RaceDay Scoring v3.3.28 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Added Total Time (ms) as a field that can be sorted on.

It is now possible to use the Total Time field in the Sort functionality in reports. The Total Time field is used to hold the Total Time completed in Lap Races.

Added Time Back Fields

Time back from gender winner: The difference between this participant’s time and the fastest participant of the same gender’s time. Labeled as “Time Back”.

Time back from overall winner: The difference between this participant’s time and fastest participant for the overall listing of the report section. Labeled as “Overall Time Back”.

Time back from last finisher: The difference between this participant’s time and the participant one spot ahead of this participant’s time. Labeled as “Time Back from Previous”.

All 3 fields are available based on both chip and clock time, and only work for standard (non Lap) results at this time.

Made Timer Contact Email the default Race Contact Email when creating a Race on RunSignup through RaceDay Scoring.

Updated underlying components throughout the application to ensure compatibility and stability.

Added support for p, P, and B records for Summit Timers.

These kinds of records are from Impulse or Photocell recording devices.

Added Channel Filter for Summit Timer Streams.

You can now specify which channel this Stream will pull reads in from. This will allow you to say that you only want to use reads from a specified channel for a given Stream. It will also allow you to set up multiple Streams referencing the same file, but have the reads split to different Streams based on the channel they were recorded on. If no channel is set, reads from all channels will be processed.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing Participant search terms to stick after changing races.

Fixed an issue causing Membership Setting ID is not valid after renewing the scoring file for a RunSignup Race that has Memberships enabled.

Fixed an issue causing some settings to save on Timing Locations when cancel button is used.

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