RaceDay Scoring v3.1.32 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Added more default Entire Race Segment Fields to Scored Event Setup.

We now allow you to control the Entire Race Segment Distance, Pace type and unit, and Finish Occurrence from the Scored Events setup screen.

Now you can configure all of your Entire Race Segment settings from the Scored Events page, making it much more straightforward for simple single Segment Race setups.

It will also be easier to understand how to configure Races that finish on a different occurrence since the field is available in the Scored Event setup, like a two-lap 10k finishing on occurrence 2.

Added DNS/DQ/DNF status flags to RunSignup Results pushes.

Now we will indicate non-finishers in RunSignup Results by including their status flag in their time fields and in their placement fields for some status.

Note that RunSignup does not accept “DROP” as a valid status, so we send “DNF” instead.

Those in RDS that just have their DNF flag set (in progress) will continue to show at RunSignup with a fake placement so that we are able to show them in order by the number of segments completed.

Added support for Duration-Based Lap Races

You can now set up Duration-Based Lap Event Scoring, which will allow you to time events that are time-based instead of distance-based. For instance, a 12 hour run where the goal is to see who can complete the most total distance in the shortest amount of time. Athletes will be ranked by who has done the most total distance, then by who has done that distance the fastest if multiple have completed the same distance.

To set up, first, you must configure a Timing Location to be used as a Duration-Based Lap Event Timing Location.

Then you must configure a Scored Event to be a Duration-Based Lap Event and select which Lap Locations should be used.

There are a variety of new Scored Event settings for Duration-Based Lap Events described below.

Default Lap Distance

Instead of setting a distance for the entire Event, you define the distance for your default Lap. It is possible to create multiple Lap Options if needed in the Segments > Set Up Laps area.

Create Default Lap

This is on by default but should be disabled if you are needing to add more than one Lap Option. For instance, if you have a Long Lap/Short Lap Event where participants can run any combination of different Lap Distances to add up to their Total Distance and time.

Advanced Laps Setup

Laps are a new concept in RaceDay Scoring. For most Duration-Based Lap Events using the above setting to create a Default, Lap is all you need to do. If you need more Lap Options, you would need to disable the setting to Create a Default Lap and finish your Laps setup in the Segments area.

Laps are made up of Segments that start and finish on the same Timing Location. Default Laps are a single Segment that starts and finishes on the same Timing Location.

Segments for Duration-Based Lap Events can now be configured to be a “Lap Segment”. This means t

You can create more advanced Lap configurations by creating multiple Segments for a Lap Event, then creating a Lap from those Segments, as long as the entire Lap starts and finishes at the same Timing Location.

For instance, you may have a short and long lap Race where participants can complete a short lap that starts and finishes in the same spot, and a long lap that starts and finishes in the same spot, but they must pass a checkpoint in the middle.

For that situation, you would disable the Create Default Lap Option and instead create three Segments. The first would be the entire short lap, and the other two would be used to create your Long Lap. The Long Lap Segments would be something like “Start/Finish to Checkpoint”, and “Checkpoint to Start/Finish”.

Next, you would click “Set up Laps” in the Segments area and add the two Segments together to create your Long Lap Option. Because the Long Lap starts and finishes in the same Location (Start/Finish) you are good to go.

Disregard Every Other Lap

Useful if you have a rest period every other lap. Enable this setting to ignore every other lap in the total distance/time.

Maximum Duration

This setting will tell the system to ignore all times for Participants once their Total Time is above some time. So you may set this to 12 hours to make sure that no one has a total time that is greater than that for a 12-hour event. You may want to consider some wiggle room if your laps are pretty long by making this longer than the advertised event length to allow participants to complete a final lap or consider using the next setting.

Use Last Lap After Duration

This setting tells the system to collect one more lap after a Participant has reached the Maximum Duration. So you could set this to be enabled with the Maximum Duration set to 12 hours, and once a Participant has hit 12 hours, the system would accept one more lap from them.

Minimum Finisher Duration

This is an important setting – it will determine when participants should be considered a “Finisher” by unsetting the DNF flag on the participant record. You may want to set this very low, so that once Participants complete a single lap they are considered a finisher, or you could set it to be sometimes a bit less than your Maximum Duration so that Participants are considered finishers only once they’ve completed say 11.5 hours for a 12-hour event.

The reason this is important is if you are using RunSignup Results Notifications. Once a Participant is considered a finisher, they will receive a finisher notification. So, if you are using RunSignup Finisher Notifications, consider setting this time to be fairly close to the Maximum Duration. If you set this very low and have Finisher Notifications enabled, all Participants will receive a single finisher notification as soon as they hit the time you have set, which may not be a great experience.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing duplicate chip assignments with Races that have multiple participants with the same bib.

Fixed an issue causing slowdowns when printing.

Fixed an issue causing the sync to become disabled after saving sync settings just after uploading a local Race to RunSignup.

Fixed an issue causing Reports to no longer show Auto-Save buttons.

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