M, F, or C (Co-Ed).

Made FinishLynx File Stream Type available to add to Races that have a default Chip System selected. Similar to how we handled Summit Timer Stream Type, we want to make FinishLynx available as a backup timing system for an otherwise chip timed Race.

Changed Auto-Saves so that results are sent immediately after setting one up, or resuming an Auto-Save. This one is for all of the impatient Timers out there! Prior to this update, you would need to wait 30s (or whatever timeout you have set in your Auto-Save) after you clicked the button to see the results go up to RunSignup. Now we send the results as soon as you click the button.

Added support for Trident Marker Read Mapping.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing all Races to show as “Passed” even if they are upcoming or today.

Fixed an issue causing Custom Computed Fields to not calculate correctly.

Removed the ability to switch a Timing Location between certain types if already used in the Segment Setup for an Event. This is to prevent errors importing race files and timing issues.

Fixed an issue causing DNF flags to not get set correctly if you recalculate reads after selecting a new read pair using the Ambiguous Times screen.

Fixed an issue causing the Raw Reads screen to crash if using Relay Teams that do not share a bib.

Fixed an issue causing the default race day selection screen when starting the Connector.

Fixed an issue causing reads to not properly replay into RDS after clearing Raw Reads in some circumstances.

8/5/2021 RaceDay Scoring v3.1.14 Hot Fix

Bug Fix

Corrected Major Issue with Connector.

This corrects an issue with the app freezing when starting the connector to collect reads. If you had installed 3.1.13, you must upgrade to this version in order to collect reads.

8/4/2021 RaceDay Scoring v3.1.13

Feature Updates

Added the option to Score By Last Team Finisher.

For Aggregate Team Scoring you are now able to score based on the last finisher’s time. You can use this in combination with the Score Through setting to rank Teams based on the time of the 4th athlete, for instance.

8/4/2021 RaceDay Scoring v3.1.12

Feature Updates

Added an option to select a Default Race Date when importing a Race from RunSignup that has Events over multiple days.

You will now be prompted to select a Default Race Date to use when we encounter more than one Date associated with the Events in this Race. You can change this once set under the Time Formatting tab on the Dashboard.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing customized labels for questions being reset after each sync.

Fixed an issue causing custom computed fields to not calculate properly.

Fixed an issue causing Corral assignments to not work properly when set on RunSignup Super/Sub Event Participants.

7/28/2021 RaceDay Scoring v3.1.11

Feature Updates

Added support for adding in Age Group and Overall Report Sections to Cross Country Events.

We have found that some events need to use XC scoring, but also need to produce Age Group and Overall (including non-team members) Reports. Prior to this update, you would not be able to add Age Group and Overall Report Sections if the Event selected was setup for Cross Country scoring. That restriction has been lifted, but you must manually add these reports yourself as they will not be included by default for Cross Country Events.

Added RSU Registration ID and Registration Event as fields that can be included in Reports.

Added Giveaway to the Pre Race List Report Section Preset so shirt sizes will show by default.

Made a change to Segments to automatically select the first Event available when loading the page.

Now when copying Segments from one Event to Another, the target event is opened directly after copying.

Added Event details to Segment errors so it’s easier to know what you need to fix.

Added the ability to switch Events while you have uncorrected Segment Errors.

Improved detection of invalid phone number formats in Participant Import from CSV in order to prevent sync errors if syncing with RunSignup.

Improved Sync process to automatically remove invalid question responses in the Sync Queue that get “stuck”.

Added better error message details for invalid question responses.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing Custom Computed Fields to not show as available fields to add to Reports.

Fixed an issue causing a second window of RaceDay Scoring opening when using CTRL+Click or the middle mouse button.

Corrected an issue where the State dropdown would be empty by making US the default country for Participant Data.

Corrected an issue that would cause results for non-finishers to not show in correct order in RunSignup Results.

Corrected a few issues with TXT Report formatting.

Corrected an issue with Section Place in TXT, CSV, and PDF exports.

7/23/2021 RaceDay Scoring v3.1.10

Feature Updates

Auto-Save Indicator Now Pauses/Resumes All Existing Auto-Saves.

Now you can quickly pause and resume all of your Auto-Saves in one click.

Added a Clear function to Date/Time Fields.

Sometimes it was hard to see if you fully cleared a date/time field, and if you only cleared the Time but left the Date, it would revert to the old value because it was only partially saved. We have added a “Clear” button so it’s faster to clear these fields, and you will not run into the issue of times coming back from the dead.

Added Instructions to File Streams That Do Not Include Date in Their Passing Data.

It’s always recommended that you adjust the Stream read dates to the day of the Race if your readers do not include date in their passing data. If you do not do this and process reads on any date other than the actual race day, the reads that come in will be processed on an incorrect date (we assume that the date of the computer at the time of processing is the correct one).

We now make it much more clear that you should use the “Set to Race Date” button for File Streams that do not have date in their passing data.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue with running HTML Auto-Saves for Reports that have Multiple Overall Report Sections.

Fixed an issue Pre-Race Lists not properly sorting finishers along with non-finishers.

Fixed an issue Pre-Race Lists not properly sorting names starting with a lower case letter.

Fixed an issue when changing bibs and adding reads for participants that would cause them to not be placed correctly in results, requiring you to exit the Race and re-open in order to see those changes reflected.

7/15/2021 RaceDay Scoring v3.1.9

Note: This update requires some additional permissions from Windows. Please provide RaceDay Scoring the ability to communicate over both public and private networks (both checkboxes) when presented the Windows Firewall Settings upon startup.

Feature Updates

Added Adjustments.

On the Participant record you can now add Adjustments to any Segment for that Participant. You can set the time of the adjustment (negative or positive) and how many their are if you need to apply multiple one minute penalties easily, for instance.

Adjustments automatically correct the Segment and entire race Segment times. We have also added adjustment fields in the Report Builder so you can show the adjustment amounts for each Segment, or for the Entire Race.

Performance Improvements.

We have made a change to how we process incremental read data, resulting in a significant performance increase when reads are processed in real time for races with large numbers of participants or Scored Events. This will not affect performance if all reads are processed at once, like if you were to process all start reads at once.

Added Pre-Race List Report Section.

We have added a simple Pre-Race List Report Section that you can select when building a Report. This will sort based on Last Name by default, but you can change the column order to make First Name the first column and it will sort based on that instead.

In a later Reporting update we will be adding more features like allowing you to combine Participants from multiple Scored Events into a single pre-race list, and sort on other fields if needed.

Added Finisher Count Fields.

We have added a few useful fields in the Report Builder – Num. Scored Event Finishers, Num. Scored Event Gender Finishers, and Num. Scored Event Age Group Finisher.

Improved Multi-Report Section Result Publishing

We now use the Report Section Titles for the Result Set Name when adding an Auto-Save to a Report with multiple Overall Report Sections in it. Prior to this update, we used the Report Name for all generated Result Sets, which could cause confusion for Participants.

Made Disable Sync work both ways

Prior to this update, the Disable Sync checkbox would only prevent changes from RaceDay Scoring from going to RunSignup. This setting now also prevents RunSignup from updating RaceDay Scoring.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing Failure to Rebuild Report errors in some scenarios.

Fixed an issue causing a “First Name Required” error to show when the actual problem was duplicated Participants.

Fixed an issue causing Relay Teams to incorrectly show as finishers without having any times recorded under certain scenarios.

7/1/2021 RaceDay Scoring v3.1.7

Feature Updates

Made a Change to how DNS flags are automatically controlled by Races with multiple Segments.

We used to only un-set the DNS flag when a Participant received a read at their assigned Starting Point Location. We now un-set this whenever a read is accepted at any Location. This is particularly helpful for showing results in progress for multi-segment events like Triathlons.

Made a Change to Always Show Non-Finishers by Default.

We made a change to the Default Reports and Default Report Section settings so that Reports will always show non-finishers by default. Please note that we will not show non-starters by default. This means that all participants in progress will show in Reports by default. This is particularly useful for Triathlons where you want to publish results for athletes in progress to RunSignup. It will also allow you to easily see anyone who has started the race, but has yet to finish as they will now show by default at the bottom of the default report without a time.

Added support for Membership Settings that vary by Event.

Prior to this update, we would only include Membership Settings that we set at the entire Race level at RunSignup. This means that if you needed to include Event-Specific Membership settings, they would not show as available to import to RaceDay Scoring. Now we will include separate fields for each Event that has Membership Settings enabled.

For instance – if you have a USAT Triathlon with different USAT Event IDs for each registration Event, you will now be able to import the USAT Membership Numbers for those participants. Prior to this update, we did not support this type of configuration – it would only work if you had a single USAT Event ID set up on the Race.

Deleting Raw Reads now deletes associated Scored Reads.

Prior to this update if you deleted a Raw Read it would not automatically delete the associated Scored Read for that Participant. Now we automatically remove the associated Scored Read for you so you don’t have to recalculate your Raw Reads to reflect the removal of the Raw Read in your Scored Reads.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing Sync Errors when upgrading a Local Race to RunSignup after you have already set up a Data Action that triggers Event Switches.

Fixed an issue causing some parts of the Sync process to not process new adds/changes after exporting/importing a Race.

Fixed an issue causing errors when using the RunSignup Announcer Links in the Timing Locations area if any of your Timing Locations had leading or trailing spaces in their name.

Fixed an issue causing sync errors when importing a CSV of participants including DOB when the Race at RunSignup is configured to have an age calculation date that varies from the actual Race Date.

Adding Participants manually would work fine, but importing from a CSV and only including the DOB would cause sync errors saying that the Age and DOB do not match.

6/23/2021 RaceDay Scoring v3.1.6

Feature Updates

Made a Change to Automatically Enable Participant Sync When Upgrading a Local Race to RunSignup.

We used to default the Disable Sync checkbox to On, now it is defaulted to Off so Participants will immediately begin syncing.

Updated the Quick Publish Button to only show if Quick Publish Settings have been enabled.

Prior to this update, the Quick Publish Button would show even if you did not having any Quick Publish settings, causing confusion. We now hide this button unless you have Quick Publish Settings.

Improved Data Issues Filters so that you can view logs of changes from a specified Data Action.

Now you can more easily get a list of all Participants who were switching from one Event to another because of a Data Action for instance.

Changed the automatic Marker Read system so that we will no longer overwrite any manually entered start times with incoming start times from your Stream Data.

Now we only will use Marker Reads as start times if nothing is entered in the Scored Event for the Actual Start Time.

Added FinishLynx .lif File Import Stream Type.

Start Times will be imported as Marker Reads, which will automatically be imported as Start Times if you do not set an Actual Start Time prior to bringing the lif files in.

Added Corral Description to Corral Assignment Screen.

This should make it easier to remember what filters you need to add when setting up Corral Assignments.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue with RunSignup Custom Questions if a Race had set up two questions with exactly the same name.

Fixed an issue with Participant Data Entry which could copy over previously entered data in some scenarios.

Fixed an issue causing Failed to Rebuild Report Errors under certain circumstances.

6/11/2021 RaceDay Scoring v3.1.5 Hotfix

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing Questions or Custom Fields to not show as available fields to base Corral Member Auto-Assignment Filtering on if the description included the word “Event”.

6/9/2021 RaceDay Scoring v3.1.4

Feature Updates

Added Links to RSU Registration Management Page and Team Management Page From Synced Participants/Teams.

This can be helpful for troubleshooting, or to view some information on a Participant/Team that is only at RunSignup, like the amount that they paid for their registration.

Added Setup Notes to Timing Locations.

We have added some text to the Timing Location Setup to better explain how different Timing Location Types decide on which Raw Read to use as a Scored Read at the Timing Location that you’re setting up.

Start Locations always use the last time seen for each Participant within the Time Filters you have set up.

Finish/Split Locations always use the first time seen for each Participant within the Time Filters you have set up.

We also made it more clear that changes made to the Timing Location filters do not apply to any existing Raw Read Data. If you would like your new filtering to apply to the existing Raw Reads you already have loaded, you would need to use the Recalculate function in the Raw Reads panel on the Dashboard.

Added validation to the Participant Import to prevent importing Participants if their Age and Date of Birth do not match.

This would cause an error when syncing with RunSignup, so we now prevent it from happening in the import.

Added features to Data Issues Report

The Data Issues Report allows you to view any potential data issues like missing ages, and view an audit log of any updates to data, and where that update came from. This second part can be handy for troubleshooting how an edit to your Participant data happened.

