RaceDay Scoring v3.1.38 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Added Start Time, Custom Questions, and Last Completed Segment to Recent Reads View.

You can now add these columns to the Full Screen Recent Reads Panel, which can be useful for those setting up a separate computer to be used by an announcer, or as a way to keep track of recent reads over some set of Timing Locations.

Bugs Fixed

Made a change to how we post results to RunSignup in order to prevent a deadlock on RunSignup results processing.

Corrected a potential issue when changing Age Group setup while posting results to RunSignup.

Corrected an issue that would allow you to create Timing Locations with the exact same name, which would cause an error when importing this Race later on.

Fixed an issue causing certain Permission Denied error messages to not show the full details of what area the logged in User did not have proper access to.

Fixed a bug with the option to disregard every other Lap.

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