RaceDay Scoring v3.1.52 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Added Event/Corral Start Time of Day to Participant Results View.

Now you can see the assigned Event/Corral Start Time of Day alongside the Scored Read Times associated with that Participant. This should help with troubleshooting how times have been calculated for a Participant.

Replace Device Name with Stream Name in Raw Reads View for Stream Types that Do Not Have Their Own Device Names.

If you use a Stream Type that creates device names like “rsu-device-1”, we will now replace that with the name of the Stream in the Raw Reads view, as that would be more helpful in troubleshooting where reads came from.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an Issue Causing the Race Search to Not Clear Search Results After Navigating Back to The Race List After Searching For a Race and Loading It.

This would make it difficult to reset the Race Search Field. Now it will clear itself after loading a Race so when you return it will not show filtered results in the Race List.

Fixed an Issue with Reads By Location > Actions > View Reads

This function allows you to quickly access the Raw Reads View filtered by Timing Location when looking at the Scored Reads by Location View, but the Timing Location was not correctly being set from the link. This is now fixed.

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