RaceDay Scoring v3.3.15 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Added the ability to send Cumulative times and places instead of Segment times and places when setting up RunSignup Auto-Saves to include Split data.

Typically, Segment times/places will be used for Triathlons where you want to report the individual segment times, and Cumulative times/places will be used for running races where you want to show the total time it took to get to the end of that segment from the very beginning of the Race.

Added DQ’d runners to Athletic.net export.

Added support for sending properly formatted “Yes/No” responses in results to RunSignup.

Prior to this change they would upload as “1” or null.

Added a new Ignored Raw Read Reason code for times that are ignored because they are within the Gap Factor from the previous read at that location.

Added the ability to access File Auto-Saves for Age Group Reports

This opens up the ability to create HTML Scroll Auto-Saves for Age Group Reports.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed issue for Races using the “All” genders option for Age Groups when importing/exporting the Race.

Fixed an issue with importing/exporting Races that have a Report that was set up using the “All” Scored Events option.

Fixed test reads being generated in the wrong timezone.

Improved import error warnings.

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