RaceDay Scoring v1.1.20 is now out with Direct-to-printer support, Custom Top Finishers, Better Dashboard Statistics, and more!

Feature Updates Added initial support for Printing Directly to Printer We now support printing a Report directly to a printer as an item in the Export dropdown for each report, as well as via a button on the Report View. Formatting customization will eventually come to this in the future. Added support for Custom Top …

RaceDay Scoring May Updates

We hosted a webinar on May 30th going over recent updates to RaceDay Scoring. If you missed the session, you can view it at any time at this link.

AGEE Timers: RaceDay BIB Management Webinar

This webinar provides a deep dive on how AGEE timers can fully take advantage of RunSignup's RaceDay BIB assignment capabilities. Topics Covered: AGEE's integration with RunSignup's platformRaceDay CheckIn AppRaceDay BIB assignment and managementKey points on how to get the most out of the features available Any questions? Contact Crisp@runsignup.com.

RaceJoy: Advanced Map Building

ULTRAS RELAYS TRIATHLON Below is a Webinar covering how to build course maps in RaceJoy for ultras, relays, and triathlon events. This is a great resource for RaceDay Certified Timers who are offering RaceJoy as part of their race day services. Any questions? Contact info@racejoy.com