Release Notes

April 19th 2019 RaceDay Scoring v1.1.14

Feature Updates

RaceList Update
We now show an indicator if a Race is today in addition to the existing values of “Upcoming” and “Passed”. These are now color coded as well.

Select Race Dropdown Improvements
We have changed the Race Selection dropdown from the top toolbar. This is now no longer tied to the Race List filters, will let you see all Races loaded (instead of just the page that you have selected in the Race List), and you can type to search.

Top Finisher Category Improvements

  • A default band is no longer pre-loaded when opening up the Top Finisher Category Setup to reduce confusion.
  • The band jumping rules are hidden from the first Top Finisher Category that is created (because these settings do not have any meaning for the highest priority band).
  • The default Band Jumping Rule is now set to the most commonly used one – “All”.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed bug that caused an error when importing a Race Export that had participants without registration IDs

April 10th 2019 RaceDay Scoring v1.1.13

Feature Updates

Moved Top Finisher Setup to Age Group Setup Page
We have moved the Top Finisher Settings from the Report Builder to the Age Group Setup page. This should make setting up a race more simple, and will no longer require you to edit a report to set up Top Finisher Categories like you have in the past.

Created function to update all existing Reports when Top Finisher Settings are saved
We saw that many times Top Finisher Settings were not being applied to existing reports so we refactored the code to apply the changes when updating the Top Finisher Settings immediately. This was possible due to the change we made to Top Finisher Settings now being separate from individual Reports.

Added Event Mapping option to Participant Import
You are now able to import a spreadsheet with Event names that do not match the Event Names in RaceDay Scoring. If RaceDay Scoring encounters an instance of an Event Name that isn’t in RaceDay Scoring, it will allow you to map that to any one of the Events loaded in the system.

Updated Age Group Position and Gender Position Columns in Report View to be more condensed

Added Participant Count to Participant List view

Added checkbox to hide past Races in Race List View

Bugs Fixed

Fixed bug that caused double dipping to always occur between Top Finisher Categories and Age Groups

Fixed issue with connector indicator being incorrect when shut down incorrectly

Fixed issue when RunSignUp account is locked due to multiple failed attempts

Update to Race Import Function
Completely changed Race Import process on the Race List Import Function when importing a Race that you do not already have loaded. This should now be much more stable and faster. Importing into an already existing Race has not been changed.

Multiple improvements to the stability of the software by ensuring listing cleanup after associated Reports are deleted.

Fixed issue with Raw Reads View label being hidden

Fixed issue with next and previous buttons on Race List View

Fixed issue changing Scored Event on Scored Group Type, and Event Selector in the Scored Groups View

Fixed error message when importing a Race with registrants who already are loaded in RaceDay Scoring for the same race

March 26th 2019 – RaceDay Scoring v1.1.12

Feature Updates

New feature – Connection Status Indicator for direct type Streams in Streams List
We now show green/red status indicators for each assigned Stream that is one of the Direct types like MyLaps, CT, Race Result, Trident, IPICO.
We also show a message in the app if you lose or gain connection while the Connector is running.

Race List now sorted by default to show races furthest in the future at the top of the list

When importing participants, we now check for and ignore duplicates

No longer auto-fill bib from chip entry if there is no bib found for that chip cross reference that is currently loaded

Bugs Fixed

Fixed issue when using an incorrect RunSignUp password

Fixed issue with RFID File Imports addressing multiple files in one folder

March 19th 2019- RaceDay Scoring v1.1.11

Feature Updates

Added confirmation before deleting participants
We now show a pop-up to confirm deleting all participants.

Added note to Stream Setup
We now show a note about leaving the file extension blank in the Stream Setup. This would consider ALL files in a folder if left blank.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed issue with changing Stream Settings for existing Streams
If a user updated older Streams with new settings they were not saving. Now they should save.

Fixed issue with not being able to publish results to RunSignUp
This was caused by adding age groups without a number of winners assigned. Now it should not matter if you do not assign a number of winners for each age band.

Fixed issue with creating a Race at RunSignUp in the app
This was causing PM races to show in AM times.

March 15th 2019 – RaceDay Scoring v1.1.10

Feature Updates

Indicate Passed/Upcoming Races in Race List We now show a tag next to each Race in your Race List indicating if it has passed, or if it is upcoming. In the future we will give you the ability to filter based on these tags.

