RaceDay Scoring v3.3.2 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Change “Splits Time of Day” Field so that it can be published to native RunSignup Splits.

We publish this field in military time format so that it can be used in conjunction with RunSignup Video Results for Races that have multiple start times per Event.

Changed Report Search so that search terms do not go away after loading or editing a Report.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing exports/imports to fail after adjusting Scored Events and/or Segments.

Fixed an issue that would allow you to try to add a Scored Read without having a Stream attached to the Location that you are adding the read for.

Fixed an issue causing Custom Questions/Fields that are in “Time” format to display in RunSignup Results in milliseconds instead of standard time format.

Fixed a bug causing the Resolve Unknown Reads view to not properly display the bib number of the read from the cross-reference file.

Fixed an issue causing some time of day timestamps to show in the wrong time zone.

Fixed an issue with USAT Export causing Segments to not display in the correct order.

Note: We use the Segment Order in the setup and select the first 5 Segments to place into the 5 available Segment Time “slots” that USAT accepts.

Fixed an issue causing USAT Exports to not include USAT Membership IDs if the Race had USAT Memberships set up to be Event specific instead of just at the Race level.

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