RaceDay Scoring v3.3.11 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Added the ability to fully sync Corrals with RunSignup

Prior to this change, we could only pull down Corral information from RunSignup. We were not able to add or edit any Corral information. Now with this change we are fully syncing the Corral structure and assignments with RunSignup, so if you add a Corral in RaceDay Scoring it will show up in RunSignup, and vice versa.

Please note that Corrals added to RunSignup after a Race has been set up in RaceDay Scoring will not show up until you go to Participant Sync and click Save Sync Settings to force a refresh of the Race settings.

Added the ability to create Team Rosters Report for All Scored Events

Now when adding a Report Section you will be able to select the Team Rosters Report after using the “All” Scored Event selection option. This will create a Report that shows team rosters broken out by Team, but includes participants from all Scored Events within each Team section.

Added new Ignore Raw Read Reason Code: “Prior to Assigned Start Time”

Reads in this state used to be ignored due to them being “Filtered by Time”. This should help when troubleshooting ignored Raw Reads, especially if you accidentally set your start times incorrectly.

Made a change to the TFRRS Report and Upload to also send Participants that have not started.

Made Team Names Clickable Throughout the App.

Added RunSignup Login/Logout Buttons to Green Race Toolbar.

Optimized Scored Event Setup for Lap Races and Races with lots of Registration Events.

We saw performance issues with Races that have many Scored Events set up for Lap Scoring, as well as Races that have a lot of Registration Events. We will now show checkboxes for all available Registration Events only if there are less than 10 Registration Events in the Race. If there are more than that, we will display the selection as a multi-select (similar to what is used when associating a Stream to a Timing Location).

Added the ability to include Custom Questions in Report Templates.

We discovered that using a Report Template with a Custom Question in it causes issues after creating a Report for another Race using that template. We now support this, and allow you to map a new question in the Race that you are using the Report Template for.

Added the currently selected Scored Event to the Segments Setup View.

This should make it more clear what Segments you are currently looking at/editing.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed issue causing Custom Question Reponses for “Yes/No” Type Questions to show as blank when included as a column in a Report.

Fixed an issue when transferring participants if also changing some other part of that participant’s information at the same time.

Fixed an issue for XC races that were previously scored with Race Director that were renewed and scored with RaceDay Scoring this year, that would cause an error with Divisions when publishing results.

Made a change to the Raw Reads display so that times are correctly adjusted for timezone when viewing the race on a computer in a different timezone than the one it was scored in.

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