RaceDay Scoring v3.3.33 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Implemented improved RunSignup Login functionality (Oauth2).

This login will be saved for up to a month, so you will no longer need to periodically log in to RunSignup.

You also will now be able to remotely revoke access from your RunSignup profile if necessary via the “Oauth2 Authorizations” link. https://runsignup.com/Profile/OAuth2

The login will now ask that you use RunSignup to authenticate, which will open up a browser window where you will need to login to RunSignup and click a button to authorize RaceDay Scoring.

When the RunSignup window opens up in your browser, ensure that you are currently logged into the same user account that you used to enter into the old login prompt.

Added Minimum Age by Gender Settings to Aggregate Team Scoring Rules.

You can now say that you must have some number of participants on a Team that are of a certain gender and over a certain age to count towards their Team Score using this feature.

It is possible to use the min age settings by themselves to say all participants of that gender must be over a certain age by leaving the gender count field blank.

Added a column to Aggregate Team Detail Report Sections that will indicate which members of each Team contributed to the Team Score.

This makes it easier to tell how the Team Score is calculated. This will only show on newly created Team Detail Report Sections.

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