RaceDay Scoring v3.3.13 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Num. Winners will automatically populate when adding individual Age Groups.

It will default to 3, but will follow from values that have been set if you had used “Create Ranges” to set up other Age Groups for that Event.

Updated Corral Assignment Syncing to allow for RSU changes to override RDS changes.

Previously we would not allow a change to a Corral made at RunSignup to override a change made in RaceDay Scoring. This was to prevent RSU from constantly reverting changes made to Corral in RaceDay Scoring when we used to not be able to update RunSignup’s Corral Assignments.

Now we are syncing like other data points, where the last change made always wins, regardless of whether it’s made on RunSignup or in RaceDay Scoring.

Added the ability to set up a RunSignup Partner Token so that Races you create in RaceDay Scoring and upload to RunSignup can automatically be associated with your RunSignup Partner Account.

This is set in the App Settings (gear in upper right) below the serial number entry, and will be applied by default to all new Races you publish to RunSignup. It can be edited when publishing if you for some reason need to make one Race not associated with your Partnership.

Added a check to prevent using the same Result Set for multiple Reports or Auto-Saves within the same Race.

This can cause issues, and should never be necessary to do, so we now prevent it.

Added the ability to map all participants in an import that are missing an Event to a specified Event in RaceDay Scoring.

You can now import spreadsheets that do not have an event included at all, and we will allow you to say that all participants should be placed into a specified Event. Alternatively, you can also decide on a case by case basis which participants should go into which Event as well.

Added the ability to run Data Actions on Teams

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an error – Native Filterer error while updating entities

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