RaceDay Scoring v3.1.37 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Added First Version of Non-Binary Scoring Support

We have implemented the first version of Non-Binary Scoring. We think this is a step in the right direction to better support Non-Binary Participants, but we expect to add more levels of customization in the future.

We have added a new Gender option for “Non-Binary” that will be shortened to “X” in some fields.

All participants coming down from RunSignup without a gender selected (which is RunSignup’s current way of handling Non-Binary registrations) will show in RaceDay Scoring as Non-Binary. We, unfortunately, do not currently have a way of knowing the difference between someone who specifically has selected Non-Binary and someone whose gender was left off their registration for other reasons, like they had forgotten to include it in a paper entry that was manually added to RunSignup directly. What this means is that you may wind up with Participants mislabeled as Non-Binary if their Gender was not included for some other reason. Until RunSignup makes a change to their system to keep track of who has selected Non-Binary and store it on their records, we will be working under this caveat.

RaceDay Scoring will let you clear someone’s Gender selection if you do not want them to show in Non-Binary categories (for instance, if their gender was left off of their registration form.)

Participants who are added manually or from a CSV that has nothing set for their gender will not be set to Non-Binary. This will allow you to update records to blank out their gender if needed by using the import updates function. When importing a CSV you also have the option of setting Gender to “X”.

You can now create Age Groups and Top Finisher Categories that include Non-Binary athletes, and those Age Groups will be published to RunSignup Results. The default Gender Place field will also now include “X” as an option. In addition, you can filter on this new Gender option in all of the standard locations like Report Section Participant Data Filters, Corral Auto-Assignment Rules, etc…

Moved Swap Bibs Functionality to Participants > Actions Dropdown

Having the Bib Swap on the individual Participant Record was causing problems with our duplicate bib prevention system. We have resolved this by moving this functionality out to the Participant list > Actions dropdown and improved how it handles situations with duplicate bibs by letting the user know which participant it has swapped bibs with if it did encounter a duplicate.

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