RaceDay Scoring v3.1.24 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Added the ability to associate a new Participant with an existing Team while typing in their entry.

Prior to this update you would have to enter the Participant info, save, then go back into the new record and add the team info in. Now you can associate the new Participant in the same step as the add. You cannot create a new Team while adding a new Participant, however – that will need to be done in the Teams list.

Added more details for sync and publishing errors reported by RunSignup.

Added support for sending DNF/DNS/DQ Participants in the TFRRS integration.

Added Athletic.net support for Reports containing one or more Cross Country Finish List Report Sections under Reports > Export.

This option is available to any Reports containing one or more “Team Finisher List” Report Sections without any other Report Section Types added to it.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue with generating test reads in the Timing Location Settings.

Fixed an issue with deleted Participant records showing in Reports.

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