RaceDay Technology Suite Pricing

RaceDay Scoring is a piece of the RaceDay Technology Suite, which bundles three main products with RunSignUp’s existing platform of timer-centric utilities.

  • RaceDay Scoring – A modern approach to Scoring Software
  • The Race Director – The industry standard for 30 years
  • RaceJoy – Live GPS tracking and sharing, race day monitoring

Pricing incorporates all of the essential tools needed to deliver a positive experience on race day, with the cornerstone of RunSignup’s RaceDay Scoring solution.

Here are the key pricing points:

  • Based on a yearly tiered subscription.
  • Unlimited computers per timing business.
  • Price based on number of total participants across all races within 12 months.
  • Discount for participants scored on races using RunSignup for registration and cross country participants.
  • Unlimited credits for Results, Photos, and Email/TXT notifications.
  • Special RaceJoy pricing for RaceDay Certified timers for resale and support.

The Discount Schedule below is subtracted from the above price depending on the total number of RunSignup and cross country participants.

RunSignup participants: Count all participants registered or imported into the race that has RunSignup open as a primary registration platform for that race.


RaceJoy Pricing

RaceDay Certified timers can offer RaceJoy’s tracking, cheer sending, and live results as an add-on service to races. The timer determines the price and works directly with the race for invoicing. Timers offering RaceJoy oversee the administration of RaceJoy, including map building, adjustments, and coordinating efforts and support with race organizers and supporting users.

RaceDay certified timers receive discounted RaceJoy pricing.

RaceDay Certified timers are able to offer RaceJoy to generate additional income and provide a mobile race day experience for races delivering a blend of GPS tracking and scored chip results. Contact RunSignup for more information.

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