AGEE Timers: RaceDay BIB Management Webinar

This webinar provides a deep dive on how AGEE timers can fully take advantage of RunSignup's RaceDay BIB assignment capabilities. Topics Covered: AGEE's integration with RunSignup's platformRaceDay CheckIn AppRaceDay BIB assignment and managementKey points on how to get the most out of the features available Any questions? Contact

RaceJoy: Advanced Map Building

ULTRAS RELAYS TRIATHLON Below is a Webinar covering how to build course maps in RaceJoy for ultras, relays, and triathlon events. This is a great resource for RaceDay Certified Timers who are offering RaceJoy as part of their race day services. Any questions? Contact

New: Race Director Program for Certified Timers

RunSignup is excited to announce it's new Race Director program for RaceDay Certified Timers who want to support the success of their races by offering educational sessions for race directors. This is an exclusive program for RaceDay Certified Timers. This new Race Director Program is designed to help position timers as the industry's technology authority, …

RaceDay Scoring for RunScore Users

If you are a RunScore user and thinking about trying out RaceDay Scoring, this webinar session is for you! Bob Bickel and Matt Avery guide you through the key points.

Participant Tracking Options: Video

During the RaceDay Timer Certification tour, James Harris, RunSignup's Chief Technology Officer, provides an overview of tracking options available for races. Check out this video where James discusses traditional BIB/Chip tracking based on RFID technology, and GPS continuous tracking. RunSignup offers multiple options for timers and race organizers, including: -Live Results Alerts issued through email or SMS …