9/15/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.3.10 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Updated Duration Input to auto-advance after entering two characters in the hours position.

Now you won’t have to press the tab key after entering in two digits into the duration fields, but it does restrict you from entering anything more than 2 digits. If you need to enter in an hour value over 99 hours into a duration input (we think this is very rare), you can copy and paste the value into the hours field.

Reports with invalid configurations can now be edited and fixed.

Sometimes Reports can become unusable if something that they are relying on in the setup has been deleted. For instance, if you have team reports that rely on a team type that you’ve since deleted, that Report will no longer work properly.

Before this update, if you tried to edit or delete the Report that was not working, it would open up the Report Builder with no data in it – as if you were creating a new Report entirely. Now, when you are in this state, you will be able to edit the bad report and update the Team Type that it’s using to fix it up instead of having to delete all reports and rebuild them manually.

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