4/14/2022 – RaceDay Scoring v3.2.7

Feature Updates

“Under the hood” improvements to Division results publishing to RunSignup.

We have made improvements to the way Divisions are handled on RunSignup so that we can identify the source of Divisions that are created. This will allow us to avoid issues for those who are dual scoring with Race Director. Prior to this update, it was very easy to accidently delete Divisions at RunSignup that were created by Race Director. Now RDS will only ever update or delete Divisions that RDS created.

These changes will also help avoid any issues of duplicate Divisions showing at RunSignup.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing the spacebar time insert of the manual add Scored Reads function to not work properly.

Fixed an issue causing Locked Raw Reads to not have their locked status retained when exporting/importing Race files.

Fixed a minor issue with the Oldest/Youngest Male/Female Report displaying a field that was not necessary in the Sorts & Filters panel.

Fixed a crash that would happen if you added a chip and bib number to the Raw Reads lookup.

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