RaceDay Scoring v3.3.18 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Updated Progress Report to remove participants that did not start, have been dropped, or have been disqualified from the “Out of” counts.

We have changed the counts so that they will automatically be adjusted for participants that you don’t actually expect to finish. Prior to this change, it would look like you still had some on course if you had participants that were dropped, for instance.

NOTE: This will only apply to existing races after saving Scored Events.

Added Connection Indicator to Announcer Kiosk Display, and added the ability to auto reconnect.

This will now give you the ability to view the connection status of the Announcer Kiosk Display to your RaceDay Hub Server. If at any time connection is lost, the indicator will go red and the system will automatically try to reconnect once the server is back up, or connection to it has been restored.

Added warning to the Folder Path field in the File Stream setup.

We have added a warning to this area when selecting a folder that files will be placed into, reminding the user to never include any files in the folder besides actual timing files. Including other files in the folder you are pointing to can cause system instability.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed a bug causing newly added participants in RaceDay Scoring to fail when syncing to RunSignup.

Fixed an issue causing Bulk Updates using Registration ID to fail.

Fixed “Native filterer error while updating devices.” error.

Fixed a bug causing Corral assignments that were made from a Member Assignment Rule were not causing their Corral Assignment to not be updated at RunSignup.

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