3rd Party Integration Information

3rd Party Registration and Results Integration with Race Day Scoring

RaceDay Scoring is designed as an open platform. We bundle interfaces to a wide variety of timing equipment. And we have open API’s so that any registration vendor or results vendor can integrate with RaceDay Scoring. These integrations are available today and have been used for The Race Director integration.

Registration Integration with RaceDay Scoring.
Of course timers can download a CSV file from any registration platform and then upload the file into RaceDay Scoring. For a tighter integration, and registration provider can use our API that will provide a simple, transparent and potentially dynamic, bi-directional update between RaceDay Scoring and the other registration platform.

The RaceDay Scoring Cloud API has a robust REST API defined here. There is also a quick start guide to the API here. These API’s have been operational and had millions of requests processed since it is the same API used for leading scoring software like The Race Director and RunScore and Agee Timing and RunSignUp. You can use the API to do two fundamental things:

1. Define Race in either of two ways.
A. Create a Race based on information in the registration platform (name, distance, date, etc.) to the RaceDay Scoring Cloud API, and it will automatically sync with the RDScoring software on your scoring computers, creating the shell of the race for scoring purposes.
B.  Connect to an existing race that was already setup in RaceDay Scoring.

2. Sync Participants with that race. The Open API is real-time or batch/triggered/timed so participant information can be uploaded from the registration system to the API, and then dynamically sent to the RaceDay Scoring computers. It is also possible to design it to be bi-directional so that changes done in RDScoring can be made to the information in the registration system.

3rd Party Results System Syncing

Currently there are two options for results integration with RaceDay Scoring

  1. Vendors can integrate through the Results REST API to read the result sets into their own system.
  2. Vendors can take the output in different formats as shown and process periodically auto-saved files into their system through their own automated integration.  For example an HTML file could be automatically posted to a results web site or the structured data in a CSV file could be processed into a vendor’s result system through a Dropbox or Google Drive integration interface.

Integration Help

While RaceDay Scoring provides an open, self-serve platform for any vendor to integrate with, we are available to assist any vendors. We will provide 2 hours of free consulting and advice, and then be available on an hourly basis for further assistance. Please contact Matt Avery for further information.

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