RaceDay Scoring v3.3.22 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Added “Duplicate” and “Copy to Other Events” functions to Top Finisher Categories.

You can now duplicate single bands within an Event when setting up Top Finisher Categories if you need to quickly copy the same settings to another band, as well as copy all bands from the currently selected Event to other Scored Events. When copying to other Events, you are given the option to select some or all Events.

Added note to error about RunSignup account being locked due to too many failed attempts that will direct you to our support team.

Added explanation tooltip to Registration Events selection in Scored Events.

This note reminds you that in order to combine Registration Events together, they must be the exact same distance, and instructs you how to update that if necessary.

Added the ability to delete Unknown Raw Reads.

Changed “Age Place” column to always use the Short Description from Top Finisher Categories.

Prior to this change, we would always use the Long Description in the Top Finisher labels for this column.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed a bug causing laps to not be calculated correctly for Lap Races when mid lap reads are processed before start/finish reads are.

Fixed a bug causing the participant level setting to accept Pre-Gun Reads to not work.

Fixed a bug saving Streams when editing an existing File Stream and making it a Direct Stream in some circumstances.

Changed ignored reason priority to always mark an unknown read as unknown even if it would have been filtered for other reasons.

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