RaceDay Scoring v3.1.34 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Added a Total In Progress count to the header of the Race Stats Panel so that you can quickly see a count of those in progress across all events even if the Panel is collapsed.

Added Scored Event and Segment Name to Timing Location Scored Reads View.

We now show the Scored Event of the Participant that the read is associated with, as well as the Segment Name that this read completes.

Added The Ability to Filter by Registration Event

You can set up Participant Filters based on Registration Event. This is helpful if you need to split out Reports based on the Registration Event a Participant has selected if you are combining multiple Registration Events into a single Scored Event. You can use it on Top Finisher Categories, Corral Assignment Rules, and Report Section Filters.

Added Fastest/Slowest/Average Lap Times

You can now add these fields to Lap Result Reports, and view them in a summary table when clicking the Lap Details button from Lap Summary Reports as well as from the Lap Details Button on the Participant View.

Added Lap Details – Expanded Column

You can now add a “Lap Details – Expanded” column to reports. This requires you to set up on the Scored Event how many laps to show through in your Reports, and will take place of the “Lap Details” column if you enable it before saving the Scored Event for the first time. This will allow you to see each Lap time and pace as additional rows in the Lap Summary Report. You can edit the Report column if you would like to hide pace from showing.

Updated Add Scored Read Function to Add Raw Reads Instead

We had a lot of issues with our previous system of adding Scored Reads directly, so we have changed how that function works so that it actually inserts Raw Reads. This will fix issues that we have seen where DNF flags were not lifted after adding a Scored Read, then recalculating Raw Reads. Now that they are actually inserted as Raw Reads and processed into Scored Reads, this will no longer be a problem.

Added Timing Location Name to Stream Selection when adding Raw Reads

It was hard to remember which reader you should add a Raw Read for prior to this change. Now we show the Timing Location that a Stream is used on when you select which Stream you will be recording a Raw Read for.

Updated Time Entry Fields to Ensure Proper Formatting

For time only entry fields, like adjustments and some of the new Duration-Based Lap Time settings, we used to have an open ended field, requiring you to enter in the colons and decimals in the right spot. We have updated this field so that it always has the colons and decimals in place so you don’t have to type them in, you can tab between hours, minutes, and seconds, and you cannot remove delimiters from the field.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing teams to allow non-finishers to count towards their “Min to Score” values. This would cause individuals to have scores when their team is actually incomplete.

Updated TFRRS Upload to no longer include special characters

We no longer send things like “<5” or parenthesis when posting results to TFRRS.

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