RaceDay Scoring v3.3.3 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Updated Result Set Selection when Publishing Results to RunSignup.

If you are adding an Auto-save and no results exist for that Event on RunSignup yet, we will default the Auto-save to create a new Result Set.

If there is a single Result Set available, we will automatically select that Result Set in the dropdown and will let you know via a pop-up message that it has been selected and will overwrite any existing results in it.

If there are multiple Result Sets for the Event at RunSignup, you will be prompted to select which Result Set to use manually from the dropdown, or you can select to create a new Result Set.

Added the ability to import a Cloud Backup within a Race.

You can now import a Cloud Backup while working on a Race without having to exit the Race, delete it, and import from a new backup. You have the option to import just the setup or the entire race. The setup only option will not overwrite existing reads, while the full import will replace the reads with any from the backup you are importing.

Added more fields to the Data Check Report.

The following fields have been added as field options to display on the data check report:

Clock Start Time of Day Chip Start Time of Day Finish Time of Day, Chip time, Clock time, Scored Event, Age Grade.

We have also updated the default column set that is included in the Data Check Report:

Name, Gender, Age, Scored Event, Bib, Clock Start Time of Day, Chip Start Time of Day, Finish Time of Day, Chip Time, Clock Time.

This will help you be able to quickly identify participants who have missed a start read, but were read at the finish, for instance.

Updated Data Check Report to show all Super/Sub Event Participants.

We used to filter the results so we would not show duplicate participants, but now we will show all instances of each Participant so you can take action on any “version” of Participants who are in multiple Scored Events via a Super/Sub Event setup on RunSignup.

Updated Corrals to Prevent Setting Syncing Confusion.

Currently, RunSignup does not allow adding, editing, or deleting of Corrals remotely. This means that we can only get updates from RunSignup about Corrals, and not push changes back to RunSignup.

We have made some changes that prevent you from editing RunSignup Corral information, which would be overwritten the next time the sync was saved anyway, and have prevented the deletion of RunSignup Corrals, as they would repopulate the next time the sync was saved as well. This should help avoid confusion if you happen to save sync settings and see your changes to RunSignup Corrals disappear in your Corral setup.

Added Unattached Runner support for Cross Country events.

This is a Report Section level setting found in the Filters & Sorts area. By default, runners without a team association will now be included in Team Finisher List Report Sections, but they will not have a score or Team listed. They will not affect the scores of the other participants in the list. If you do not want to include unattached runners, you can update the setting found in the Report under the Filters & Sorts section.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing exports/imports to fail after adjusting Scored Events and/or Segments.

Fixed an issue causing reads to not map to participants after changing a bib number that was used by a team to an individual participant.

Fixed an issue causing RunSignup to not properly display column order when Splits and Divisions are included in Result Sets.

Fixed an issue that would cause custom fields published to RunSignup to display twice.

Fixed an issue with how RSU will display Splits Time of Day fields.

Fixed an issue impacting Lap Races that have multiple Lap options and include Non-Timed Starts in the setup.

Fixed an issue impacting Lap Races that have a maximum of one Lap, and are set to finish immediately, that will some Participants to not have their DNF flag lifted as it should be.

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