RaceDay Scoring v3.1.11 Is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Added support for adding in Age Group and Overall Report Sections to Cross Country Events.

We have found that some events need to use XC scoring, but also need to produce Age Group and Overall (including non-team members) Reports. Prior to this update, you would not be able to add Age Group and Overall Report Sections if the Event selected was setup for Cross Country scoring. That restriction has been lifted, but you must manually add these reports yourself as they will not be included by default for Cross Country Events.

Added RSU Registration ID and Registration Event as fields that can be included in Reports.

Added Giveaway to the Pre Race List Report Section Preset so shirt sizes will show by default.

Made a change to Segments to automatically select the first Event available when loading the page.

Now when copying Segments from one Event to Another, the target event is opened directly after copying.

Added Event details to Segment errors so it’s easier to know what you need to fix.

Added the ability to switch Events while you have uncorrected Segment Errors.

Improved detection of invalid phone number formats in Participant Import from CSV in order to prevent sync errors if syncing with RunSignup.

Improved Sync process to automatically remove invalid question responses in the Sync Queue that get “stuck”.

Added better error message details for invalid question responses.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing Custom Computed Fields to not show as available fields to add to Reports.

Fixed an issue causing a second window of RaceDay Scoring opening when using CTRL+Click or the middle mouse button.

Corrected an issue where the State dropdown would be empty by making US the default country for Participant Data.

Corrected an issue that would cause results for non-finishers to not show in correct order in RunSignup Results.

Corrected a few issues with TXT Report formatting.

Corrected an issue with Section Place in TXT, CSV, and PDF exports.

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