RaceDay Scoring v3.1.19 Is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Added a Warning When Entering a Participant That Would Cause a Duplicate Bib.

We now check to see while entering Participant information if the bib number entered is already being used by another Participant and warn you about it. You can chose to proceed with the duplicate bib, or cancel out.

Note: This duplicate bib number prevention currently only works when entering data on your main scoring computer. If you are using a RaceDay Hub Participant Kiosk to do data entry remotely, you will not get this prompt at this time.

Added Checking to Stream Deletion and Removal to Prevent Deleting or Removing Streams from Races that already have Reads.

This was causing issues when exporting and importing Race files. If you need to delete or disassociate a Stream that has reads from a Race completely, just clear the reads first then you can proceed.

Updated Reports to no longer show DNF in the Placement field.

We had reports that Participants in progress don’t like to be labelled with DNF. We now have updated our Reports to just show “-” in the placement field for Participants who haven’t finished yet instead.

Added Support For a Few More Trident Marker Read Formats.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing Section Place fields to not show the proper Race Status label.

Fixed and issue when importing/exporting Races with FinishLynx Streams.

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