RaceDay Scoring v3.1.35 Is Now Available!

Important Notice, Please Read!

We have found an issue going back one or two updates that can cause Participants to show as non-finishers without times even though they have reads selected for them that should qualify as finishing times.

Simply saving the Scored Events page will fix this for now, and we will have a real fix out for it as soon as we can. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.

Feature Updates

Added Ability to Re-Order Segments

You can now drag and drop Segments to change the order that they display in reports and dropdowns throughout the app. Be aware that changes to order will not update existing results at RunSigup if the Auto-Save was set up prior to the change. You will need to delete and re set up an Auto-Save if you want changes made to Segment order reflected in RunSignup results.

In addition, Segment Panels are now collapsed by default to clean up the interface especially when working on multi-segment Races like Triathlons.

Added Segment Setting Previews in Segment Panel Headers

You will now be given a preview of the Segment Distance, Timing Locations and Occurrences on those Locations used for the Start and End Points of that Segment. For instance, a Bike Leg Segment may show (20 Miles) (Bike In/Out | Occ. 1) -> (Bike In/Out | Occ. 2) in a typical Triathlon configuration.

This feature, along with the Segment Panels being collapsed by default, should assist with reviewing Segment setups going forward, as all essential information is available in an overhead view.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing the Scored Reads view to crash if using Gunshot Markers.

Fixed an issue when sending Results to RunSignup when using “Either” Gender Age Groups.

Fixed an issue causing a crash when adding a team from the Participant Edit View.

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