RaceDay Scoring v3.1.51 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Added Setting the Lap Setup allowing you to Combine Consecutive Laps.

This new feature is found in Segments > Set Up Laps. You can now enable this setting that will combine any consecutive laps into a single version of that Lap. This is helpful if multiple laps tend to be triggered in a row, and you just want to collapse them all into one using the start of the first lap and end of the last lap as the combined lap start and end reads.

Added Start and Finish Time of Day Fields to Lap Details View.

This allows you to better investigate how the system is calculating Lap Times from one place, by showing the time of day that was used for the start and end of each Lap for each Participant. This is accessible by clicking the Lap Details button in a Report or in the Participant Edit view.

Added the Ability to Require X Per Gender Aggregate Team Scoring.

When setting up Aggregate Team Scoring, you can now require that Teams have at least some amount of finishers per gender. We will ensure that those included in the must have gender counts are included for Team Score calculations.

Added Ability to Check for Null Values in Data Actions/Corrals/Top Finisher Participant Filter Areas.

You can now use “Is Null” and “Is Not Null” Operators when creating Participant Filters. This can be helpful if you want to create a Data Action that will run if someone is missing a time for a certain Segment, for instance. Prior to this change, you were not able to check to see if someone was missing a value.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue Permission Denied Errors.

We found that we were still trying to update the RunSignup Event Distances if they did not match Scored Event distances. This error would show if you had Timer access but not Race Director access, as you are not able to access and update data from the Race Wizard with Timer access. After this change we will now never try to update RunSignup Event distances, as we no longer rely on that distance to calculate paces anyway.

Fixed an issue causing Team Scores to not populate in Team Finisher List Report

RunSignup Team Results would not populate, and Team Results Reports sometimes would not show properly in RaceDay Scoring.

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