RaceDay Scoring v3.2.8 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Removed Age Place column for Default Age Group Reports

Since the Place column and Age Place column would be the same for Age Group Report Sections, we removed this.

Updated terminology from Team Classification to Team Type throughout the app.

We were inconsistent by using Team Type and Team Classification to describe the same thing in a few spots. We have changed this to always refer to them as Team Types throughout the app.

Show bib number from crossreference when encountering unknown chip read.

Now it will be easier to figure out unknown reads when using a chip cross reference. Before you would have to look up the chip code in the crossreference to figure out the bib number it was related to, now we show the bib number in the Raw Reads view.

Updated Timing Location Max. Occur. Count Label for Lap Race Timing Locations.

All Timing Locations marked as a Lap Timing Location allow for unlimited occurrences. We have updated the label on the Timing Locations List to show this.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing the Team Type Count to not display in the Team Types List.

Fixed an issue causing custom fields that are Radio or Dropdown type to not be selectable when setting up a Data Action to change their selection.

Fixed an issue causing Raw Reads to not show as locked in some circumstances.

Fixed an issue with importing Age Groups.

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