RaceDay Scoring v3.2.1 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Added Report Section Sort Override.

This is a major update that will allow you to change the sort order of a Report Section to be based on any field available to you. For instance, you can now sort a Report Section based on the Time of Day that someone finishes a particular Segment, or you could sort a Report Section by the highest Age Grade score. You can add any number of secondary sorts to determine how to sort if there is a tie in positions, and you can determine whether the sort should be ascending or descending when selecting a column to sort by.

This feature is found in the Report Builder > Report Section > Filters & Sorts Panel.

Note: If sorting by a clock/chip time, you will need to select the (ms) version of this time. If you select a standard time format, the sort will not be correct.

Added Random Report Section Sort.

You can now select to sort a Report Section randomly with this option. This can be useful if you need to produce a random drawing. If you need to keep the random ordering the same over time, we recommend running the report then printing it out or exporting it, as the order will change over time when scoring changes happen, so if you want to keep a consistent random order you should export the report and use that as your reference point.

Added Cloud Backup Functionality.

This is another major update that will allow you to backup your scoring configurations to the cloud from your Race List, and restore the scoring setup from a cloud backup when importing that same Race from RunSignup on another computer. This will make it so that you no longer have to export/import zip files to get your scoring configurations loaded onto other computers.

The cloud backup feature is found on the Race List, and cloud backups are accessible on another computer by using the “Import a Race Already on RunSignup” button, then selecting which cloud backup you would like to restore from. We will show the last 25 backups, along with information about who created the backup and when it was created. If you already have a version of the Race loaded on another computer, you would need to delete that Race, then use the import from RunSignup function to import the newer version.

Changed Position of Pop Out Messages.

We have moved the notifications to make sure that they do not cover parts of the screen like “X” icons and action buttons so that you can continue to work while waiting for the notifications to go away. Keep in mind that notifications will not stop you from interacting with the application.

Removed Connection Made/Lost Pop Out Messages.

We now will show these messages in the Notifications panel instead.

Removed Missing Start Time Pop Out Notification for Scored Events that are scored by Chip Time.

We found that some Timers do not set the Actual Start Time for Chip Scored Events, and would constantly get the pop up warning them to make sure to set their start time. Since a user in this state would never set up a start time intentionally, we have removed the message for this type of setup.

Added the Ability to Filter by Checked In.

This will allow you to create a Report Section that only includes those who have (or have not) checked in.

Added the “Is Null/Is Not Null” Operator to Report Filters.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing Participant Filtering by Corral/Age/Bib or other numeric fields to not work properly.

Fixed an issue that would cause duplicate Scored Reads after transferring a Participant to a different Event.

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