RaceDay Scoring v3.1.49 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Added Replay Function for all File Streams.

This feature tells the system to completely flush all reads from this Stream and re-reference the entire file structure. This is helpful if a change happens in an existing file that we would not normally pick up because we have already processed that line. Normally we only pick up additional rows added to a file, not changes to existing rows.

Lap Races

Added a Feature to Set a Minimum Number of Laps To Be Considered a Finisher.

Now you can use either a time or lap count to determine whether or not a Lap Race participant should be considered a finisher.

Revamped Scored Event Setup Interface.

We have changed the setup for Lap Races to be more clear by organizing the various features we have into four main areas.

  1. Lap Scoring Features (Features that change how to select Laps for scoring.)
  2. Cutoff Laps (Features to decide when to make the system stop considering new laps for participants. Default is “Never”.)
  3. Finisher Determination (Features to decide at what point a participant should be considered a finisher. Default is “Immediately”.)
  4. Report Settings (Features that change the default report that is generated when you save Scored Events for the first time.)

Added Distance Options to Cutoff Laps and Determine Finishers Based on a Set Distance.

This will allow you to say that Participants should no longer have Laps considered once their total distance has reached some level. It also allows you to say that Participants should be a Finisher untill they reach some defined distance.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing Lap Results for non-finishers not sorting by their current progress.

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