Made More Stream Settings Save Across Races Stream options like the folder to monitor, the ip address and port, etc are now tied to the stream.. no matter what race they are in.

Added Option to Delete All Participants This will allow the user to delete all participants from their database. This will also delete any associated RunSignUp registrations, so please be careful using this feature.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed issue with publishing races to RunSignUp Added an error message when trying to use a URL that already exists on RunSignUp.

March 12, 2019 – RaceDay Scoring v1.1.9

Feature Updates

Upcoming Races Sorting Updates
We are adding support for the upcoming races to be sorted by date, name, or ID. The default sort will be descending, so the furthest in the future shows first in the list. We will also be adding a search to this page.

Added option in Scored Reads View to export Scored Reads
This would allow a timer to export scored reads collected on one machine and import them into another.

Experience Updates

  • Improved Race List Search and Sort functions
  • Updated tooltips in many places to make more legible
  • Improved Group Member Add interface by making it a dialog instead of inside of a small panel.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed issue with ages with leading zeros not importing properly
Some systems will export age with a leading zero if they are under two digits – “08” for instance. Without this fix, those come in as “0”.

Fixed issue with Scored Reads View Clear button

Fixed issue with Group Bib Numbers not showing correctly in latest scored reads list and edit.

Feb 26, 2019 – RaceDay Scoring v1.1.8

Feature Updates

Change to prioritize chip lookup for all timing types

  • We have updated our chip cross-reference priority so that in the case that you are remapping bib chips to another bib number we will always use the chip lookup first. Prior to this update we would also try to match on bib number, which could cause problems if the original bib for the bibcode that was remapped is an actual participant in the race.
  • For instance: The Bibchip for Bib #1 is placed on Bib #10, then Bibchip #10 is placed on Bib #5. Prior to the update, a read for Bibchip #10 would result as a read for Bib #10 and Bib #5. Now it would result as a read for Bib #5 only because it is discarding the original bib-to-bib reference completely and using only the chipcode lookup.

Stream Updates

  • We now support Group ID exists on MyLaps Readlite File Stream Interface
  • Stream List visual update. Assigned Streams now show at the top, with unassigned Streams below
  • We now show a tag of the Stream Type in the Streams List, making them easier to identify

Experience Updates

  • Added warning message when start times are missing, directing you to the Scored Event Setup to update the start times.
  • Changed default time formatting to .SS

Raw Reads View Enhancements

  • Ignored Raw Reads and the reason they are ignored are now highlighted in red
  • Changed order of columns
  • We now show times in both 12 Hour AM/PM and 24 Hour for clarity.
  • Updated UI to current standard

RaceDay Hub support for The Race Director Data Entry Screen

  • The Race Director now supports sending participant adds to RaceDay Scoring using the RaceDay Hub.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fix for IPICO and TRIDENT direct connect
  • Fixed issue with case sensitivity on transponder-based systems
  • Fixed bug that was causing the help form submit to refresh when RSU sync was enabled

Feb 12, 2019 – RaceDay Scoring v1.1.6

Feature Updates

Participant List Updates

  • Removed Participant ID and Registration ID columns (Not very useful to most timers)
  • Added Gender column
  • Individual Participant View updated to three columns instead of two
  • Bib number is now the first field

New File Stream Types Available!

  • We’ve added a few more File Stream Types
  • Winning Time
  • Summit Timer

Added ability to start races at any time from the dashboard

  • Before, you could only start races now from the dashboard and had to go into the Scored Events setup to configure an exact time to start a race.
  • Now you are able to configure the start times for one or many Events right from the dashboard

Updated File Browser Function when saving Exports

  • Now using different method of browsing for file to save to. It should now be easier to not mess up file extensions when typing in your own file name when saving.

Bugs Fixed

  • Added function to clear raw reads upon switching races. This will resolves issues with raw reads showing up in races that they don’t belong in.
  • Fixed Stream selection to show other stream types for existing streams if user changes default stream settings
  • Fixed issue with connector running on systems with changing IP addresses, like WiFi hotspots.

Feb 4, 2019 – RaceDay Scoring v1.1.5

We’re happy to release the next version of RaceDay Scoring! This release has resolved a few issues that we’ve run into since our first release, and also includes a couple minor enhancements.

