RaceDay Scoring v3.3.24 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Updates to RaceDay Hub Announcer Window

  • Added the ability to customize what fields are shown, and in what order.
  • Added a Custom Splash Message field on the Participant Record that will display in the Announcer “Message” field when they are read.
  • Added Gender/Age combo field.
  • Added Team Name and Grade fields.
  • Added State and Country fields.
  • Changed default fields in the display to [Bib, Name, City, Gender/Age, Age Group, Event, Message, Location].

Added the name of the currently selected Scored Event to the Team Type list.

Made Chip and Chip 2 fields available in Report Builder.

Updated Separate Report Section by Gender feature so that it will update existing default reports if changes are made after initial setup.

Added the ability to update teams in the participant import without needing to provide Team Type.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue with IPICO Gun Trigger processing.

Fixed a potential issue causing runaway “uncaught exception in the filterer” notifications.

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