We have updated a few parts of the display to make it easier to use, including adding in proper headers to a few columns that were missing them, and making the buttons show the current tab that you have selected, so you don’t need to guess whether you’re looking at Participant or Timing data.

We have also added a new dropdown to filter the list by the Source of the change made. For instance, you may want to see only updates that were typed into RaceDay Scoring. That could be done by selecting the “ParticipantView” Source, with “Log” selected.

Updated Entire Race Pace and Split Pace Columns to Hide In Reports if the Segment is Set To Do Not Display Pace.

Previously, we would show a blank column for Paces set to Do Not Display. Now, we are hiding them for both Entire Race Segments and Segments when using the Splits Data Field in a Report.

Note: These changes will also apply to RunSignup Results, but if you change one of your Segment Paces to Do Not Display after setting up your RSU Auto-Save, you will need to recreate that Auto-Save.

Added “-” To System Generated Team Reports.

When setting up Team Reports, we will set the name of the Report to “Event Name” + “Type of Report”. This works well for most situations, but we found it confusing for Relay Events that are commonly named something like “Triathlon Relay”. This would cause Reports being set up called “Triathlon Relay Relay Report”. Now, those will display as “Triathlon Relay – Relay Report” so it’s a bit more clear that it’s not just being redundant.

Made it Harder To Miss Updates.

We now force you to click to dismiss the Update Available Popup.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue with RunSignup Custom Questions if a Race had set up two questions with exactly the same name.

Fixed an issue with Relay Team Names being duplicated in RunSignup Results.

Fixed an issue Causing Manually Adjusted Corral Assignments to be Reverted Back to Their Auto-Assignment Values.

Fixed an issue that could cause the Connector to take too long to process very large chip read files (15+ MB).

5/27/2021 RaceDay Scoring v3.1.3

Feature Updates

Improved Handling of Improperly Formatted City Data. We saw that we were getting sync errors from RunSignup when Participants had numbers in their City name field. Instead of getting sync errors about these issues, we now simply prevent that from happening both in the Participant Import, and if you type into the City Name field. Now we are rejecting any numbers in a City field.

Added a link to view previous release notes online.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue with RunSignup Results when Pace for an Entire Race Segment is set to Do Not Display

Fixed an issue when publishing a Local Race to RunSignup that included Teams

Fixed an issue where changes to score by Clock or Chip would not be reflected in RunSignup Division Results.

Fixed an issue causing Auto-Saves or Quick Publishes to disappear when scoring a race setup with Teams that originated from an Export file.

5/21/2021 RaceDay Scoring v3.1.2 Hotfix

Removed unneeded error message “There was an error with your request”.

5/19/2021 RaceDay Scoring v3.1.1

We are excited to announce RaceDay Scoring v3! This update involves a major rework of the way scoring is done in order to better support some of the more advanced Team Scoring scenarios out there. Specifically, we now support the ability to score and publish team results online for Cross Country (XC) races!

Incompatibility notice: Because this was a major change to the database structure, any existing Team reports for races on the machine that you are upgrading will no longer work properly. Non-Team reports will not be affected. The Races will load just fine, just the Team Reports will no longer be accurate. You will need to manually rebuild any old Team reports for Races that had Team reports after this update if you had built the Race on prior versions.

Feature Updates

Rebranded from Groups to Teams You will notice that across the app we have change the terminology from Group to Team as we found that Teams made more sense from a timing perspective.

Implemented new RunSignup Team Results RunSignup has built a new Team Results platform allowing better navigation between teams and members of teams. This was built with supporting Cross Country results in mind specifically, but we have also implemented it for standard Aggregate Team Results, like Corporate Team races. In order to publish XC or Aggregate Team Results to RunSignup, you must add a new Team Finisher List Report (described below), and set up an auto-save on it to publish to RunSignup.

Updated Aggregate Team Report Types

Team Detail – Displays a ranked list of Teams, with a detailed list of Members within each Team Section.

Team Summary – Displays a ranked list of Teams without Team Member Details (other than scores).

Team Finisher List – Displays a ranked list of Finishers who are Members of Teams (Excludes Participants not assigned to a Team). This Report must be published to RunSignup for the new RunSignup Team Results to display.

TFRRS – This is a special section used to publish Cross Country results online to TFRRS.

Updated Relay Team Report Type Team Summary – Displays a ranked list of Relay Teams without Team Member Details.

Added better generation and cleanup of Default Team Reports when saving/changing Team Scoring Rules and Scored Event Settings. We now automatically remove any reports that would no longer be accurate, and generate new reports based on the new settings provided and let you know which reports will be rebuilt, and which ones you will need to manually rebuild.

Added the ability for multiple Events to use a single Team Type This is very helpful if you have multiple Events throughout the day (as is common in Cross Country) with Teams having members in each Event. Prior to this update, you would have had to have a Team Type created for each Event you have. Now, you would only need to add a single Team, even if that Team has Members in different Events. So instead of needing to create a Girls version and a Boys version of the same High School, you can only create one. This is really only helpful for Aggregate Team Scoring, as Relay Team Scoring will not work with members across different Events.

Added ability to combine results from multiple Team Types into a single Report Sometimes you may need to combine results together from multiple Team Types. For instance, if the registration is set up to break out All-Male and All-Female Relay Teams into two Team Types, but in scoring you want to combine them together, you are now able to do so.

Added full support for Cross Country Scoring Displacement Rules In the Scored Events setup you can click the Team Scoring button to open up the Default Team Scoring Options panel, which will allow you to set up the default Team Scoring Options for all Team Types that get associated to this Scored Event. You can also edit this on the individual Team Type if you want different scoring rules for each Team Type within an Event (like if collegiate and open XC runners ran together, but the open runners used different displacement rules).

The displacement rules allow you to say that you want to score through X number of runners, but allow Y runners to displace the Team Scores for the positions between X and Y. For instance – Score Through 5 and Displace Through 7 means that each Team’s Score will be based on the runners 1-5 only, but runners 6 and 7 will count against the runners from other teams when calculating their scores.

Added the ability to automatically build separate Aggregate Team Scoring Reports by Gender This is helpful if you happen to have a single Scored Event where you are running a mixture of genders, but intend for the results to always be separated by gender.

Added Support for sending Cross Country Results to TFRRS This is available as a special Report Section if the Event is set up for Cross Country Scoring. Build a custom report and add in the TFRRS Report Section to get started.

Added NCAA Tie Breaker Rules Also known as Head to Head Tiebreaker. This rule is designed to compare finishers between teams that tie in the sequence in which they finish on the team. For example, if two or more teams tie, the finish position of finisher 1, 2, 3, etc. on each team are compared. The team with the most wins is the winner of the tie.

Added Allow Under Minimum to Displace Setting for Cross Country Scoring Setting Standard cross country scoring calls for finishers on teams with fewer than the minimum (usually 5) should not be included in the displacement when determining finish position. When this setting is used, this component of cross country scoring will be ignored and finishers on teams with fewer than the minimum will be included in the displacement.

Added Minimum Number of Ghosted Runners Field Use this if you want to fill up teams with less finishers than the minimum needed to score with runners having the same time as the last finisher for the division / gender. You must specify a minimum number of finishers a team needs before the team is completed with ghost runners.

Added Year field for Events set up for Cross Country Useful for displaying the grade or the college year – can be numbers or letters. This is a requirement in order to send results to TFRRS, but will also be included in our default XC results reports.

Added Ability to Set Up Team Types in the Participant Import Process If you’re starting from a simple spreadsheet without any Team Types being pulled from RunSignup, or set up manually before your import, we now give you the ability to set them up on the fly as you are importing your spreadsheet of entries.

Added Ability to View Team Types for All Scored Events When on the Team Classifications page you can now view all Team Types at once instead of having to select which Scored Event to filter by.

Added Quick Links Between Team List and Team Type List Found in the toolbar, you can now easily flip between the Teams List and the Team Types List.

Added Accept Reads Until/After Details to Timing Location Panels on Dashboard You will now see details about when each of your Locations are set to be collecting reads. It will now also warn you if you have not set up any filters for your Timing Locations.

Added ability to automatically update Participant Info based on Raw Reads The Data Actions area has been improved to allow automatically switching Participant Info based on Raw Reads. For instance, now you can provide a Stream and time of day range to the Data Action in order to automatically switch the Event of all participants who get a read at that Stream during that time. This is useful for Cross Country where you generally will distribute participants into their Events based on their finish time of day, but it can be useful in other situations as well, like check mats automatically switching the Events for participants who cross over a given Stream that they know should only be crossed by participants in the target Event.

Bugs Fixed

Many “Under the hood” fixes and performance improvements

May 5th, 2021 RaceDay Scoring v2.2.12

Feature Updates

Improved Participant Add/Edit Form Usability. We have made the Participant Status area static so it will no longer move around the screen based on how much extra data the Participant has. We have also added a limit to how many Group Members show by default to 5, with the ability to scroll through the pages and view/search through them all in a full screen view if needed.

Improved Auto-Save Indicator Light. Prior to this update, the Auto-Save indicator would show as green if there were no Auto-Saves present in the Race. We have updated the logic so that it will show red if there are no Auto-Saves, and will only show green if there are any Auto-Saves that are currently running. Note that the presence or absence of Quick Publishes does not have an affect on the Auto-Save Status Indicator.

Added help text to the Scored Event Finish Location area. A common setup mistake is when you configure a Timing Location to collect more than one occurrence (for instance, a three lap race where it finishes on the third lap), but you never go into the Segment Setup to say that the Entire Race Segment finishes on occurrence 3. We now remind you when setting up Scored Events that we use the first occurrence on the Finish by default, and if you need to use a different occurrence for the Finish, be sure to set that up in the Segment Setup.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing the user to not be able to view pending sync information for Groups/Group Types.

Fixed an issue causing imports to fail if Scored Events were deleted after other parts of the Race were already set up, like reports. We now do a better job of cleaning up associated data when a Scored Event is deleted.

Fixed an issue causing participants marked as “DNQ” to show in results reports.

Fixed an issue causing an invalid pace error when publishing results to RunSignup.

Fixed an issue causing an error when saving Timing Locations when Streams exist without Port/Address information.

April 29th, 2021 RaceDay Scoring v2.2.10

Feature Updates

Added more clarity to the Auto-Save removal dialog. We now make it more clear that when you are deciding to remove an Auto-Save, you have the option to also remove or leave up the associated RunSignup Results set.

When recording Raw Reads for File Streams we now show the Stream Name instead of the RDS Device Name

Made it easier to update a single Stream’s IP Address and Port

Added option to generate one-to-one Bib/Chip Mappings.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing individual Segment Place columns to not show correctly

Fixed an issue causing RunSignup Results Errors to not show full details

Fixed an issue when importing Races that have Streams that match the name and device type of existing Streams on the computer you are importing to We used to assume that as long as the device type and name of the Stream were the same, everything else about the Stream would be as well, so we would use the existing Stream instead of adding the new one of the same name. The issue was if some settings like port or IP address changed on the incoming Stream, those changes would be thrown out if the existing Stream’s Port/IP Address settings were different.

April 7th, 2021 RaceDay Scoring v2.2.8

Feature Updates

Made Stream Port Change Process More Clear For some Direct Streams you may need to change the Port number that is being used. We allow you to do this by changing the Default Stream Settings to use a different Port number. Prior to this update it was not clear to the user that those settings only apply to Streams that were created or updated after the new default was set.

In this update you will receive a message when updating your Default Stream Settings to make any needed changes to existing Streams in order to apply the newly set defaults. You can do this by clicking the Edit button on a Stream then scrolling down to the Port section and selecting Use Default to update this existing Stream with the new Default Port you set up earlier.

In addition we now show the IP Address and Port number currently being used for all Streams in the Streams list. This will make it more clear that the Stream Ports for existing Streams will not change unless you go in and update them after you set new defaults.

This will also make it easier to identify IPICO and Trident Direct Streams by the IP Address and Port being used at a glance instead of having to go into the settings to verify.

Moved options to send Splits to RunSignup out from the Advanced Settings area of the Auto-Save Setup. These are off by default, but we commonly skimmed over by Timers assuming they were on by default who did not check the Advanced Settings area. We think showing the options always will make it more clear to Timers so they can decide for themselves whether or not to include splits in online results as they set up their Auto-Saves.

