RaceDay Scoring v3.1.20 Is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Made a change to only retry sync errors for Participants with invalid Registration IDs.

Prior to this update, you could get into a cycle where you could not clear errors. This change should make it so that these cyclical sync errors will no longer occur.

Added Team Rosters Report Section.

We have added a Team Rosters Report Section that you can add to Reports. This will list out all Teams with Member Details for Aggregate and Cross Country Scored Events. For XC, it will show the Year, and for Aggregate, it will show Age by default.

Added Option to Print a Separate Page Per Section when Printing Reports.

For example, in the new Team Rosters Report it would print a page per team, and in the Age Group Report it would print a page per Age Group.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue when the computer goes into sleep or hibernate mode while the application is running.

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