RaceDay Scoring v3.3.23 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Updated Top Finisher Category Duplicate function to clear Short Description as well as Description.

Updated “Separate Report Sections by Gender” feature to allow you to select which Genders should have separate report sections created.

Prior to having this, the system would create separate sections for Male, Female, and Non-Binary whenever a Report is created for this Scored Event. Now you can choose which of these three options you would like to be automatically created. By default, just Male and Female are selected.

Added the ability to create a Pre Race Report Section when All Scored Events are selected.

This will combine registrations from all events into a single Report Section and will be sorted alphabetically.

Added Currently Selected Event to Age Groups, Participants, and Teams views.

This should make it more clear that these views are Event specific, and that the counts apply to the currently selected Event.

Added warning message when backing up to the cloud if there is an issue with the Race that could prevent it from being imported.

Sometimes there is an issue with a Race configuration that can cause it to not be able to be loaded onto another computer. Now you will get a warning with details about what is wrong with the setup so you can correct the issue and back it up again.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing FinishLynx files to not properly reference the start time of the event if the name of the Race contained quotation marks or commas.

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