RaceDay Scoring v3.2.2 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Added Option to Import Original Race When Cloud Backups are Present.

Prior to this change, it would not be possible to “Start Fresh” if any Cloud Backups existed for a Race..

Changed “Does Not Qualify” Functionality.

Now if you mark someone as DNQ it will make them ineligible for awards categories and gender placements. They will still show in Overall Reports, but their Age and Gender Place fields will show “DNQ” instead of their placement, and they will not show in Age Group Report Sections.

Added Count of Raw Reads to Raw Reads View.

This count will update based on the filtering applied, so it can be used as a way to get counts of reads by Participant at a specific Location, for instance.

Made Gender Field a Dropdown instead of an open-ended Text Field.

Now it will be easier to set up Participant Filters by Gender as you won’t have to second guess yourself over whether you should enter “M” or “Male” or “male”, for instance. Now the Gender Field will have it’s options presented as a dropdown.

Added the Ability to Import/Export Age Group Configurations.

In the Copy Age Groups area you can now export and import Age Group configurations. This will allow you to export your preferred set of Age Groups and import them into another Race setup.

Changed how we handle Manually Added Raw Reads so that they are not removed when selecting “Clear” > “Delete” from the Dashboard Raw Reads Panel. They will only be removed when selecting “Clear” > “Delete All”.

This will allow you to clear raw reads that came from your chip systems, but retain those you added manually by using the “Delete” option when clearing.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing manually added Raw and Scored Reads to not be selected for scoring until you recalculated Raw Reads.

Fixed an issue causing Results at RunSignup to not sort correctly when using the Splits by Place field.

Fixed an issue causing Results at RunSignup to not show the correct Overall Pace depending on the position of the Pace field in comparison to Segment Pace Fields.

Under the hood changes to RunSignup Results Publishing to Prevent RunSignup Result Deadlocks.

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