RaceDay Scoring v3.3.7 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Added Raw Read Announcer Kiosk

On the main app landing page there’s a new button to set up an Announcer Kiosk. This uses the RaceDay Hub to send a stream of all raw read data to an announcer feed that includes participant info like name, timing location of the read, event, age group, city, bib/chip and time of day of the read. We also show a message for users whose birthdays are within +/- 7 days.

This will create a new window that you can display on a separate monitor or any kind of display that you can connect to your computer. It also can be set up on a separate computer that is connected to the same local network as your main scoring computer.

Through the settings menu you can control the text size and which Timing Locations should be included in the announcer feed (by default it’s all).

This leaderboard is much faster than the previous implementation, as we do not have to wait for the raw reads to be processed into Scored Reads. This means that the data will display in these leaderboards in less than 5ms from the time that the Connector sees them, instead of around 5 seconds.

Added the ability to import a spreadsheet of participants with Team names without having to provide a Team Type or set any up in advance.

It’s typical for XC races to start from a simple spreadsheet without any Team Type info. This new feature allows you to create a single Team Type that all teams will be associated with during the import. This should reduce the amount of back and forth you have to do when setting up simple Team scoring Races where there’s only one Team Type.

Added the ability to process changes to Teams by importing a CSV that includes the Reg Group ID.

This works similar to the Participant Import, where if you include an ID it will process the import as an update instead of an add. This could be useful if you ever need to make bulk changes to teams.

Updated “No Event for Bib” Ignored Raw Read Reason Message

This message shows when the Event associated with the bib that is associated with the read encountered is not found in the list of valid events for the given Timing Location/Occurrence count. The system looks through all Segments for the Event and if it can’t find any Segments that use this Timing Location/Occurrence combination for the given Event, it will ignore the read for this reason.

We have updated this message to be more descriptive – “Location is Not in any Segment in this Scored Event.”, hopefully pointing timers to the right place to fix the problem, which is either in Segment Setup or Scored Event. It typically means that the Segment Setup isn’t correct, or the wrong Location was used on the Scored Event.

Added Quick Report Links to Multi-Section Reports

In a previous update we added quick links to Age Group sections from the top of an Age Group Report. We have applied this same functionality to work the same way for any Report that has multiple sections within it.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing changes being made to participant data to be lost if reads come in while you are editing.

Made changes to prevent unnecessary RunSignup Participant updates to fire when reads cause a change in the Participant Status.

This should reduce the amount of data used while scoring, and improve performance in locations with poor internet reception.

Fixed an issue with Report Templates that would cause you to not be able to add new columns to a Report that was created from a Template.

Fixed an issue causing the setting to allow pre gun times for a Participant to be reset at the next sync.

Fixed an issue that would allow you to save a Custom Computed Field without anything selected, causing errors.

Fixed an issue that would allow you to try to publish results to RunSignup for Local Races that do not have a RunSignup Race to publish to.

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