RaceDay Scoring v3.1.43 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Improved Raw Read Search Functionality

You can now search by First Name, Last Name, and Team Name (Relay or Aggregate). Additionally, the Bib field will now search through both the Bib column and the Read Bib column, which is helpful if you have a mixture of data from readers and backup systems and are using a Chip system that relies on Chip codes.

Prior to this update, the Bib search would only be able to bring up results for either the reads from Chip systems or the backup/manual reads based on whether or not you were searching with the Cross-reference (there used to be a checkbox above the Bib search field to control this). Now the bib search will bring up bib number matches for both types of reads at once.

When manually adding Raw Reads on a Race that has Chip Auto-Assignment set up, corresponding Chips will now show up in the form as you are typing in the Bib number of the Raw Read that you are adding.

This will help you be sure that you have a corresponding Chip set up in your Auto-Assignment policy to cover the Bib you are adding a Raw Read for. This will also help if you need to search Raw Reads by Chip.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing a line to show over results in some Report Exports.

Fixed an issue causing the Stream selection in the Raw Reads View filtering area to not work properly.

Fixed an issue causing the number of participants to show per Age Group in the Age Group Report to not work.

Fixed an issue causing the RaceDay Hub local kiosk buttons to not work.

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