In order to download RaceDay Scoring you must be registered as a RunSignUp Timer. If you are not a current RunSignUp Timer you can become a one for free here.

Once you have created a RunSignUp Timer Account,  click the green Go To Dashboard link from the Timer landing page.

From the Timer Dashboard you will be able to download RaceDay Scoring by going to Software > Download.

Next, select which version you would like to download.

At this time, only the Windows version can collect reads (direct or from a file). The Mac version can be used to build races, export them for use on Windows machines, and with RaceDay Hub as a data entry or results display computer.

After downloading, simply run the .exe file that is downloaded. Please allow communications over private and public networks if you receive a popup asking for permission.

Once installed, you can learn the basics of RaceDay Scoring here

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