RaceDay Scoring v3.1.22 Is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Changed Default Column Alignment for Splits to be Centered.

We have changed this default, but you can always adjust the column display in the report builder by using the pencil icon on a column.

Updated Table Styling.

Reports will now show with alternating grey and white rows, and will not try to wrap data within cells. This will make it so that more data can be shown vertically on a report as each row will be “shorter”.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue with certain FinishLynx read file formats.

Fixed an issue with the “IN” operator not working with Top Finisher Categories.

This operator allows you to filter by multiple options – for instance both “Clydesdale” and “Athena” Response Options to a RunSignup Question could be selected when using this operator, and participants who have selected either of those Response Options would be included in the category or report you’re filtering.

Fixed an issue with non-finishers not showing in the correct order at RunSignup.

We have made a change to ensure that participants in a non-finisher state that are sent to RunSignup are still displayed in order by the number of splits completed then the fastest time. In order to make sure this always works, we had to send a fake placement to RunSignup for non-finishers to force the sort order to work the way we need it to.

Fixed an issue causing sync errors if you remove the last member of a Team.

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