Added Date of Birth as a Participant Data Field that you can include in Reports. This is useful for producing specialty reports like Boston Qualifiers and USA Triathlon Result Submissions.

Be careful to never include personally identifiable Participant information like Date of Birth to Reports that are being published publicly.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an Issue Causing Auto-Saves to disappear after making changes to a Report while an Auto-Save was running. This would cause Auto-Saves from other Reports to disappear and would cause a lot of confusion.

March 31st, 2021 RaceDay Scoring v2.2.7

Feature Updates

Added Tooltip Help Text to Corral Start Times Added some help text when setting up Corral Start Times explaining the interaction between different types of Start Times (Chip, Corral, Event).

For Events scoring by Clock Time, anyone assigned to a Corral with a Corral Start Time will always have their Corral Start Time used instead of their Event Start Time to calculate their Clock Time.

For Events scoring by Chip Time it becomes more complicated. Chip Start Times are only ever used to calculate Chip Times if they occur after the Participant’s assigned Event/Corral Start Time. If their Chip Start comes in before their Event/Corral Start Time, it is marked as “Pre-Gun” and is ignored for scoring purposes.

There is a setting on the Scored Event setup to “Use Pre-Gun Start Times to calculate Chip Times” if you want to always consider Chip Start Times even if they come before the assigned Event/Corral Start Time.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an Issue Causing an Error Message When Collecting Reads After Upgrading From an Old Version of RaceDay Scoring. We found that some users upgrading from a very old (2019) version of RaceDay Scoring could encounter a SQLITE_ERROR message when collecting reads. This has been corrected so this will no longer happen in the future, and we have added some additional code to prevent this type of upgrade error from happening in the future.

Fixed an Issue Causing Deleted Participants from RunSignup to Show in RaceDay Scoring. We found an instance that could cause deleted participants to show in RaceDay Scoring when they should not. We have updated our sync process to better handle deletion of participant data at RunSignup, especially when the scoring computer is offline for some time then reconnects.

Fixed an issue causing Time Zones to not save or correctly be reflected for countries other than the U.S.

March 24th, 2021 RaceDay Scoring v2.2.6

Feature Updates

Added option to Use Pre-Gun Start Times to calculate Chip Times When setting up Scored Events and selecting to score by Chip Time, you now have the option to use Pre-Gun Chip Start Times in the Chip Time calculation. Without this setting, Chip Start Times are only used if they occur after the assigned Event/Corral Start Time for that Participant. With this setting enabled, it effectively does not consider the Event/Corral Start Time for calculating the Chip Time field.

Bugs Fixed

Correctly ignore Occurrences when over the occurrence count for the Event the read is for Prior to this update if you had a common location that used 2 reads for the 5k but 3 reads for the 10k in your Segment setup, it was possible to see that three Raw Reads were marked as “Used” by the system even though they actually are not. Now we have added an “Occurrence not used in segments” Ignored Reason to properly ignore and show reads in this state.

Fixed an issue causing paused Auto-Saves to resume when saving Scored Events or Age Groups. We noticed that saving certain parts of the setup caused Auto-Saves to resume when the reports are rebuilt. We now retain the state of the auto-save when rebuilding reports after saving things like Scored Events and Age Groups.

Correctly handle deleted results from RunSignup Results. We saw an issue where if you remove the reads for a participant they would not be removed from the associated RunSignup Results Set. Now these are getting cleaned up when we remove results from RaceDay Scoring.

When copying Segments, we now retain the target Event’s “Entire Race” information instead of replacing it with the source Event’s information. For instance – if you are copying a segment setup from the full marathon to the half marathon, we used to copy over the 13.1 distance to the full. Now it will keep 26.2 for the entire race distance.

Corrected an issue with publishing Races to RunSignup using Miles or Yards as a distance unit This would give an unknown error when trying to publish the Race to RunSignup.

No longer automatically associate existing “Start” and “Finish” Streams to “Start” and Finish” Locations This was causing problems for Timers who had edited the default “Start” and “Finish Streams that we provide when creating your first race so we have removed the defaulting of these Streams.

March 11th, 2021 RaceDay Scoring v2.2.5

Feature Updates

UI Update to Participant Data Import Cleaned up the interface for importing Participant Data and added more explanation about how to map the Registration ID or Participant ID to update existing Participants instead of adding new ones.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed issue with Dropped Participants showing in Reports Dropped Participants were incorrectly being displayed in Reports even if the option to show non finishers was not enabled. That is fixed, and now when you select to show non finishers we will show those Participants that were Dropped as well as DNF.

Fixed crash when resolving unknown reads in a very specific way. This would only happen if you went to Streams > View Raw Reads then resolved an unknown read from there. It would not happen if you went directly to View Raw Reads from the Dashboard or elsewhere.

Fixed an issue with Yes/No Custom Question Participant Data Filtering. If you had a Yes/No Custom Question and wanted to use that to drive a Participant Data Filter on a Top Finisher Category, you could not select the options (Yes/No). This has been fixed along with a few other issues we discovered with Participant Data Filtering in Custom Top Finishers.

February 9th, 2021 RaceDay Scoring v2.2.4

Feature Updates

Added Progress Reports for Relay Teams We now show Race Progress for Group Types that are set up for Relay scoring. Participants within Groups that are of this scoring type will have their race status flags (DNS/DNF) set by the progress of the Group they are a part of. There is now a separate panel indicating the number of Groups in a Group Type, and breakdowns based on how many are currently in progress or have finished, like we have already done for individuals.

UI Update to RaceDay Hub Result Kiosk Report Selection Screen Cleaned up the interface for selecting a Report to show as a Results Kiosk, and added more help text. Made it more clear how to select the Recent Reads at Timing Location Report in order to be used as an Announcer screen.

Added Additional Support for RunSignup Memberships We now show a checkbox indicating whether a Participant has selected that they are a Member of a RunSignup Custom Membership.

Changed Pace to Always be determined by RaceDay Scoring. Prior to this update, RunSignup would calculate the pace based on the Event Distance set up in Registration. Some Timers do not have the ability to update this value due to restricted access, so we now disable this calculation and send our own pace values. This will ensure that even if the RunSignup Event Distances do not match the RaceDay Scoring Scored Event Distances, the paces will be displayed as reported in RaceDay Scoring.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed issue with sending help tickets We found an issue that could happen if you have a problem on site with an extraordinary amount of errors,causing the help submission form to time out. We now will not try to send all of the log files in this instance.

February 3rd, 2021 – RaceDay Scoring v2.2.3

Minor change to Connector notifications when the folder is empty or files within that folder are empty.

Fixed an issue causing manually recorded raw reads to not be accepted.

Fixed an issue with Groups being incorrectly assigned when importing a Race file

Fixed an issue that could happen if you have a custom question that is named something that is already used in an internal field, like “team”.

Fixed an issue causing RSU Division Placements to not show up in results under certain circumstances.

Fixed an issue causing a RunSignup Results publishing error under certain circumstances.

January 13th, 2021 – RaceDay Scoring v2.2.2

Feature Updates

For file Streams we now automatically sense and score all reads in existing files within the folders that your Streams are associated with as soon as you start the Connector

No more need to move files out and back into a folder to trigger an update!

Added the ability to assign a Participant to an existing or new Group from the Participant Edit form.

January 8th, 2021 – RaceDay Scoring v2.2.1 Hotfix

Resolved an issue with Race Result streaming. A recent change to Race Result 12 changed the default stream output to not work properly with RaceDay Scoring. If you are using Race Result, be sure to use the “Raw Data Output” option when setting up your export.

Resolved an issue causing updates made to participants from a CSV s

December 17th, 2020 – RaceDay Scoring v2.1.36

Feature Updates

Significant performance improvements for Races with Groups/Teams.

We have made an approximate 10x improvement in performance when the system is tabulating reports for Races that have Groups/teams.

Updated installer to show progress bar

We also will now display all updates since the last time you have updated this computer at once, instead of just showing the updates in the very latest version.

Improved RunSignup Group Type Integration

Previously the group type was a one way sync down from RSU, and we would never send changes, or new group types, up to RSU. With this update we will now start syncing group types both ways. New group types, and group type updates, will be sent up to RSU.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue when using RunSignup Super/Sub Events with multiple event Races scored within a single Race.

Fixed an issue causing a crash when adding top finisher categories without an Event selected.

Fixed an issue causing Aggregate Team Scoring to not correctly reference the max depth to score through.

December 4th, 2020 – RaceDay Scoring Hotfix v2.1.35

Fixed an issue causing Age Group Reports to run slower than they should for events with lots of Age Groups

December 3rd, 2020 – RaceDay Scoring v2.1.34

Feature Updates

Added shortcuts in the Raw Reads View that let you quickly view all Raw Reads for a Bib Number by clicking it.

Added suggestion to set the Event Start Time to Midnight if you are in an Open-Ended scenario where you do not plan to have a specific start time for an Event.

Expanded note panel for the Adding Scored Reads page by default so that it’s limitations and features are more apparent.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing RSU Results to mix up results between participants if some data was included in the Report but missing on the participant.

Fixed an issue causing a Participant’s start time to not fall back to use the Event Start Time if they were a part of a Corral that did not have a Start Time set.

Fixed an issue causing errors when importing some Races under certain circumstances.

Fixed an issue causing participants with pre-gun reads to be marked as finishers, and then including those in Reports because of that.

Fixed an issue causing Registration ID is Invalid Errors in the Participant Sync.

Fixed an issue causing an Event Distance Sync Error to repeatedly occur under certain scenarios.

Fixed an issue causing you to not be able to select a new set of reads for a Participant under the “Ambiguous Times” list when timing an Open-Ended Race under certain scenarios.

November 18th, 2020 – RaceDay Scoring v2.1.33

Feature Updates

Added a shortcut from bib numbers to the raw reads for that bib number.

This has been applied in various areas in the app. You can now click a bib number to see all of the raw reads for that bib number. This should help with troubleshooting issues or just as a quick reference.

Added a new error message if the Connector senses a device that is not mapped to a Stream.

You will now receive an error if you have a device sensed by the Connector that is not currently mapped to a Stream in RaceDay Scoring. This will help you identify issues with your setup, like having a typo in your Stream Setup.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing Race exports to error out when importing them .

Fixed an issue causing you to be unable to remove an auto-save if the Result Set on RunSignup was deleted .

We now automatically remove any auto-saves from RaceDay Scoring if their RunSignup result set counterpart was removed. This will happen when saving the auto-save settings.

Fixed an issue causing a failure to import Races with some membership settings on RunSignup .

Fixed an issue causing Reports to not run if some combinations of Report Section Filtering were applied. .

Added more error messaging to Event Distance Sync Errors .

Fixed an issue with IPICO and Trident Streams when additional data is included in the read files.

Fixed an issue causing Age Groups using the either gender options to not be displayed in reports.

November 5th, 2020 – RaceDay Scoring v2.1.32

Feature Updates

Added more description to the “Default Scored Event” checkbox.. If this is checked, All participants from registration events not included in other scored events will be included in this scored event. Think of it as a “Catch all” option if you want to funnel all participants not already assigned to other Scored Events.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue that was requiring Group Bib Numbers when importing Participants.

Fixed an issue causing Groups to not be included with non RunSignup races when importing them from an export file.

Fixed an issue causing Group Members to be cleared from their Group when a local Race is set up then published to RunSignup for results.

October 26th, 2020 – RaceDay Scoring v2.1.31

Feature Updates

Added option to delete all Groups/Teams from a Race.

Added group bib number to the participants import screen.

Updated Default Reports for Events that have Relay Team Group Options enabled

We now generate separate Reports for each Group Type within that Event. So if you have 2-person Male and 2-person Female Group Types, you will now see that you have two separate Default Reports generated instead of one Report with separate Report Sections for each Group Type.

October 21st, 2020 – RaceDay Scoring v2.1.30

Feature Updates

Added a DROP field.

This will allow you to indicate that a Participant elected to drop out of the Race while on course. This will allow you to better distinguish Participants who have yet to finish, but you expect to eventually, and those that you never expect to finish.

Improved the setting of DNS/DNF fields.

We started to automatically set and unset DNS and DNF fields in the last few updates using Data Actions, and have improved it in the latest update to be more stable by hardcoding it instead of relying on Data Actions. You should no longer see issues about Participant’s DNS/DNF flags not being set correctly.