Feature Updates

Added Default Stream Settings for Races

  • You can now configure, for each Race, a default Stream Type for your convenience
  • For system types that require a port number, you are able to customize it in case you use that port for some other software
  • Once you have a default Stream Type added, your Stream List will filter out other system types, and only allow you to add Streams of that type.
  • This is accessible by clicking the “Settings” button on the Streams List, or by clicking the gear next to the port number when adding/editing a Stream

New File Stream Types Available!

  • We’ve added a few more File Stream Types
  • Race Result
  • Agee Race Timing
  • “Custom Chip Timing” – Contact us for more info

Added search to Report View

  • Added the ability to search by First Name, Last Name, or Bib Number to the Report view.

Updates to Participants View

  • Added back button to top of page.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed issue with using Chip Crossreference for situations where you are using bibtag systems that have chips that do not match their bib assignments.

Jan 18, 2019 – RaceDay Scoring v1.1.4

We’re happy to release the next version of RaceDay Scoring! This release has resolved a few issues that we’ve run into since our first release, and also includes a couple minor enhancements.

Feature Updates

Timing Location and Stream Actions

  • Scored Reads action bar added for easier access to recalculate reads
  • Added recalc button to Scored Reads View > Actions
  • Added Streams Action bar

Updates to Participant Results Panel

  • Clarified listing placements when chip and gun listings exist.
  • Updated individual participant result panel UI.

Improved error messaging

  • Change to specific import error reporting to look less scary when Age Group reports are not able to be generated automatically upon import.
  • Success message when filterer starts up
  • Added more error messages around connector start up

Bib/Chip cross reference updates

  • Added the ability to add a single bib to chip cross reference
  • Improved performance of bib to chip cross reference

Other items

  • New installer image

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed crash when viewing times for a local Group
  • Fix for age duplicate issues
  • Fixed internal error messaging issue
  • Fixed error handling around filterer startup

Jan 11, 2019 – RaceDay Scoring v1.1.3

We’re happy to release the next version of RaceDay Scoring!

This release has added some more functionality to the Raw Reads search, added some call out features to any pre-gun Scored Reads, and added more support for Relay Teams, as well as a few minor bug fixes and UI updates.

Pre-Gun Start Handling

For the standard chip time, we ignore any pre-gun starts from participants. If a participant has no other reads before the gun start time we use the gun start time as their chip start time

We have a few “Pre-Gun” time fields that you can add to any Report Section if you like, but they are not in the default column set.

  • To reduce confusion – we now call out any Scored Reads that are before the Gun Time in the Scored Reads view and the Participant Results view

Raw Reads Updates

  • Changed MyLaps interface to send ONLY Chipcode or BibCode based on system type. Will no longer see confusing entries in Raw Reads Chip/Bib Field
  • Added the ability to consider chip cross reference when searching by bib number in Raw Reads View.

Relay Team Updates

  • Added support for local only groups and group types being added
  • Added support for group/individual bibs being the same by creating multiple reads if there are multiple entities using the same bib/chipcode

Report Builder Updates

  • Adjusted panel UI
  • Report Section Panels now open by default
  • Added header to Report Section List
  • Moved Number of finishers to show to Report Section Filters panel

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed Readlite File Interface for ChampionChip systems
  • Fixed bug in participant kiosk causing additions not to save to master

Jan 4, 2019 – RaceDay Scoring v1.1.2

We’re happy to release the next version of RaceDay Scoring! This release has resolved a few issues that we’ve run into since our first release, and also includes a couple minor enhancements.

UI Updates

Report View Updates

  • Report view now more clearly separates report sections – applied new UI elements.

Reports > Actions > Auto-Saves

  • Re-organized Auto-Save UI. Applied new UI elements and made RunSignUp Results & RaceDay Hub Kiosk more pronounced.

Reduced minimum screen width to 1024px

  • Some users have reported that the min screen width was too prohibitive. We’ve reduced it from 1280 to 1024.

Fixed bugs

  • Default Reports no longer generating two report sections per Event.
  • Fixed bug causing user to be unable to edit some Reports in some scenarios
  • Fixed grey screen of death error on Scored Events page
  • Fixed bug caused by period characters in Segment definitions
  • Refactored delete processes to prevent app hangs
  • Age Group Descriptions now showing in Report Section Titles accurately
  • Added check to startup to cleanup any previously running processes on ports
  • No longer create Data Issues edit logs on participant add