RaceDay Scoring v3.1.47 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Changed the Lap Details – Expanded Column so it will now only show a column for each full Lap completed. Prior to this change it would also show columns for Segments that did not complete a Lap.

Added a check on the Participant Sync view to alert you when navigating away from the page with unsaved changes.

Added checks to a few places to prevent publishing results to RunSignup if you have Participants that are not synced to RunSignup.

This will help make sure that Participant’s results are linked to registrations properly, and will help with performance for large Races that did not use RunSignup for registration and are just publishing results to it.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing RunSignup Results Auto-Saves to fail when including data from a local Custom Field .

Fixed an issue causing raw reads from Streams that do not have date included in the passing format to come in on the next day if no date override is set.

Fixed an issue with the Stream selection dropdown when manually recording a Raw Read if you have a Stream that is being used in more than one Timing Location.

Added more error logging for unknown Permission Denied errors returned by RunSignup.

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