RaceDay Scoring v3.2.6 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Added Support for Customizing Column Data in Report Section Templates.

Prior to this change, any edits made to individual columns in Report Section Templates (like the name of the column or the justification of the data within that column) would not be included in the Template. Now those changes will be saved with the Template and applied when setting up new Report Sections using that Template.

Added New Report Section Types for Age Graded Report and Oldest/Youngest Male/Female.

There are now two more available Report Section Types to select from when building Reports. The Age-Graded Report is sorted by the highest Age Grade score and includes the Age Grade column. The Oldest/Youngest Report shows the oldest and youngest male and female finishers.

Added Rest Segments for Non-Lap Events.

You can now mark a Non-Lap Event Segment as a Rest Segment. This will subtract the time spent in this Segment from the “Entire Race” Segment Time for that Event, effectively skipping it from results. It will also subtract the time spent in this Segment from any subsequent Segment’s Cumulative Times.

Added a “Locked” Column in the Raw Reads View.

Raw Reads that have been added or forced to be scored through the Ambiguous Times selection screen will be locked. You can now see this data in the Raw Reads view as an additional column

Changed Raw Read Delete Functionality.

We have changed the Raw Read Delete functionality so that you can select multiple reads at once and delete them. You can use Shift + Click to select a range of reads. This can be used in combination with the Raw Read Filters, so it would be simple to filter to a specific bib number, then use Shift + Click to select a range of reads for a specific Participant.

We also have changed the X’s to delete Raw Reads individually to checkboxes so that you are less likely to accidentally delete Raw Reads in one click. Now deleting a single read is two clicks instead of one click, but because it is a dangerous action we think it is better to make it a little harder to accidentally do.

Added the ability to use Participant Status in Participant Filters.

For instance, you can now create a filtered Report Section that only shows those who are Disqualified.

Added an option in the Age Group Report Section > Filters & Sorts area to apply the “Number of Places to Show Per Age Group” to Top Finisher Categories as well.

This can be useful if you are utilizing Top Finisher Categories for Clydesdale/Athena winners as a way to separate them from everyone else in the Scored Event by setting the “Award Winners” value to something high enough to capture all finishers who have the associated Custom Question Response.

Prior to this change, with this setup, you would have Age Groups that show X deep, but it will list all of your Custom Top Finisher Category qualifiers. For awards lists, this could be cumbersome. Now you can set the value here to 3 and check the box to apply to Top Finishers and all categories will be limited to 3 (even though the Award Winners value may be something like 999).

Added Max Occurrence Count to Timing Locations List.

We now show the max occurrences being used for each Timing Location in the Timing Location List. This will make it easier to review your setup and make sure that you have your Occurrence Counts set correctly at a glance.

Added Support for USAT One-Day Membership Numbers.

Prior to this change, we would only show USAT Annual Membership Numbers.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing Default Reports to not generate in some scenarios.

Fixed an issue with Data Actions not using the correct Time Zone under certain conditions

Fixed an issue that would clear One-Day USAT Membership License Numbers when making any change to a record that has a One-Day Membership License Number.

Fixed an issue causing corrupted Race Exports when importing and exporting Races with variable columns (like a specific Segment time) in Reports multiple times.

This would cause a loss of Reports or a crash when importing.

Fixed an issue causing Team Reports to not work properly after exporting/importing a Race.

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