Added a Tooltip when hovering over a Participant Name to indicate their Race Status

We now show whether this participant is a Non-Starter, In-Progress, or a Finisher just by hovering over their name. This should make things much easier when trying to determine the status of a Participant quickly.

Implemented Race Progress Lists

We now automatically generate Race Progress Reports for all Scored Events in your Race when you set them up. Those new Reports are Non-Starters, In Progress, Finishers, and Dropped.

On the Dashboard we provide a new panel of information showing the number of Non-Starters and the number who have Dropped Out and display a percentage of registrants who we expect to start (those with bib numbers assigned).

We also show progress bars showing a visualization of the number of participants In Progress and the number of participants who have Finished. Now as a Race Progresses, you’ll see the In Progress bar go up as start reads come in, then go down as finishers come in. Similarly, you will see the Finisher’s bar fill up as Finish reads come in.

We show this information for the entire race in one panel, but also show breakdowns for each Scored Event you have set up. Within the Scored Event panels we provide links to the Race Progress Reports, so if you need to view a list of those who have dropped out of one of your Events, you’d have quick access to it from the Dashboard. Or if you needed a quick report of those who are still In Progress for another Event, you be able to get to that easily as well.

Improvements to Dashboard Layout and UI for Raw and Scored Read Information.

Increased contrast of raw and scored read fonts, and made it easier to view more data at once by reducing the vertical size of the elements on the right hand sidebar. Grouped together the Scored Read count panels and labelled them Reads by Location to make it more clear what they are.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed a bug causing errors when publishing results that include custom question responses in a numeric format.

October 13th, 2020 – RaceDay Scoring v2.1.29

Feature Updates

Improvements to Age Group Setup. 1). Added option to include automatic upper and lower ranges (like 1-19 and 80+) when inserting a range of age groups. 2). We now prevent setups like overlapping age bands, have a gap in ages between them, or have a max age that’s less than the min age. 3). Made it more clear when inserting an age band where it is located in the list by highlighting the entire row. 4). Made the top toolbar sticky so that it stays at the top of the screen when scrolling down the page for easy access to save and other functions.

No longer require a response for RunSignup Questions that require a response during registration.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed Bug With Importing Groups from a Participant CSV.

Fixed Critical Bug With RaceDay Hub.

October 9th, 2020 – RaceDay Scoring v2.1.28

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing Report Filtering to not correctly show which option you have selected. It would look as though the field label that you are filtering by would not be applied. It actually was applied under the hood, but we did not correctly display it.

Added more error messages for results publishing issues. We now give better error messaging if your results posting is failing.

October 2nd, 2020 – RaceDay Scoring v2.1.27

Feature Updates

Added option to import a Bib/Chip Cross Reference File that does not have a header.

Minor UI updates to panels within panels.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing custom question and custom field data entry to not work properly for Time fields.

Fixed an issue causing Time custom fields to show in reports in milliseconds.

Fixed an issue causing PDF auto-saves to no longer work properly.

September 25th, 2020 – RaceDay Scoring v2.1.26

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue for local only races causing ages to not calculate if you only provide Date of Birth..

Fixed an issue requiring question responses like emergency contact info when importing from a spreadsheet into a RunSignup registration Race. We no longer require responses when importing via a spreadsheet.

Fixed an issue causing auto-saves to not work if you have more than one running on a report.

Fixed an issue causing those assigned to a Corral without a start time to be marked as DNF even though they had a finish time.

September 16th, 2020 – RaceDay Scoring v2.1.25

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue with importing race files with segments that start at a non-start location, like a split point.

Fixed an issue causing Top Finishers being scored by Gun Time to not be placed by Gun Time.

Fixed an issue causing the Scored Reads recording page to not save.

Added more information to tooltip explaining Pre-Gun Reads. These are never used for scoring, as we will always use the event start time or Corral start time instead for any participants whose best seen start was before the actual start.

September 10th, 2020 – RaceDay Scoring v2.1.24

Feature Updates

No longer show non finishers in the top five by gender dashboard leaderboards. The top five leaderboards are based on the Overall report for each Scored Event you have for your Race. If you happen to include non-finishers in that Report, and there are less than 5 finishers for the gender you’re looking at, you’ll notice non-finishers showing in that leaderboard. We’ve remove that so it now will never show non-finishers.

Improved Add Scored Reads Page. We have made it more clear how to add Scored Reads (Timing Locations > Scored Reads > Add Times) and standardized the interface of the page. It is now more clear how you can enter times based on a Clock Time instead of entering in Time of Day.

Corral Name can now be added as a column in Reports.

Gun/Corral Start Time of Day Fields can now be added to Reports. You can now include a Participant’s assigned Corral or Event Start Time is in Reports.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue with automatically un-setting DNF flags. We have fixed an issue that would cause a DNF flag to not get un-set if a participant missed their start read but recorded a finish time.

Fixed an issue with reads not being imported for Streams that were not being used in a Finish Location in any Events.

Fixed an issue causing finisher sorting to be all over the place for participants who had some segments completed for scored events being timed in clock time, but had yet to finish the race. Previously the segment sorting was dependent on the scored event being chip/clock based timing, but now we are only sorting regular segments by their chip time, while still sorting the entire race time based on the scored event’s chip/clock time preference.

September 4th, 2020 – RaceDay Scoring v2.1.23

Feature Updates

Changed default sort for non-finishers to be by the most number of completed segments then by lowest cumulative time at last segment. Prior to this non finishers were just shown in random order beneath finishers. This will be helpful for Triathlons and other multi-segment events where you’d like to show the race in progress.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed a bug that would cause participants to not automatically get their DNF/DNS flags set from reads if the Race came from a Race Director export file..

Fixed a bug that caused reads that were assigned to a Participant that was not assigned to an Event that was used for the Location that the read took place on. We now correctly show these in the Raw Read data with the ignored reason “No event found for bib.”

Fixed a bug that caused the Participant Data Filters to not work in Reports.

August 21st, 2020 – RaceDay Scoring v2.1.22

Feature Updates

Added Support for RunSignup Membership Information If you are scoring a RunSignup Race with Memberships setup (USAC, USAT, Custom, etc…) this information will be available to you as a Participant Data Field. You can include this information in Reports by adding this as a column.

Added a Pause/Resume All Auto-Saves feature to the Dashboard You can now control the status of all Auto-Saves in a Race by using the Pause/Resume All Auto-Saves buttons on the Dashboard in the Report Auto-Save Panel. The Panel also now shows a count of Auto-Saves that are enabled for your Race.

Reverted Change to RaceDay Hub Auto-Saves that restricted them to only use intervals of 30s + Now this restriction only applies to RunSignup Results auto-saves.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed issue when importing Race File with Teams at RSU that are not needed for scoring. Shows as error message “Group Type #1: Scored Event ID is required.” when importing.

Fixed issue when using Participant Data Filters with Radio Button Questions. There was an issue with the “Value” dropdown not showing for Radio Button Question Types.

Fixed issue with Participants not showing in Reports when they miss a start read. This was due to their DNS flag not being un-set when a finish time is recorded. Now when a participant finishes, they also will have their DNS flag un-set.

Performance Improvements when saving Scored Events with Races that have many Scored Events

August 13th, 2020 – RaceDay Scoring v2.1.21

Feature Updates

Added support for Participant Custom Fields. You can now set up Custom Fields and import data into them for Participants, which work just like RunSignup Questions and Responses. This is useful if you have a non-RunSignup Race setup that you are importing participant data into from another registration source, and want to include additional data for scoring purposes.

DNS and DNF fields for participants are now set automatically as the Race progresses. When a new Race is created from now on, all Participants will be marked as Did Not Start (DNS) and Did Not Finish (DNF). When a Start Read is recorded for a Participant, their DNS status will be lifted. When a Participant gets an overall Clock Time recorded, their DNF status will be lifted.

Added more Notifications when errors are encountered by the system. In the Notifications area you will now see more errors reported for things such as Stream configuration or file type being incorrect.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue with placement not being correct when showing non-finishers in Reports.

Fixed an issue with deleting Reports.

Fixed an issue with the Report Type Selector in the Report List.

RaceDay Scoring v2.1.20

Feature Updates

Made Scored Reads search and filter bar sticky so it stays at the top of the page when scrolling.

Improved the speed of saving Scored Events and Segments for Races with many Scored Events.

Made a change to the Raw Reads report so that the Device Name shows as a tooltip instead of in the checkbox label before the Stream Name.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing the Age Group order in RSU to not match RDS.

Fixed a bug causing the application to freeze when saving segments

Fixed a bug causing a Javascript error message to pop up when switching races.

Fixed an issue causing filtered links to the Raw Reads report to not work correctly.

Fixed a bug causing unknown reads to disappear when recalculating times.

Fixed an issue that could cause a system to think that it is behind an update when it is not.

Fixed the tooltip placement when adding Timing Locations.

July 30th, 2020 – RaceDay Scoring v2.1.20

Feature Updates

Made Scored Reads search and filter bar sticky so it stays at the top of the page when scrolling.

Improved the speed of saving Scored Events and Segments for Races with many Scored Events.

Made a change to the Raw Reads report so that the Device Name shows as a tooltip instead of in the checkbox label before the Stream Name.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing the Age Group order in RSU to not match RDS.

Fixed a bug causing the application to freeze when saving segments

Fixed a bug causing a Javascript error message to pop up when switching races.

Fixed an issue causing filtered links to the Raw Reads report to not work correctly.

Fixed a bug causing unknown reads to disappear when recalculating times.

Fixed an issue that could cause a system to think that it is behind an update when it is not.

Fixed the tooltip placement when adding TIming Locations.

Fixed an issue with the release notes formatting – will take affect in the next update.

July 9th, 2020 – RaceDay Scoring v2.1.19

Feature Updates

Added 2020 Age Grading Tables
We have updated our Age Grade tables to reflect the new 2020 standards. You can learn how to add Age Grade to reports here.

Auto-Saves are now included when importing/exporting Races.
Prior to this update, auto-saves would not be included when exporting Race files. Now when you export and import a Race any auto-saves set up will be included. When you import a Race file, any auto-saves that were included will be paused by default.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed a couple of bugs affecting RunSignup Auto-Saves that use the Custom Results Set option for publishing results

  • Empty fields (like city/state or age) used to cause an error when uploading results
  • Changing from using Custom Results to Standard RSU Results caused an error (we now prevent the user from changing Result Set types)

Fixed bug affecting RunSignup Announcer Links.
Under certain circumstances, the RSU announcer links would point to the wrong page. This has been fixed so they will always be in sync.

Fixed bug when mapping a column in RaceDay Scoring to two different fields in RunSignup Results.
Prior to this, only one field would populate. Now they both will.

Fixed bug causing an error when importing Races that include Reports that include Segment Place Columns in a Report Section.

June 19th, 2020 – RaceDay Scoring v2.1.18

Feature Updates

Added new “Ambiguous Reads” selection screen. This will show a list of all participants who have more than one potentially valid read for a common start/finish Timing Location that has overlapping read collection times for Start and Finish. This screen will allow you to select which read you would like to use, instead of requiring you to delete the reads that you don’t want to use like we had done prior to this change.

Added ability to copy Segments from one Scored Event to Another. You can now copy the Segment Setup from one Scored Event to one or many other Scored Events.

Added option to automatically format names in mixed case. This will allow you to type in entries faster on race day, not having to worry about capitalizing things correctly.

We’ve made it easier to add RunSignup Auto-Saves by defaulting in most fields for you.

Added message when the Scored Event Distance does not match the RunSignup Event Distance with a link to change the RunSignup Distance. This will prevent any pace inaccuracies on RunSignup by alerting you to any distance discrepancies.

We now show DQ participants in Reports if you select the option to Show Non-Finishers.

Updated Age Group formatting to look cleaner in Reports. Added a dash in between the min/max ages.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue with importing Bib/Chip Cross References when you have Teams.

Fixed an issue causing Auto-Save settings to not stick after leaving the page.

June 6th, 2020 – RaceDay Scoring v2.1.17

Feature Updates

Added Team Name mapping to Participant Import function. You can now import a list of participants with Team Name and it will automatically set up those teams. If you have existing Group Types you can include the Group Type for each participant when importing, otherwise it will set up a single Group Type for you if none exist.

Added new fields to show start and finish time of day in results When building/editing Reports, you can now add fields that show the Time of Day for reads.

