RaceDay Scoring v3.1.44 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Added the Ability to Swap Relay Team Bib Numbers

You can now swap Relay Team Bib Numbers in the Teams view via the Actions menu. This will work whether you have team bib numbers assigned or individual bib numbers assigned that are all the same. This will only work if you have Relay Team scoring set up to have Team members share the same bib number.

Changed Pre-Gun Read Handling

With this change we will now reference individual Participant or Team Start Times when determining whether a Pre-Gun read should be used or ignored.

Now we will always filter out reads at an intermediate or finish Timing Locations that are prior to the Participant or Team’s start time (chip, Corral, or Event).

If you enable the “Allow Pre-Gun/Corral Times” this will now decide whether reads at Start Locations should accept Pre-Gun times. This could be helpful if you had a handful of Participants who had reads just prior to the Gun Time and you want those considered for their Chip times.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing tooltips to show beneath toolbars that scroll with the page, like Age Groups and Scored Reads at a Location.

Fixed an issue causing the Report Section Drag and Drop functionality to no longer work.

Fixed an issue causing manually added Scored Reads to not have the correct timezone.

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