RaceDay Scoring v3.1.26 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Added RSU Links Dropdown to Race Toolbar.

This feature allows you quickly access helpful RunSignup Links from the green toolbar by clicking the name of the Race and selecting which page you would like to go to.

Added Event and Corral Start Time of Day in the “Set Start Times” Panel for easier reference.

Added Automatic Team Type Scoring Rules Assignment.

Prior to this update, if you created a Team Type after you have already set up Scored Event Team Scoring Rules, you would need to save the Scored Event Team Scoring Rules again in order to apply them to the new Team Types. We now will automatically apply the Scored Event Team Scoring Rules to Team Types as long as the Team Type is connected to Scored Events that have the same Scored Event Team Scoring Rules.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue with Progress Reports.

Fixed an issue causing Corral Start Times to not show in the Dashboard Running Clocks.

Fixed an issue causing results with negative times to not post to RunSignup.

RunSignup does not allow posting negative times. Before this update, we would not include the entire result if one time in that result was negative (even if it was a split time). Now we will still post the result, but send blanks instead of negative times. This will help in situations where you may have a negative time in a split causing a Participant with a valid finish time to not show in results at RunSignup.

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