Quick Entry Settings now stored across Races. Quick Entry Settings now will persist across Races so you don’t have to set them up for each Race you time.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing State to not be imported if Country is not included.

Fixed an issue causing the Bib/Chip Assignments screen to not sort correctly.

Fixed an issue causing chip assignments to not be imported if none already existed in the Race.

April 29th, 2020 – RaceDay Scoring v2.1.16

Hotfix release – fixed an issue causing the auto-updater to not work from version 2.1.14 and 2.1.15. You can download this version from the Timer Dashboard if you need to update and are coming from those versions.

April 29th, 2020 – RaceDay Scoring v2.1.15

Feature Updates

Added new read selection process if you have a common start/finish with overlapping start and finish time periods. Now when you have overlapping start and finish times on the same location we select the first set of times that meet the gap factor for each participant. This is useful for situations where you will be leaving a start/finish area open for a long period with participants starting and finishing throughout.

Added new ignored read reason type to go along with this new read selection process. We have added the “Extra Finish Occurrence” Ignored Reason so you can easily pick out any potential times that could have been selected for a participant, but they were ignored because an earlier set of times was already selected.

Added ability to delete raw reads. If you do wind up needing to address an issue where someone had a set of reads selected that should not have been (say because they mis-triggered the mats early in the day before they actually completed the course) you can now delete Raw Reads to fix the issue. Deleting Raw Reads will recalculate the Raw Reads for the affected participant and select the next best set of reads to use for scoring. You will need to close and re-open the Raw Reads view to see this after you delete.

Added option to export sync queue from RaceDay Hub Participant Kiosk. You can now export a pending sync queue from a data entry kiosk if you happen to completely lose connection to your main system and need to get the entries manually. You will be able to export these participants then import them into your other computer for scoring.

Added option to prevent duplicate bib numbers when importing participant data from a spreadsheet.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing a tooltip to show off screen in the Stream Setup.

Fixed an issue with removing sub-participants from participant kiosk.

March 31st, 2020 – RaceDay Scoring v2.1.14

Feature Updates

RunSignup Corral Assignments now come down when syncing participant information. Prior to this update just the Corrals themselves came down into RaceDay Scoring. Now you will see that both the Corrals come in, as well as including which Participants are included in that Corral.

Added support for better formatted Team Results at RunSignup.

Changed Race Selection dropdown to sort from latest to earliest race dates.

Added option to import changes to participant data from a spreadsheet by mapping the RSU Registration ID.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue that caused sorting names to look incorrect.

Added an automatic full database backup when upgrading RaceDay Scoring to make sure that customers have a way to access old race data if it happens to be lost.

Fixed an issue causing age placements to be incorrect under a certain scenario.

Fixed an issue with importing participants in Races with Super/Sub Events.

March 11th, 2020 – RaceDay Scoring v2.1.13

Feature Updates

Race Export filenames now default to the Race Name instead of the internal Race ID. You can always change the name of the resulting .zip file to whatever we like, but we now default the text to the name of the Race.

RunSignup Corral Assignments now come down when syncing participant information. Prior to this update just the Corrals themselves came down into RaceDay Scoring. Now you will see that both the Corrals come in, as well as including which Participants are included in that Corral.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue that caused tab delimited file Streams to only import the first time in the file.

Fixed an issue causing a crash when opening the application if database included participants who were a part of RunSignup Super Events.

Fixed an issue causing a Race export to not import onto another computer if single band Top Finishers were configured.

Fixed a few time formatting issues when importing a Race file that was scored in another time zone.

Fixed Age Grading for races that are non-standard distances.

March 4th, 2020 – RaceDay Scoring v2.1.10

Feature Updates

We now require a time filter to be saved when adding a Start Location. We will frequently see issues where Timers do not set the “Collect Times Until” time field, causing issues where participant’s finish times may be selected as start times. We now require that this field is set before saving the Start Location form so this can be avoided.

Added Pending Sync Queue for RaceDay Hub Participant Kiosk. We now support better handling of bad network connections between participant entry kiosks and scoring machines by storing a queue of failed adds/edits from the participant entry kiosk. Once network connection is restored, the adds/edits made while disconnected will automatically be sent to the main scoring computer.

We now ignore reads that are an exact duplicate of an existing read in the system. We noticed that some timers will replay data from their readers over and over, causing a build up of raw reads and a reduction in performance due to the amount of raw reads to process. We have made a change to automatically ignore duplicate reads, which can be disabled on the Stream level if absolutely needed.

Changed how Corral re-assignment works. Now if you adjust the rules for an existing Corral, we clear all assignments for that Corral and apply the new rules instead of applying the new rule on top of the old rule.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue that caused the display of these release notes to be poorly formatted.

Fixed an issue causing Zip codes to not find and use the associated city/state when entering in participant data in the RaceDay Hub Participant Kiosk.

Fixed an issue in local races causing segment distances to be formatted as meters when they should be miles.

Fixed an issue causing the app to crash when resolving an unknown read to a new participant.

Fixed an issue causing changes made to a Report with an existing RaceDay Hub Auto-Save to generate a new Report, requiring you to update the selected Report on the RaceDay Hub Kiosk to see the changes made. We now update the Reports with the changes made the next time the results are saved to RaceDay Hub kiosks.

Fixed an issue that caused chip codes to not be saved if added individually to a participant without a cross reference set up for that Race.

February 26th, 2020 – RaceDay Scoring v2.1.9

Feature Updates

Added standard Save/Back buttons to Participant and Group screens so you don’t have to scroll to the bottom to save changes or go back to the last screen.

When using the Set Start Times feature on the Dashboard, we now default the checkboxes to OFF if the Scored Events/Corrals have already been started before. This should make starting Races with many Scored Events or Corrals easier to start times for one by one.

Changed Participant Export to include Corral Name instead of Corral ID.

Moved Result Set ID in the RunSignup Results Auto-Save Setup higher up the form so it is harder to miss. This setting allows you to publish to an existing RunSignup Result Set. By default a new Result Set is created unless you place the ID of an existing Result set in this field.

Made a change to custom File Streams which will allow them to be used as a backup timer Stream in conjunction with a Chip based Primary Stream. Prior to this you would need to upload a bib to bib cross reference as well as a bib to chip cross reference if you were scoring primarily with a chip based system but also had times from a backup timer that were outputting bib numbers.

Updated column sorting to allow clearing of filter. Sorting column headers filters out rows with empty cells of that column. So if you sort on bib number, it will filter the list to only those who have a bib number assigned. Prior to this update the only way to clear that filter was to sort on Name or some other column header that had entries for all participants.

Updated RunSignup Result Set ID field location when auto-saving results to RunSignup. This used to be under the advanced settings, but we found that there was a lot of confusion around adding new auto-saves which then create new Result pages on RunSignup so we made it more prominent. The RunSignup Result Set ID field in the Auto-Save setup allows you to publish to an existing RunSignup Result Set if you know the ID for it, so you don’t have multiple result pages showing in the RunSignup Results dropdown.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue which would cause duplicate participants when importing participant data from a spreadsheet with improperly formatted data (like zip code/phone number) and syncing to RunSignup.

Fixed an issue causing column changes in Reports that are currently auto-saving to RunSignup to not be reflected at RunSignup.

Fixed an issue causing backup times to be selected over primary times if a change in the backup Stream configuration was made.

Fixed an issue causing errors when race was built on a prior version.

Fixed an issue causing distances in miles to be interpreted as meters when creating a Race in RaceDay Scoring and publishing it to RunSignup causing event distances like 0.031 km to be created for 3.1 Mile races..

February 20th, 2020 – RaceDay Scoring v2.1.8

Feature Updates

Updated how we handle chip assignment syncing. We no longer use updates made to individual chip assignments and instead always rely on the chip assignments loaded into RaceDay Scoring.

Added ability to export entire database from one computer and import into another.

Made update information bar more prominent so it is easier to find when starting up the application. We highly encourage updating the software as soon as possible as we are making improvements and fixing issues on a weekly basis.

Added back button to Group add/edit screen.

Upgraded RaceDay Hub Bib Lookup Kiosk for better use with touchscreen computers. Also updated the look to a card view and increased the text size for better readability.

Changed how we manage clearing bibs/chips so that can be done at the Registration Event level instead of the Scored Event level only.

Added Corral to list of fields that can be filtered on. Now you can produce Reports that only include participants from one Corral for instance.

Added option to hide skipped fields in Quick Mode.

Added support for international phone numbers in the participant entry form

Participant Export now includes Event Name instead of Event ID.

Participant Export now includes DOB in the MM/DD/YYYY format.

Added email and street address fields as available fields in Reports. This will allow you to more easily create reports to send to your race photographers.

Added ability to clean up RunSignup Result Sets when deleting Reports with RunSignup Results auto-saves running.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue where Group updates made at RunSignup would not be reflected in RaceDay Scoring.

Fixed an issue where you were unable to clear bib/chip numbers for participants who were not included in a Scored Event.

Fixed an issue causing reads to show up in a Race from another previous Race loaded on that computer.

Fixed an issue causing Segment setup errors to not show what field was causing the error in the form.

Changed how multiple Streams using the same Hardware name are handled. We saw that some users were using a File and Direct Stream with the same Hardware Name in the same Race as an easier way to flip from Direct to File Streaming. This actually caused some issues so we have removed the ability for you to assign multiple Streams using the same Hardware Name in the same Race. If you need to change from Direct to File, you can have the Stream prepared and set up in advance, just remove the Direct Stream and add the associated File Stream to switch over to File streaming.

Fixed an issue causing report sections to be duplicated.

Fixed an issue causing the default event setting to not apply when adding new participants.

Fixed an issue causing bib updates to not be reflected in the app when changes were made at RunSignup.

Fixed an issue causing default event participant entry setting to not work.

Fixed an issue causing some exports to fail when importing into another computer.

February 6th, 2020 – RaceDay Scoring v2.1.7

Feature Updates

Added a quick button in the Change All Read Dates to setting to set it to the day of the Race.

Changed the default sort order of Stream Types to be alphabetical.

Updated Windows Print code – this should be more stable now.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing a white screen when opening a local kiosk window.

Fixed an issue causing inaccurate stream indicator statuses.

Fixed an issue causing a failure to import race exports.

Fixed an issue causing Race exports to fail when auto-saves have been running.

Fixed an issue causing ticket submission to fail.

January 30th, 2020 – RaceDay Scoring v2.1.6

Feature Updates

Added option to hide skipped fields in Quick Mode. Use the Settings button in the Participant Add form to access this and other Quick Mode Settings.

Added better error handling when submitting support tickets especially with poor internet connection or if our support system’s API is down.

Added automatic file extensions to exporters so that Race exports will always be .zip, CSV will always be .csv, etc…

Added support for Aggregate Team Scoring by Age Grade.

Added sync queue viewer in the Participant Sync screen. In the case that you run into a sync error that you are unable to resolve you can now clear the error to proceed with scoring.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing issues when switching between time zones. We now always display times in the time zone that the race took place, ignoring the computer clock.

Fixed an issue causing sync errors when importing some Race Director exports.

Fixed an issue causing splits with periods in their name like 3.1 to not post to RunSignup Results.

Fixed an issue causing sync errors when switching a Participant from a Super Event to a Sub Event.

Fixed an issue causing errors when importing phone numbers that have an x in them representing extension. We now trim off any data including and after an x in a phone number.

Fixed an issue causing the connector to disconnect and re-connect frequently with a new Chronotrack Fusion update. This should no longer occur.

Added better validation around improperly formatted phone numbers and email addresses.

Fixed an issue causing Age Grade scores to not be shown if the distance was less than 3.10686 miles. Now if you set the distance to say 3.1 miles we will use the 5k age grade tables assuming that is what you meant.

Fixed an issue affecting printing Reports that had certain characters in them – this affected some Age Group and Group Reports depending on your descriptions.

January 10th, 2020 – RaceDay Scoring v2.1.4

Feature Updates

Added support for Group Results and Result Publishing for Reports with Multiple Sections to RunSignup Results. Each section corresponds to a result set at RSU.

Added option to open a separate RaceDay Hub Window on the same computer as your main RaceDay Scoring system.

Added top toolbar to RaceDay Hub allowing switching between Participant and Result mode more easily.

Applied Kiosk Lock mode to top toolbar selection so participants cannot change mode.

