RaceDay Scoring v3.3.17 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Added the ability to mark a Location as an Announcer.

This setting removes the need to set up a Segment that uses this location in order for reads collected on it to show up in the RaceDay Hub Announcer Kiosk.

Prior to this change, you would have to have a Segment set up for each Event that you expect to have passings for at your announcer location. Now all you need to do is set up one announcer location, mark it as an announcer, and all reads for all events will show up on the RaceDay Hub Announcer Kiosk.

Added an option to include empty Age Group bands in Age Group Report Sections.

Locked the switching of Registration Events for Participants that are a Sub Event Participant.

These Participants are “copies” of the Super Event Participant. It’s not possible to change only one of the sub-event Participants Registration Events without affecting the others, so we now prevent you from changing the Sub-Event Participant’s Event. If you need to change the event for all, you can do so by changing the Super Event Participant’s Event.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing Age Groups that were added one by one to not have their award winners number saved properly, causing those bands to not be included when using the option to show award winners only in Age Group Reports.

Fixed an issue when using the “Contains” operator on an open ended field in a filter.

Fixed an issue causing TFRRS Publish Settings to not show for Reports including more than one TFRRS Report Section.

Fixed an issue causing Auto-Save buttons to not show for reports that include a single Team Summary Report Section.

Fixed an issue causing the Live Results link to not show for Reports with multiple Report Sections.

Fixed an issue when changing the event of a Participant that is a part of a Super Event causing duplicate participants to show in RaceDay Scoring.

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