RaceDay Scoring v3.1.16 Is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Added Relay Team Team Gender Place Field. We have added a default field for Relay Team Reports that shows each Relay Team’s placement within their Team Gender – M, F, or C (Co-Ed).

Made FinishLynx File Stream Type available to add to Races that have a default Chip System selected. Similar to how we handled Summit Timer Stream Type, we want to make FinishLynx available as a backup timing system for an otherwise chip timed Race.

Changed Auto-Saves so that results are sent immediately after setting one up, or resuming an Auto-Save. This one is for all of the impatient Timers out there! Prior to this update, you would need to wait 30s (or whatever timeout you have set in your Auto-Save) after you clicked the button to see the results go up to RunSignup. Now we send the results as soon as you click the button.

Added support for Trident Marker Read Mapping.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing all Races to show as “Passed” even if they are upcoming or today.

Fixed an issue causing Custom Computed Fields to not calculate correctly.

Removed the ability to switch a Timing Location between certain types if already used in the Segment Setup for an Event. This is to prevent errors importing race files and timing issues.

Fixed an issue causing DNF flags to not get set correctly if you recalculate reads after selecting a new read pair using the Ambiguous Times screen.

Fixed an issue causing the Raw Reads screen to crash if using Relay Teams that do not share a bib.

Fixed an issue causing the default race day selection screen when starting the Connector.

Fixed an issue causing reads to not properly replay into RDS after clearing Raw Reads in some circumstances.

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