Added key bindings in participant edit/add screen. Currently they are:
Alt + s — save
Alt + d — delete
Alt + q — toggle quick mode
Alt + right arrow — next
Alt + left arrow — previous
Alt + c — cancel

Bib field will be focused on after saving if quick mode enabled in participant add screen

Adding setting to auto-increment bib numbers when adding participants in Quick Mode.

Updated Full Screen Recent Reads to allow more lines and fill the width of the screen for a better experience.

Added Timer Contact fields to the Result Set setup.

Improved Connector handling of multiple file drops at the same time.

Added “Catch-All” option in Corrals to quickly include all participants not already included in other Corrals.

Added a way to manually add Raw Reads in the Raw Reads View. This will let you more easily fix up situations where a read was missed for a participant and needs to be inserted between other existing reads.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue allowing participants to be saved without an Event, which would cause sync errors to RunSignup.

Fixed an issue causing splits to not be posted to RunSignup Results.

Fixed an issue causing Sync errors if a participant is not uploaded to RunSignup, but their results are.

Fixed an issue causing Raw Reads to be left out of Race Imports.

December 31st, 2019 – RaceDay Scoring v2.1.3

There was a major bug introduced briefly today December 31st 2019 between 4:30 PM EST and 6:00 PM which makes the program unable to open – this has since been resolved.

If you had updated during that time you simply need to download the installer from your Timer Dashboard and install it over your existing version. No need to uninstall ahead of downloading and installing the new version. You will not lose any existing race data.

If you did not download an update between 4:30 PM and 6:00 PM on December 31st, then you can update as normal using the updater inside the app.

Feature Updates

Sidebar now stays in place when scrolling through pages. If the window is too short you can scroll through the sidebar as well by hovering over it and using your mousewheel/trackpad.

Added support for J-Chip Timing Systems.

Added note when changing Timing Location Types and Segment Start/End Points to check your Segment Setup.
Making changes to the Timing Location Type will affect whether or not that Location can be used as a start or finish location. This will affect your Segment Setup.

We now disable the RunSignup Age Grade field on results published by RaceDay Scoring by default. If needed you can enable it in your auto-save settings.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing date of birth formats to not be accepted when importing participants.

Fixed an issue with the Disable Sync function not being applied to individual updates.

Fixed an issue with certain segment configurations causing times to not be collected for some segments.

December 18th, 2019 – RaceDay Scoring v2.1.2

Feature Updates

Auto Adjust Segment Occurrence Usage when changing between separate/common Start/Finish Setups.

Added top toolbar to more pages and added action buttons to make them more accessible at the top or bottom of the page.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue that caused sync failures when using RunSignup Super/Sub Events.

Fixed an issue when using multiple filters in one Report.

Fixed an issue when creating Races on RunSignup outside of the US.

December 12th, 2019 – RaceDay Scoring v2.1.1

We’re very happy to announce Version 2 of RaceDay Scoring!

Important Note

This version includes a one-time database migration which could take a little while to complete depending on the size of your participant database.

Alt text

The migration is complete when you see the database migration screen complete after the first time you load the software after this update.

Feature Updates

Start Times

Added Corrals to assign Start Times to any group of Participants You now have the ability to create Corrals of Participants which you can assign start times to. You have the ability to create Corral Member Assignment Rules which will automatically place Participants into Corrals based on their information like Gender, Age, Event, or Custom Question Responses.

Alt text

Added option to have an untimed start Previously you would need to have a Timing Location that was designated a Start Location to assign to your Segments as starting points. For races where chip times are not collected at the Start you would still need a “dummy” Start Location. Now you have the option to select “Not a timed start” when setting up Scored Events and Segments to avoid this restriction.

Alt text

Groups/Team Scoring

More Aggregate Team Scoring Options now available We now support the following Aggregate Team Scoring options: Score by: Age Group Place, Gender Place, Team Total Time, Team Average Time

Alt text

Added dropdown select for Group Type when using a Participant Info Filter in Report Section Filtering.


RunSignup Super Event Support We now fully support RunSignup Races that use Super/Sub Events in their registration setup. Participants will be split into multiple participants for each Scored Event that they are entered in.

Added Clear Bib/Chip Cross Reference option when Clearing Chip Codes from Participants. We now allow you do clear the Bib/Chip Cross Reference when clearing all Participant’s Chip Assignments. Before, if you had Chips assigned and a Chip Cross Reference setup then cleared Chips, they would be automatically re-applied based on the Bib/Chip Cross Reference.

Alt text


Changed Summit Stream Type to always assume that the data should never consider the Chip Cross Reference so that it is mapped directly to the bib number. This will make it so that you do not need to import multiple cross reference files if you are collecting chip reads with one stream that need a cross reference, but also are collecting times on a Summit device that does not need a cross reference.


Added message to leaderboard display on Dashboard about requiring Gender Place columns to be present in Reports in order to work.

Alt text

Raw Reads View

Added Bib Number to Raw Reads view when using chip systems that only report Chip Number in the read data, but you have a Bib/Chip Auto-Assignment Rule which contains Bib Number mappings. Previously we would only show the actual raw read data here which would not include bib number. We now derive the Bib number associated with that Chip code and show it in the Raw Reads view.

Alt text


We now automatically update the Occurrence Count for Segment Definitions when changing from a separate Start/Finish race setup to a Common Start/Finish race setup. This was a commonly overlooked setting which caused net times to be 0 because the system was using occurence 1 for the start and finish of a Location. Now when we sense that a Race is using the same Location for a start and finish for an Event, we will automatically update the endpoint occurrence to use to 2.

Alt text

Bugs Fixed


Fixed an issue allowing you to create Group Reports that do not have any Groups registered.

Fixed an issue that caused Team Name to be unavailable in non Group Report Types.

Imroved performance of chip assignments being sent to RunSignup

Top Finisher Categories

Fixed an issue with Top Finisher Categories.

Fixed a small issue with Top Finisher categories that could force a shutdown if a certain combination of steps were followed.

Fixed an issue importing Races with Top Finisher Categories.

Raw Reads

Fixed an issue causing reads to be shown as selected when they actually were not.

Fixed an issue that displayed Raw Read Data Issues after they had been resolved

Fixed an issue with processing Raw Reads when importing a Race Export.

Fixed an issue that caused Raw Reads to be cleared when importing a Race Export File.


Fixed an issue causing Custom Question Response label names updating to the default after changing them.

Fixed an issue that caused event transfers to no longer trigger a raw read recalculation for that participant.

Scored Events

Fixed an issue when switching between clock and chip time scoring

Fixed an issue causing Actual Start Time dates being displayed incorrectly

Other Bugs

Fixed a bug causing RunSignup Announcer Links to be incorrect.

Fixed a bug causing Female Age Grade scores to be incorrect.

Fixed a bug causing Timing Location dropdown to be inoperable when setting up a Data Action.

Fixed a bug crashing RaceDay Hub clients.

Added note to partially imported Race Files Sometimes a Race File can be incomplete or corrupt causing some pieces of the setup to be missing. We are starting to capture these now and showing the user how to fix the part of the setup that is incomplete in the restored version of the Race. We will be tracking down the reasons why the exports become incomplete as well and fixing the causes as we go.

November 5th, 2019 – RaceDay Scoring v1.1.31

Feature Updates

Added option to retain chip code zero padding
We now allow users the ability to not strip leading zeros in chipcodes if needed.

Show more errors to the user in import process
We now show more errors to a user that were not previously when importing records. Now the user will be able to more easily identify if there’s a row with an issue on it that they can fix.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue that caused total Race and Segment Times to no longer be displayed in the participant view

Fixed an issue where the Connector Status indicator would flash between states when starting/stopping

Fixed an issue with Band Jumping Rules not working when set to “None”

Fixed an issue with that caused participant sync errors when using custom question responses

October 31st 2019 – RaceDay Scoring v1.1.30

Feature Updates

Added shut down confirmation dialog
We have had reports of users accidentally shutting down the app – we now protect that with an “Are you sure?” message before the app closes.

Added better handling of RunSignup sync errors
We have added better checks to the RunSignup participant sync so that you will no longer get sync failures if an email address is in the wrong format and other data validation situations like that.

Changed default dates across the application to the day of the Race instead of today
We have changed the default date in areas like Timing Location Filters, Start Times, and Manual Time recording to reduce errors in date/time setup.

Improved user experience when loading Races with Groups that you are not scoring
We have improved a few areas when you are loading a Race that has Groups on RunSignup that you aren’t using for Scoring purposes.

Improved read re-calculation process stability.

Improved app stability on shutdown.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue with the counts of Scored Reads by Event on the Dashboard.

Fixed an issue with duplicate Scored Reads showing for a participant if they are transferred between Events

Fixed an issue with Band Jumping Rules not working when set to “None”

Fixed an issue with participant Sync when transferring a participant between Events

Fixed an issue with the connector not shutting down if navigating to another Race by going to the main menu then selecting another Race from there
We had fixed this previously, but only if you used the “Select a Race” dropdown while you have a Race loaded and the connector running.

Fixed an issue with print orientation not working correctly.

Fixed an issue with submitting a help ticket when no race is loaded.

Fixed an issue with question responses not updating from RunSignup if they are changed after syncing to RaceDay Scoring.

Fixed an issue when copying age groups from one event to another, or from gender to gender.

Fixed an issue with reads potentially not being deleted after a Race is deleted

Fixed an issue with Participant Info Filters not allowing you to select numeric responses from RSU Custom Questions

Fixed an issue with Age Groups and Top Finisher Categories not exporting/importing correctly.

October 18th 2019 – RaceDay Scoring v1.1.29

Performance Improvements

Addressed performance issues with large races
We have made a large effort to improve the performance of a few areas of the application when using it with larger races. You should see greatly improved application performance when:

  • Syncing all participants for the first time
  • Syncing participants from a RunSignup Race that has Groups/Teams enabled
  • Importing many reads at once
  • Recalculating reads
  • Importing Race exports from older versions of RaceDay Scoring

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue that would not automatically associated bib/chip cross-references with newly registered participants

Fixed an issue with using Quick Publish/Auto-Save to publish results to RunSignup

October 11th 2019 – RaceDay Scoring v1.1.28

Feature Updates

Added First Part of Aggregate Team Scoring Reports
We now support Aggregate Team Scoring based on Overall Place. To follow we will be implementing Aggregate Scoring by Age Group Place, Age Grade Place, and Gender Place.

Adjusted Section Place field to include DNF/DNS/DNQ flags
Section Place is a field that you can add to Reports that is a simple numbering of the Report Section you have. This is handy to use when filtering based on some data, but you want to show a placement within that filtered data.

Added a way to import data with any delimiter you provide
You can now import data using a comma, tab, semi-colon, or anything else that you provide. This covers importing participants, chip assignments, etc…

Added support for selecting date formats when importing participants
You can now let RaceDay Scoring know what the date formatting in the data you are importing is supposed to be.

Added city/state to list of available columns to add in the recent reads view.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue when updating the label of the “Place” column in reports.

Fixed an issue with deleting Reports

Fixed an issue with processing common start/finish reads

Fixed an issue with recalculating reads that would make it look like all reads are being ignored after a recalculate.

Fixed an issue with Segment Place Columns being based on Chip Time even if the Scored Event is set to be based on Clock Time

Fixed an issue with the recent reads full screen button not working when the panel is collapsed

September 19th 2019 – RaceDay Scoring v1.1.27

Feature Updates

Added RunSignup Result Links in Report List Rows
For each Report that is sending results to RunSignup, we now generate live links to useful result pages online.

Event Distance now shown on Scored Event Form

Added a customizable full screen option for Recent Reads at Timing Location View
You can also view Recent Reads from any number of Timing Locations in one view.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue with listings not being deleted when Scored Events are not deleted.

Fixed an issue with importing CSV files that have blank rows

September 5th 2019 – RaceDay Scoring v1.1.26

Feature Updates

Removed “No Streams Assigned” notice for Start Locations

Changed how the delete participant function works to protect participants with registration data from being deleted

Automatically clear Scored Reads for a participant when they are deleted.

Automatically lock Scored Reads that have been recorded manually

Automatically resolve Unknown Bib/Chip Data Issues when a participant has been associated with that unknown Bib/Chip

Automatically re-process raw reads for a single participant when that participant has been deleted.

