RaceDay Scoring v3.3.1 is Now Available!

Updated database to improve stability and prevent missing/invalid ID errors.

This version includes a major update to the database to fix some issues we have been seeing for a long time that would cause you to have to save Scored Events or rebuild Reports to fix them.

Please note that this installation may take longer than normal to update as we upgrade your local database of Races.

Additionally, any computers that update to this version will not be able to revert back to an older version of scoring after the database upgrade is complete. We do backup databases between updates so it’s possible to recover if necessary – contact raceday@runsignup.com for instructions on reverting if needed.

Races created on older versions of scoring will be compatible with this version, but races created or loaded on this new version of scoring will not be compatible with older versions of scoring. Keep this in mind if you have many computers sharing backups – it is critical that you have all of your computers on either this updated 3.3.1 version or all on 3.2.X versions.

Finally, because of some changes to the way Auto-Saves are configured, any Auto-Saves created on older versions of the software need to be saved before unpausing them. Before saving the custom fields and splits will not populate at RunSignup – all you need to do is to save them and it will correct itself.

Feature Updates

Add functionality to look up existing result sets when deciding if you would like to publish a new one or overwrite an existing one.

You can now select existing Result Sets at RunSignup if you would like to reuse them instead of adding a new one when setting up a new auto-save.

Added support for sending new Custom Fields to Existing Result Set.

You can now include newly added columns in a report to an existing RunSignup Auto-save instead of having to delete it.

Added pop up when making changes to Reports and Segments to remind users that they must save any existing auto-saves in order to apply the recent changes to RunSignup Results.

All you need to do to update the auto-save is to click “Auto-Save” on a Report, then click save settings. There is no need to click the pencil icon to update the individual auto-save streams.

Pop up that shows after making changes to a Report telling you what you need to do to make those changes show on RunSignup.
1). Go to Auto-Saves
2). Click “Save Settings”

Additional columns in Reports now default to send to RunSignup as Arbitrary Text.

When setting up the Auto-Save you will now see all of the additional columns without having to open up the “Advanced Settings” area, and they will default to send as Arbitrary Text. You can always change what format they will send if you like.

Added support for sending “Splits Time of Day” and “Splits w/ Place” fields to RunSignup Results.

Updated Auto-Save setup on Reports with multiple sections.

We now show the auto-save settings for all sections that will be uploaded up front instead of only having one settings area that gets duplicated to the other auto-save settings panels after the setup is complete. This was confusing, as users would not understand that multiple result sets were going to be created.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing imports to fail in a specific scenario.

Fixed an issue causing Corral changes made by a Data Action to not display correctly when viewing the Corral Members list.

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