RaceDay Scoring v3.1.18 Is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Added the ability to Export Raw Read Data.

You can now export Raw Reads from the Raw Read view. The Export will use the filtering set when run, so if you need to only export Raw Reads from one Location or another that is possible.

Removed Event End Date/Time Fields from Race Creation Form.

These are not required and are rarely useful for Timing an event so we have removed them from the setup form.

Added buttons in the Help area to schedule a training session.

You can now book a Basic or Advanced training session directly from the Help menu.

Automatically Apply IP Address when setting up Local RaceDay Hub Window.

You no longer have to enter in the IP Address of the machine that you are on when setting up a Local RaceDay Hub Window.

Updated MyLaps Direct Streaming to support new protocol.

Timing & Scoring v2.9 implemented a new protocol for their TCP/IP output which could cause the Stream Connection to be unstable. We have adjusted our side to better support their new configuration.

Removed Pop Up Message when publishing results with negative split values.

We have converted this to a Notification message but will no longer trigger a popup for it.

Added Duplicate Bib Warning When Manually Entering Participant Data.

Bugs Fixed

Corrected Marker Read Display Issue in Scored Reads View.

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