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    • Continuous improvements to UI
      Added Panels to multiple setup screens to visually break up the UI better, increasing usability.

      • Added top bar to Race Frame to hold the Race Name and the Manual Sync button.
      • Scored Event setup is now much more clear
      • Scoring page is now easier to use and read. Created an “Actions” section which shows on a sidebar, so it is no longer hidden by a long listing list.
    • Add ability to send raw reads and count
      Internal mechanism to report raw read data added. Not added to the UI yet.
    • Fix Incorrect Field for Age Group Total
      Bug in “Total in Age Group” column addressed.
    • Allow question time entry without hours
    • Sync process cleanup
      • Allow sync to be disabled via Sync Settings page
      • Detected offline status (Electron only).
      • Make API less persistent when you cancel auth popup when multiple API requests need to be made in a sync cycle.
    • Fix duplicate participant bug
    • Default Participants to Event if there is only one Event
    • Sort Participant Timing Location Reads
      Addresses a reported issue where participant’s reads were not sorted correctly
    • Add Report Categories feature
      Now you are able to add a category to new reports, and select Categories from the dropdown to better organize your reports.
    • Allow duplication of existing reports
      We now support the ability to duplicate and existing report to more quickly create a similar report
    • Allow Report Column Sorting and Deleting
      Now you are able to more easily edit existing reports by deleting and moving columns by using the arrows and X’s.
    • Fixed bug which caused crash when switching Races
    • Connector will no longer start automatically – need to start manually from the settings menu in order to import times

    [See the full post at: Alpha 0.1.3 Release Notes]

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