Simplified Age Group action buttons

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue with resolving unknown reads from the Raw Reads view

Fixed an issue with dropping multiple files at once into the same folder

August 20th 2019 – RaceDay Scoring v1.1.25

Feature Updates

Added ability to click a name of a participant in various parts of the app to navigate to the participant view/edit screen for that participant.
We have added a component that will allow you to click the names of participant in various parts of the app which will bring up the participant view/edit screen for that participant. This will let you quickly edit participant information.

Added ability to publish a Race that was initially not set up as a RunSignup race.
Prior to this you could not convert an existing Race to publish to RunSignup. We have added the ability to publish existing races that originally were not set up to be created on RunSignup. This is found under Participant Sync > Edit

Auto-Fill Race URL from Race Name
Now when creating a Race and publishing it to RunSignup – the URL field is pre-filled with the Race Name by default. You can adjust this if needed, but will make things quicker if the Race Name is sufficient itself.

Automatically lock Scored Reads that have been recorded manually

Added option to delete locked reads as well when clearing times.

Added Zip Code to Participant Info Filters

Added link to view RunSignup Results after publishing

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue with looking up participants after resolving an unknown read to them.

August 14th 2019 – RaceDay Scoring v1.1.24

Feature Updates

Added Team Gender to Participant Information Filters
You can now use the Team Gender Field to filter Reports.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue that could cause backup streams to not properly create Scored Reads

Fixed an issue when using Combined Gender Top Finisher Categories

August 8th 2019 – RaceDay Scoring v1.1.23

Feature Updates

Added Scored Event as a column to the Recent Reads Component on the Dashboard
For each Timing Location you can now view the Scored Event for each participant as they pass that location.

Added option to quickly add a Stream to a Timing Location in the Stream Setup
Now when setting up Streams you will be able to assign them to a Timing Location making a simple race setup much quicker.

Added Display Filters to Report Section Filtering
This will allow you to filter participants into this Report Section without re-numbering their placements from their original Scored Event. This is useful if you just want to add a Report Section to display the top X finishers meeting some condition, but do not want their actual placements to be changed. You can use the “Section Place” field to show the placement within this Report Section – otherwise “Place” will be their placement in the original Report.

Added warning when adjusting Reports with Auto-Saves to RaceDay Hub Kiosks
New auto-saves are created when Reports are edited, requiring you to go into your Kiosk computer and select the new Auto-Save. This was not apparent before, so we’ve added a dialog warning you that you will need to go into the Kiosk and select the new Auto-Save that was generated for that Report.

Added Top 5 Leaderboards by Gender to Race Dashboard
We’ve added a quick and easy way to see how your Race standings are looking in real-time on the Dashboard. You can quickly change the Event and Gender shown.

Added More Options to Top Finisher Categories for grouping Genders
Now you have the option to show each gender separately, combined, or only one or the other in Top Finisher Categories.

Added ability to quickly publish results to RunSignup at once.
In order to send results to RunSignup you have to set up an Auto-Save. We’ve added a quicker way to make a one-time publish from the Reports List if you don’t need them to be updated and just want to publish results for a Report right now.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing Auto-Saves to spot running when internet connection is lost

Fixed an issue with converting Decimal to Hexadecimal conversion

Fixed DNQ/DNF placements in RaceDay Hub reports

Improved gender and age placement fields in RaceDay Hub

Fixed issue when using a Backup Stream causing reads to not be accepted.

July 31st – RaceDay Scoring v1.1.22

RaceDay Scoring v1.1.22

Feature Updates

Added Occurrence Counts for Timing Locations to Race Dashboard
For each Timing Location you can now view a count of occurrences.

Added print preview option when using the Rerports > Export > Print function
When printing from the Reports List using the Export > Print function you’re now given a print preview which will let you change the orientation of the print out as well as change the paper type used.

Added ability to resolve unknown reads directly from the Raw Reads view
Now you can click the text “Unknown Bib/Chip” in the Raw Reads List to set up a participant for that read, or map it to an existing one.

Reduced app size

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue where Segment Places were not generated on Group Relay reports.

Fixed an issue causing raw reads count to be inaccurate when more than one Stream is set on a Timing Location.

Fixed an issue causing auto-saves to show for incorrect races when switching between races.

Fixed an issue causing duplicate auto-saves to show when editing existing Reports

Fixed an issue with some file import systems like RFID and Summit.

Fixed an issue causing top finisher bands to not work correctly when one is pulled from age groups and another is not

July 23rd – RaceDay Scoring v1.1.21

Feature Updates

Updated running clock so that upcoming start times are shown
We now show any upcoming start timestamps that have been set on the Dashboard.

Added quick link to Raw Reads at a Location from the Scored Reads List
You can now quickly move from the Scored reads list to the Raw Reads List, filtered to all Raw Reads collected at that Location.

Re-organized the Dashboard
Less needed items are now tucked away so that the live result data is more easily accessible. We also have improved the Ignored Raw Reads counts to be more easily understood.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue where a bad Windows System Time could cause an error when creating a race at RunSignup.

Fixed an issue causing reports to not be generated

Fixed an issue causing a fatal app crash after changing time formatting rules at the global level.

July 12th – RaceDay Scoring v1.1.20

Feature Updates

Added initial support for Printing Directly to Printer
We now support printing a Report directly to a printer as an item in the Export dropdown for each report, as well as via a button on the Report View. Formatting customization will eventually come to this in the future.

Added support for Custom Top Finishers
You can now apply filters to Top Finisher Categories – This will allow you to define a Top Finisher Category for custom question responses for instance – letting you have a Top Finisher Category for “Clydesdale” which is removed from their Age Group and have it’s own jumping and double dipping rules between other Top Finisher Categories like “Overall” and “Masters”.

Added more useful information to the Dashboard
You’ll now see the following items on the Dashboard:

  • Ignored Raw Read Count – click to expand and see a breakdown of how many of those Raw Reads were ignored for each specific reason. This will help in getting a quick view into why reads may be getting ignored.
  • Count of Race Participants – click to expand and see a breakdown of Participants per Scored Event
  • Breakdown of the number of Scored Reads Per Event per Timing Location

Added functions to clear all reads and recalculate all reads on all Timing Locations from the Dashboard
Prior to this update, you would have to clear or recalculate times from each Timing Location if you needed to clear/recalculate all times at once.

Added combined column for Segment Place
You’ll now see better formatted Segment Place fields in the Report Builder.

Added “Cumulative Clock Time” field for splits

Added custom column suggestions based on Scored Event
When adding columns to Report Sections we now limit the available fields to only those applicable to the Scored Event selected for that Report Section.

Added link to Global Time Formatting Options from Dashboard
Time Formatting Options are specific to the Race – but are pulled from the Global Settings. We’ve added a shortcut to that from the Time Formatting Options panel on the Dashboard.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed a few issues when importing race exports

Fixed an issue causing multiple division placements to show on RunSignup results.

Refactored the Raw Reads count to be more accurate.

Fixed issue affecting some Time Formats where leading 0s in minutes did not show.

Fixed issue affecting some Race | Results text file formatting types

Fixed issue with Connector when Stream Hardware Names change.

Fixed minor issues with PDF/HTML/CSV Reports

June 20th – RaceDay Scoring v1.1.19

Feature Updates

Added ability to set whether Relay Teams should have the same bib for all members, or allow individual bibs to be different within the same Relay Team
When setting up a Scored Event, you now have a new area to set up “Group Options” which you can configure this setting on.

Added initial support for Aggregate Teams
We have added the first part of our support for Aggregate Teams. This Team Type will be used to support Corporate/Social/XC style Team Scoring where you will add up the times or places of the members of a team. Right now we just have the setup interface complete – it does not generate the Team Standings or product Team Results at this point.

Added support for Group/Team Name in Raw Reads view

Improved Report Builder to better guide you in adding new Report Sections to the Report
We’ve improve the user experience for adding Report Sections to a Report by filtering out functions that you cannot use until a previous function has been completed. For instance – you cannot add any Report Section Type if you do not have an Event selected. We also make this dynamic based on what type of Event you have selected – if you have selected a Relay Team Event, we will show the Group Type Report section button, but will hide it if you do not have a Relay Team Event selected.

Bugs Fixed

Added more cleanup to listings when a Scored Event is deleted.

Fixed issue with adding “Splits with Place” to reports

Fixed issue with bib numbers being lost when transferring participants between Scored Events.

Fixed issue with exporting lists to CSV

Fixed issue with unknown read resolution.

June 5th – RaceDay Scoring v1.1.18

Feature Updates

Added filtering to Group Report Sections
We have added the ability to filter Group Report Sections – similar to how we allow you to filter Overall and Age Group Report Sections by stacking participant data filters.

Added a way to define Time Filtering Rules at the Race and Global level.
We now support many different time formats for the Report View, including rounding rules and padding out with zeros if needed. This is found on the Dashboard (by race) and the settings button in the top right of the app (global settings).

Bugs Fixed

Fixed bug with Top Finisher Categories by Clock Time setting

Fixed issue where unknown chip reads were not being shown in Participants > Actions > Fix Unknown Reads

Fixed issue with Group Type imports not working correctly

Fixed bug when adding Age Group Section to a Report in some instances

May 29th – RaceDay Scoring v1.1.17

Feature Updates

Added new setting in Segment Setup to filter previous segments when this segment is complete
This will help with by ignoring times coming in at a segment for participants who have a recorded time for a segment that should come after the one in question. This will also allow you to ignore start times after finish times if you enable this on a single segment.

Isolated Stream Configuration Changes so that they only affect the Stream that is being changed.
Previously we would shut down connections to all Streams when a change is made on one. This is an issue for those using Direct systems that do not allow you to rewind data – causing a potential data loss. We have reworked our connection so that we now only shut down the connection to the Streams that are actually being changed, so that any other connections that do not need to be updated remain connected.

Improved Connector State Status Indicator (Reads)
We found an issue where the connector process would shut down while the app was still running, but we were not aware of it due to the connector status indicator not being “smart” enough. We implemented a new way of detecting if the connection is lost and reporting it correctly back to RaceDay Scoring, and fixed the issue that caused the Connector to shut down.

Added save and back buttons to toolbar in Timing Location and Stream Setup pages.

Added a way to view any Sync errors on participant records

Improved participant filter by more easily letting you clear all search terms at once.

Made change to Report Builder to show the actual Report Section Type and Scored Event, so that it can be referenced after making a change to the Report Section Name.
Previously you could easily lose track of the original section name and you edit it, and forget which Event or Type this Section was based on, causing confusion.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed bug affecting the Age Grade Calculation.

Fixed bug affecting the Participant CSV Export.

Fixed bug when adding/deleting Top Finisher Categories.

Fixed bug when changing an existing Scored Event from Chip to Gun time or vice/versa.

Fixed issue with associated Listings when deleting Scored Events.

Fixed issue with associated Reports when deleting Scored Events.

Fixed issue with Listings when restoring races.

Improved speed of Report view

May 14th – RaceDay Scoring v1.1.16

Feature Updates

Show clock and chip times in participant view
We now show clock and chip times for all segments in all listings that a participant is a part of in the participant view, along with their place and chip times.

Added ability to change the column order in Report Section Templates
You can now store Report Section Templates with an order that the templates should be in when applied. Previously, you could only select what columns will be included, but could not define what order they should show in.

Made change to Report Builder to show the actual Report Section Type and Scored Event, so that it can be referenced after making a change to the Report Section Name.
Previously you could easily lose track of the original section name and you edit it, and forget which Event or Type this Section was based on, causing confusion.

Bugs Fixed

Made many changes to address reporting issues when importing a race that caused Reports to look for incorrect listings.

Fixed issue when creating a non-RunSignup race locally.
Previously there was an issue with participants never showing because participant sync had not started. With local races, this is not an option so participants would not show.

April 22nd RaceDay Scoring v1.1.15

Feature Updates

Connector Status Update
We now better indicate if the Connector loses connection to a device when using direct connection Stream types.

Package Updates
Updated all internally used packages to latest versions to ensure compatibility and stability.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed bug that causes Recent Reads list to freeze.

Fixed bug that causes app to hang when deleting a Scored Read.

April 19th 2019 RaceDay Scoring v1.1.14

Feature Updates

RaceList Update
We now show an indicator if a Race is today in addition to the existing values of “Upcoming” and “Passed”. These are now color coded as well.

Select Race Dropdown Improvements
We have changed the Race Selection dropdown from the top toolbar. This is now no longer tied to the Race List filters, will let you see all Races loaded (instead of just the page that you have selected in the Race List), and you can type to search.

