RaceDay Scoring v3.3.30 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Changed Total Time for lap races field so that it shows as empty instead of null for those who do not have any times recorded.

Added “Splits – Times Only” Field

You can now include this field if you do not want to show paces along with times for all of your splits.

Added Boston Qualifier Report Section Type

You can now create a Report with a Boston Qualifier section in it, which will show you who has qualified in this Race for the Boston Marathon, based on the times posted at https://www.baa.org/races/boston-marathon/qualify

In addition, we will show a summary of how many participants in this Scored Event have qualified, with a percentage of finishers that were Boston Qualifiers.

You can only use this report section on a Scored Event that is exactly 26.2 miles, and when you decide to add the section, you will need to select which year of the Boston Marathon you would like to run the report for, and what class you are running the report on. The class selection is typically used for paralympic categories.

There is a setting that will allow you to only show Boston Qualifiers, otherwise all participants will show in the report.

Any participants without birthdays or genders in the database will show a message in the field indicating what they are missing.

Once you have a Boston Qualifier Report, you will be able to use Export > BAA Submission to produce a CSV that should be acceptable for submission to BAA.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed a bug with the auto-import functionality when creating bib/chip cross-reference files

Fixed an issue causing you to not be able to access Corral Member Assignment Rules directly after creating a new Corral.

Fixed an issue causing Timing Location Occurrence Time of Day Fields used in Data Actions to not be imported properly.

Improved performance for events with many Aggregate Team Detail Results.

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