RaceDay Scoring v3.2.13 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Added warning when saving MyLaps Readlite File Streams and Chronotrack File Streams if you do not have the date override set.

These two systems do not include date in the passing data, and our default is to use the current system date when bringing reads in. This can cause problems if you are ever collecting reads not on the actual race date, so we are now forcing you to select a date override when saving. Generally, you would want to use the “Set to Race Date” feature so that all incoming reads will use the date of the Race.

Note: If you are scoring a multi-day event with one of these stream types, set the date override to the first day, as we have found that these systems will export data over 24 hours by counting up the hours further (25 hours) instead of resetting to 1 hour times on the next day.

Added Gender Labels to Top Finisher Category Names in Reports.

Now if you have a Top Finisher Category called “Overall”, we will show the gender label in the “Age Place” column. For example, Male and Female “Overall” winners will now show like this: “1: M Overall” or “1: F Overall”, whereas before this change both would show as “1: Overall”.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing times to not display in RSU Announcer Links.

RSU will now display the time of day that the read occurred at the location for these links.

Fixed an issue causing reports with individual Segment Place fields to not run.

Fixed an issue causing Data Actions to not fire on Super Event Participants.

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