Top Finisher Category Improvements

  • A default band is no longer pre-loaded when opening up the Top Finisher Category Setup to reduce confusion.
  • The band jumping rules are hidden from the first Top Finisher Category that is created (because these settings do not have any meaning for the highest priority band).
  • The default Band Jumping Rule is now set to the most commonly used one – “All”.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed bug that caused an error when importing a Race Export that had participants without registration IDs

April 10th 2019 RaceDay Scoring v1.1.13

Feature Updates

Moved Top Finisher Setup to Age Group Setup Page
We have moved the Top Finisher Settings from the Report Builder to the Age Group Setup page. This should make setting up a race more simple, and will no longer require you to edit a report to set up Top Finisher Categories like you have in the past.

Created function to update all existing Reports when Top Finisher Settings are saved
We saw that many times Top Finisher Settings were not being applied to existing reports so we refactored the code to apply the changes when updating the Top Finisher Settings immediately. This was possible due to the change we made to Top Finisher Settings now being separate from individual Reports.

Added Event Mapping option to Participant Import
You are now able to import a spreadsheet with Event names that do not match the Event Names in RaceDay Scoring. If RaceDay Scoring encounters an instance of an Event Name that isn’t in RaceDay Scoring, it will allow you to map that to any one of the Events loaded in the system.

Updated Age Group Position and Gender Position Columns in Report View to be more condensed

Added Participant Count to Participant List view

Added checkbox to hide past Races in Race List View

Bugs Fixed

Fixed bug that caused double dipping to always occur between Top Finisher Categories and Age Groups

Fixed issue with connector indicator being incorrect when shut down incorrectly

Fixed issue when RunSignUp account is locked due to multiple failed attempts

Update to Race Import Function
Completely changed Race Import process on the Race List Import Function when importing a Race that you do not already have loaded. This should now be much more stable and faster. Importing into an already existing Race has not been changed.

Multiple improvements to the stability of the software by ensuring listing cleanup after associated Reports are deleted.

Fixed issue with Raw Reads View label being hidden

Fixed issue with next and previous buttons on Race List View

Fixed issue changing Scored Event on Scored Group Type, and Event Selector in the Scored Groups View

Fixed error message when importing a Race with registrants who already are loaded in RaceDay Scoring for the same race

March 26th 2019 – RaceDay Scoring v1.1.12

Feature Updates

New feature – Connection Status Indicator for direct type Streams in Streams List
We now show green/red status indicators for each assigned Stream that is one of the Direct types like MyLaps, CT, Race Result, Trident, IPICO.
We also show a message in the app if you lose or gain connection while the Connector is running.

Race List now sorted by default to show races furthest in the future at the top of the list

When importing participants, we now check for and ignore duplicates

No longer auto-fill bib from chip entry if there is no bib found for that chip cross reference that is currently loaded

Bugs Fixed

Fixed issue when using an incorrect RunSignUp password

Fixed issue with RFID File Imports addressing multiple files in one folder

March 19th 2019- RaceDay Scoring v1.1.11

Feature Updates

Added confirmation before deleting participants
We now show a pop-up to confirm deleting all participants.

Added note to Stream Setup
We now show a note about leaving the file extension blank in the Stream Setup. This would consider ALL files in a folder if left blank.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed issue with changing Stream Settings for existing Streams
If a user updated older Streams with new settings they were not saving. Now they should save.

Fixed issue with not being able to publish results to RunSignUp
This was caused by adding age groups without a number of winners assigned. Now it should not matter if you do not assign a number of winners for each age band.

Fixed issue with creating a Race at RunSignUp in the app
This was causing PM races to show in AM times.

March 15th 2019 – RaceDay Scoring v1.1.10

Feature Updates

Indicate Passed/Upcoming Races in Race List We now show a tag next to each Race in your Race List indicating if it has passed, or if it is upcoming. In the future we will give you the ability to filter based on these tags.

Made More Stream Settings Save Across Races Stream options like the folder to monitor, the ip address and port, etc are now tied to the stream.. no matter what race they are in.

Added Option to Delete All Participants This will allow the user to delete all participants from their database. This will also delete any associated RunSignUp registrations, so please be careful using this feature.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed issue with publishing races to RunSignUp Added an error message when trying to use a URL that already exists on RunSignUp.

March 12, 2019 – RaceDay Scoring v1.1.9

Feature Updates

Upcoming Races Sorting Updates
We are adding support for the upcoming races to be sorted by date, name, or ID. The default sort will be descending, so the furthest in the future shows first in the list. We will also be adding a search to this page.

Added option in Scored Reads View to export Scored Reads
This would allow a timer to export scored reads collected on one machine and import them into another.

Experience Updates

  • Improved Race List Search and Sort functions
  • Updated tooltips in many places to make more legible
  • Improved Group Member Add interface by making it a dialog instead of inside of a small panel.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed issue with ages with leading zeros not importing properly
Some systems will export age with a leading zero if they are under two digits – “08” for instance. Without this fix, those come in as “0”.

Fixed issue with Scored Reads View Clear button

Fixed issue with Group Bib Numbers not showing correctly in latest scored reads list and edit.

Feb 26, 2019 – RaceDay Scoring v1.1.8

Feature Updates

Change to prioritize chip lookup for all timing types

  • We have updated our chip cross-reference priority so that in the case that you are remapping bib chips to another bib number we will always use the chip lookup first. Prior to this update we would also try to match on bib number, which could cause problems if the original bib for the bibcode that was remapped is an actual participant in the race.
  • For instance: The Bibchip for Bib #1 is placed on Bib #10, then Bibchip #10 is placed on Bib #5. Prior to the update, a read for Bibchip #10 would result as a read for Bib #10 and Bib #5. Now it would result as a read for Bib #5 only because it is discarding the original bib-to-bib reference completely and using only the chipcode lookup.

Stream Updates

  • We now support Group ID exists on MyLaps Readlite File Stream Interface
  • Stream List visual update. Assigned Streams now show at the top, with unassigned Streams below
  • We now show a tag of the Stream Type in the Streams List, making them easier to identify

Experience Updates

  • Added warning message when start times are missing, directing you to the Scored Event Setup to update the start times.
  • Changed default time formatting to .SS

Raw Reads View Enhancements

  • Ignored Raw Reads and the reason they are ignored are now highlighted in red
  • Changed order of columns
  • We now show times in both 12 Hour AM/PM and 24 Hour for clarity.
  • Updated UI to current standard

RaceDay Hub support for The Race Director Data Entry Screen

  • The Race Director now supports sending participant adds to RaceDay Scoring using the RaceDay Hub.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fix for IPICO and TRIDENT direct connect
  • Fixed issue with case sensitivity on transponder-based systems
  • Fixed bug that was causing the help form submit to refresh when RSU sync was enabled

Feb 12, 2019 – RaceDay Scoring v1.1.6

Feature Updates

Participant List Updates

  • Removed Participant ID and Registration ID columns (Not very useful to most timers)
  • Added Gender column
  • Individual Participant View updated to three columns instead of two
  • Bib number is now the first field

New File Stream Types Available!

  • We’ve added a few more File Stream Types
  • Winning Time
  • Summit Timer

Added ability to start races at any time from the dashboard

  • Before, you could only start races now from the dashboard and had to go into the Scored Events setup to configure an exact time to start a race.
  • Now you are able to configure the start times for one or many Events right from the dashboard

Updated File Browser Function when saving Exports

  • Now using different method of browsing for file to save to. It should now be easier to not mess up file extensions when typing in your own file name when saving.

Bugs Fixed

  • Added function to clear raw reads upon switching races. This will resolves issues with raw reads showing up in races that they don’t belong in.
  • Fixed Stream selection to show other stream types for existing streams if user changes default stream settings
  • Fixed issue with connector running on systems with changing IP addresses, like WiFi hotspots.

Feb 4, 2019 – RaceDay Scoring v1.1.5

We’re happy to release the next version of RaceDay Scoring! This release has resolved a few issues that we’ve run into since our first release, and also includes a couple minor enhancements.

Feature Updates

Added Default Stream Settings for Races

  • You can now configure, for each Race, a default Stream Type for your convenience
  • For system types that require a port number, you are able to customize it in case you use that port for some other software
  • Once you have a default Stream Type added, your Stream List will filter out other system types, and only allow you to add Streams of that type.
  • This is accessible by clicking the “Settings” button on the Streams List, or by clicking the gear next to the port number when adding/editing a Stream

New File Stream Types Available!

  • We’ve added a few more File Stream Types
  • Race Result
  • Agee Race Timing
  • “Custom Chip Timing” – Contact us for more info

Added search to Report View

  • Added the ability to search by First Name, Last Name, or Bib Number to the Report view.

Updates to Participants View

  • Added back button to top of page.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed issue with using Chip Crossreference for situations where you are using bibtag systems that have chips that do not match their bib assignments.

Jan 18, 2019 – RaceDay Scoring v1.1.4

We’re happy to release the next version of RaceDay Scoring! This release has resolved a few issues that we’ve run into since our first release, and also includes a couple minor enhancements.

Feature Updates

Timing Location and Stream Actions

  • Scored Reads action bar added for easier access to recalculate reads
  • Added recalc button to Scored Reads View > Actions
  • Added Streams Action bar

Updates to Participant Results Panel

  • Clarified listing placements when chip and gun listings exist.
  • Updated individual participant result panel UI.

Improved error messaging

  • Change to specific import error reporting to look less scary when Age Group reports are not able to be generated automatically upon import.
  • Success message when filterer starts up
  • Added more error messages around connector start up

Bib/Chip cross reference updates

  • Added the ability to add a single bib to chip cross reference
  • Improved performance of bib to chip cross reference

Other items

  • New installer image

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed crash when viewing times for a local Group
  • Fix for age duplicate issues
  • Fixed internal error messaging issue
  • Fixed error handling around filterer startup

Jan 11, 2019 – RaceDay Scoring v1.1.3

We’re happy to release the next version of RaceDay Scoring!

This release has added some more functionality to the Raw Reads search, added some call out features to any pre-gun Scored Reads, and added more support for Relay Teams, as well as a few minor bug fixes and UI updates.

Pre-Gun Start Handling

For the standard chip time, we ignore any pre-gun starts from participants. If a participant has no other reads before the gun start time we use the gun start time as their chip start time

We have a few “Pre-Gun” time fields that you can add to any Report Section if you like, but they are not in the default column set.

  • To reduce confusion – we now call out any Scored Reads that are before the Gun Time in the Scored Reads view and the Participant Results view

Raw Reads Updates

  • Changed MyLaps interface to send ONLY Chipcode or BibCode based on system type. Will no longer see confusing entries in Raw Reads Chip/Bib Field
  • Added the ability to consider chip cross reference when searching by bib number in Raw Reads View.

Relay Team Updates

  • Added support for local only groups and group types being added
  • Added support for group/individual bibs being the same by creating multiple reads if there are multiple entities using the same bib/chipcode

Report Builder Updates

  • Adjusted panel UI
  • Report Section Panels now open by default
  • Added header to Report Section List
  • Moved Number of finishers to show to Report Section Filters panel

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed Readlite File Interface for ChampionChip systems
  • Fixed bug in participant kiosk causing additions not to save to master

Jan 4, 2019 – RaceDay Scoring v1.1.2

We’re happy to release the next version of RaceDay Scoring! This release has resolved a few issues that we’ve run into since our first release, and also includes a couple minor enhancements.

UI Updates

Report View Updates

  • Report view now more clearly separates report sections – applied new UI elements.

Reports > Actions > Auto-Saves

  • Re-organized Auto-Save UI. Applied new UI elements and made RunSignUp Results & RaceDay Hub Kiosk more pronounced.

Reduced minimum screen width to 1024px

  • Some users have reported that the min screen width was too prohibitive. We’ve reduced it from 1280 to 1024.

Fixed bugs

  • Default Reports no longer generating two report sections per Event.
  • Fixed bug causing user to be unable to edit some Reports in some scenarios
  • Fixed grey screen of death error on Scored Events page
  • Fixed bug caused by period characters in Segment definitions
  • Refactored delete processes to prevent app hangs
  • Age Group Descriptions now showing in Report Section Titles accurately
  • Added check to startup to cleanup any previously running processes on ports
  • No longer create Data Issues edit logs on participant add