RaceDay Scoring is a Native PC and Mac application that timers use to score races.

There are several high level functions:

  • Accepts times from all major timing equipment and chip vendors, as well as manual.
  • Flexible and easy set-up of multiple timing data streams and locations.
  • Participants can be imported or automatically synced via an open API or from RunSignUp. Syncs automatically with RunSignUp CheckIn.
  • Easy standard scoring configurations or configure custom scoring based on gender, age groups, custom fields and/or custom logic and calculations.
  • Standard Reports can be easily customized or custom reports based on custom scoring algorithms can be developed easily.
  • Results can be automatically synced with RunSignUp Results to power real-time result posting, TXT notifications, RaceJoy App publishing, finisher certificates and more.
  • RaceDay Scoring will be an eventual replacement for the PC software package The Race Director, and should appeal to timers looking for a modern, open scoring system. The Open API will assure other registration and results vendors that they have real time access to RaceDay Scoring.

Timers are choosing RaceDay Scoring for the following unique advantages:

  • No Internet Required – RaceDay Scoring runs as a native Window or Mac app. Everything runs locally, so you are not at the mercy of your Internet connection.
  • No Hardware Vendor Lock-In – Have the flexibility to mix and match timing equipment.
  • No Software Vendor Lock-In – The Open API assures any vendor can work tightly with RaceDay Scoring. The open import and export of participant, results, and even race definition completes this flexible approach for less sophisticated needs.
  • Auto-Sync – If you are connected with the Internet, RaceDay Scoring syncs with the Cloud completely dynamically. Participant changes and additions, Bib Assignments, Event Changes, Result posting, TXT notifications all sync bi-directionally and quickly as a native part of RaceDay Scoring since it was built for local use, but in the Internet era. No more fusing with configurations or pressing buttons to sync.
  • Dashboard – The customizable, real-time Dashboard gives you one place to get a good view of everything. As raw reads come in, you see them right on the dashboard. Show your leaderboard or most recent finisher lists right on your dashboard.
  • Custom Reporting and Scoring – RaceDay Scoring has not only simple one-click types of reports, but has powerful report building capabilities such as the ones shown below, which include:
    • Drag and drop column placement
    • Custom Column Header
    • Participant Data filters
    • Reporting
    • Real-Time, Fast Reports – All reports get auto-calculated in real time as scored reads come in. And report generation is FAST.
  • Easier Configuration – For example set which fields are important for viewing and editing participant information.
  • Automations – We provide a number of automations to help you spot problems quickly and solve them efficiently. For example, lists of no chip reads, or missing DOB or gender with fast resolution methods.
  • Client/Server – This allows a network of local PC’s to work together. One PC will be the Master, but other PC’s and Tablets will be able to connect to run leaderboards, do check-in, act as result kiosks, etc.
  • Easy Backup – Easy to save the entire race configuration – as well as the reads – to share with others. This enables RunSignUp to do quality support that helps resolve issues quickly. It also enables large scale timers to manage multiple teams in the field, where the Master timer can take a quick backup to see what is wrong in a particular race, or edit the team scoring to fix the results in one of the races they are monitoring.
  • Modern – Many timers are forced to use old or poorly maintained and updated software that makes their operations inefficient and does not give participants the type of experiences they deserve. Modern technology offers a lot of efficiencies in terms of code, performance and networking capabilities.
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